Avon Maxima From Avon Campaign 17 2019

Time check out Avon Maxima From Avon Campaign 17 2019! Avon, which is at the forefront of its cosmetics as well as its perfumes, makes its name again with two new scents. Get ready to add two more perfumes to your perfume collection; Avon Maxima and Avon Maxime! The bottles have unusually designed as king’s war armor and queen crowns in ancient history. So they are quite stylish!

You will stand very stylish on the makeup table with great designs. Let’s start looking at these two new perfumes right now! Avon Maxima perfume for women; ” Fire the magnificent power within you. So let’s leave your mark wherever you are.”Avon Maxima Eau de Parfume was created with youth-promising golden grass; oriental, floral and woody! IMMORTELLE FLOWER; the flower of eternity. Also, it is said that the oil of this flower gives eternal youth. It was created with GOLDEN WEED, which blooms to eternity and whose oil promises eternal youth.

Maxime Eau de Toilette

Women’s perfume can appeal to mature ages more, we can say in the style of a permanent and full winter perfume. This stylish perfume will definitely add difference and feature to the person you are in. Maxime perfume for men; ”Fire the magnificent power in you. Leave your mark wherever you are.”Maxime Eau de Toilette! It was created with OLIBANIUM, the most valuable resin of ancient times. Aromatic, woody, energetic OLIBANIUM. It is one of the first components use in perfumes known as the most valuable resin of ancient times. Therefore, you should try it. For more details, you should check it out from Avon Brochure 17 2019.

Men’s perfume is different from the classic men’s perfume and is Eau De Toilette, but it is permanent! It is a fragrance to be asked what the brand will be. The shaving lotion is also compatible with the fragrance and packaging of the perfume and has a lighter fragrance that helps to increase permanence.

Now you can add two more wonderful new fragrances to your Avon perfume collection that you will enjoy! Also, if you want to see more perfume, you can find on Avon Campaign November 2019. Here you go!


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