7 Tips For A Bikini Ready Body

Time to check out 7 Tips For A Bikini Ready Body with Avon Campaign 6 2020! As you know, since this coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is common, we stay in our homes and take precautions. You can better evaluate this process we stay at home and you can enter the summer season, where everything will be better! How about living at this time of your stay more pleasant and healthy? Be sure to consider these steps for summer preparation. Those who perform these steps may have all the attention on the beaches in the summer months!

1- Sports

If you want to feel comfortable with your bikini in summer, the first thing you need to do is urgently start sports. Determine a training program quickly and continue without disrupting your plan. Studies show that weight-strength exercises are more successful in burning fat than cardio exercises, contrary to what is known.

2- Reduce Sugar and Salt

The more you eat, the sweeter you will get. This way you can continue to gain weight. If you remove sugar and salt from your meals, you will soon see that your abdomen becomes thinner.

3- Have Breakfast

The most important meal when starting a new day is breakfast. According to research, people who have breakfast in the morning are less fat than those who do not. To start the day, choose 6 egg whites and an egg wrapped omelet, a bowl of fresh fruit, nonfat yogurt, and black coffee or green tea.

4- Make your table green

The best thing about eating vegetables is that you can eat as much as you want. Because the calories of vegetables are very low. You can also eat vegetables at snacks. You can eat healthy snacks such as cucumber and fennel in the snacks by dipping in curd cheese or yogurt flavored with fresh herbs. You can make an omelet with vegetables for breakfast. You can have your dinner with a large bowl of salad.

5- Drink lots of water

Our body is a factory that works with water and minerals. Almost all the activity and recovery process happens with water. We even need water to breathe. As soon as we take oxygen and deliver carbon dioxide, our lungs must be moist. Even when we breathe out, we lose 0.5-1 liters of water a day. 70% of the human body consists of water. If we do not drink enough water, pains begin in our joints and we look older than we are because of our wrinkles.

6- Forget alcohol

Remember that alcohol contains sugar and high calories. If you want to wear the bikini you want to enter in the summer like a bomb, you should stay away from alcohol for a while. If you go to a party or bar, ask the bartender for soda and lemon. Everyone will think you are drinking gin tonic.

7- Sleep

Research shows that when we sleep, our body releases cortisol, which helps us gain weight. When we are sleepless, we consume larger portions and turn to more fatty foods. To prevent this, it is necessary to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

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