4 Most Popular Haircuts of 2020

Today’s topic is about 4 Most Popular Haircuts of 2020 with products of Avon Campaign 3 2020! As you know, the newest Avon Brochure is available to check out now! You should take a look at the whole catalog and find your essentials at the lowest prices! Throughout 2020, we have shared with you the most preferred hair cutting techniques and hairstyles. Also, we chooce some products from this Avon Catalog. Let’s check them!

Products & Prices From Current Brochure;

1.Short Hair

Pixie cut will be the most intensively preferred model among short models. More intensively combined with undercut models where the sides and back are cut short and the tops are left long, providing a modern and comfortable use. With its natural appearance at the ends of the hair, it can be preferred both for calm still use and for mobile mixed-use.

2. Blunt Hair

Blunt hairstyles, also called bob cuts, where the ends of the hair are the same line length, will be seen abundantly in 2020. We will see the blunt cuts applied to the hair without any movement at a 0-degree angle in both short, medium and long hair cuts.

3. Layer Hair

Folded hair cuttings, created with hair ends falling on different lines of the same length, are also popular this year. You can increase or decrease the density of the layers as you wish. It is possible to vary the model with different angles and lengths.

4. Fresh Cut Hair

The medium-sized haircut model created with natural and soft layers will be among the haircuts to be used this year. In this hairstyle, the movement of the hair increases thanks to the indistinct layers in the hair. Remember this when cutting: When determining ply lengths, attention should pay to the density in the cutting area and the drop points of the plies.

Here are 4 Most Popular Haircuts of 2020 with Avon Brochure January 2020! For more offers, Avon Products and makeup tips, you should follow us on Facebook!


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