Easy Winter Makeup With Products of Avon Campaign 15 2019

In this article, you can read some useful tips about Easy Winter Makeup With Products of Avon Campaign 15 2019! It is true that in winter the skin dries and dulls. Your face loses its vivid and bright appearance. So you need to make some changes to your makeup. You should take care of your skin regularly. As for makeup, skincare you want to revive the skin you need to do supportive makeup. So stay away from matte products. Look for products that emphasize the freshness of your skin.

Easy Winter Makeup

Before you start makeup, you should apply a cream that moisturizes the entire face. Choose a water-based, oil-free gel moisturizer that moisturizes, revitalizes and brightens the skin. These types of products are available on a preview of Avon Brochure 15 2019! You can use colored moisturizer as a skin product for this makeup. It’s also local applying. So just around the eyes! Because good skin is necessary for good makeup. If the skin is healthy and well moistened, it is sufficient to use the skin product only locally. There is no need to cover with foundation or apply to the whole face.

Especially, you should focus on Avon Platinium Skincare Program package.  It contains, Day Cream SPF 15, Nigh Cream, Eye and Lip Cream and Youth Maximising Serum. You should try this 2-week try-me kits! You can buy this at only £10. (Regular price, £37) For more details, you can browse on page 205 of Avon Campaign October 2019.

You can apply pink blush to give freshness to the cheeks, but remember to make a very slight contour to better emphasize the facial contour. You can easily make the contour with Avon bronzer well. Apply Avon Illuminator for highlight to nose, forehead, chin, cheekbones. In fact, when wet products are used on dry products, sometimes the underlying tissue disintegrates, but with Avon liquid brighteners and blush, this never occurs. Instead of applying headlight, Avon liquid was used to illuminate the eyelid with fingers.

Final step for Easy Winter Makeup, with Avon Lip Gloss, moisturize your lips and apply Avon, a mascara that lengthens eyelashes.


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