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New Lidl Offers are currently browsable. Lidl Leaflet includes many things and it specializes in its product range of high-quality products.

Lidl is one of the most famous store chains in the UK. The owner of the store is Lidl Schwarz Unternehmensgruppe. The first Lidl store was founded in 1930 by Josef Schwarz. It was renewed every 10 years. In 1970, his son founded 30 Lidl stores. This retail offers the best deals in the country! They have been around for years and continue to offer quality products at low prices! This makes them one of the largest retailers in the UK. Therefore, you should always visit this page and see the latest offers such as Lidl special buys, Lidl black Friday, Lidl super weekend, and Lidl offers this week! We share their best offers regularly for you!

View; Lidl Offers 16 – 22 September 2021 for this week!

For preview: Lidl Offers 23 – 29 September 2021 next week!


Lidl Leaflet

We share great deals with you regularly. These catalogs are like an announcement of the products coming to the store. Because the product variety and richness are constantly changing. All of the products you can find inside stand out with both their quality and reasonable prices. The products are not only specific to a certain area. You can find many different products from home decoration to kitchenware. They continue to offer you all this variety at affordable prices. Here, there are options in the products that you could not find anywhere before. In this catalog, you can easily find products whose series are ending, consumed quickly, and are very demanded by users. You can follow this category weekly to take advantage of the campaign and opportunity products.

What is Lidl Selling?

  • Fruit & Veg
  • Fresh Meat
  • Fresh Fish
  • Bakery
  • Deluxe
  • Eggs
  • Frozen
  • Wines
  • Food Cupboard
  • Household
  • Health & Beauty
  • Baby
  • Pet
  • Flower

So, if you want to be informed about the newest special buys, you should regularly visit this page. We publish their opportunities to reduce to cost of your shopping. Also, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter! We share also good news in the UK. Here you go!

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Lidl Offers 2 – 8 September 2021

Browse the latest products and amazing prices with Lidl Offers 2 September 2021! All the great factors like Lidl Specialbuys, good deals, and special product selection combined in this Lidl Leaflet! So, you should check out all the pages and find your needs at reasonable prices! lidl offers 2 8 september 2021

Lidl Offers 2 - 8 September 2021

Lidl weekly brochures select the most necessary products of the season for you and offer them on sale at the most reasonable prices. You will always see products from different categories in their catalogs. The best way to view products from many great different themes is to follow their catalog every week! You can find many products from food products to cleaning products, from electronics to clothes in their catalogs. Lidl is the perfect address for a shopping experience at unbeatable prices!

Lidl Special Offers Next Week

Get ready to check out a great selection of autumn specials and reasonable prices! You can check out the most exclusive products of the best brands here this week! It is possible to reach more specials on Lidl Offers 2 September 2021! You should take a look at all products and get your favorites at low prices. Also, you can view the home page and see more offers in the UK! In addition, you can subscribe to your favorite stores from their category pages with your email easily! And, if you want to see the latest offers on your social media accounts, you can follow us on them! We share the latest deals on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Lidl Offers This Week : XXL Week, Garden, Toys, Pets and More 26 Aug – 1 Sep 2021

Lidl Offers 26 August 2021 promises amazing deals to save more on your needs this week! There are many Lidl specialbuys, unbeatable deals, and special product selection! There are many good parts that you should focus on! View all the pages of this Lidl Leaflet!

Lidl Offers 26 Aug – 1 Sep 2021

As you know, Lidl is the cheapest supermarket in 2021! They won Retail Industry Awards 2021 and it is Supermarket of the year Winner! These mean many good things. They offer the best quality products to their customers at the most attractive prices. You can browse your favorite products weekly through their catalogs and buy them with the best deals! Each week a different theme is available in their leaflets. This week also has many striking offers. It's a great time to review all of this! You can purchase these products as of this Thursday!

Lidl XXL Week 2021;

XXL Week promises you a unique food shopping experience. Dozens of products are on sale at Lidl with their new prices. Many products, from coffee to snacks to frozen products, have taken their place in the opportunity products! Even if you see limited Lidl Special Offers This Week, you can browse more of them in their stores. Their shelves are full of discounted products. Browsing these Lidl Special Buys, where many popular products are on sale at attractive prices, will offer you extra savings and a pleasant shopping experience!

Lidl Garden Event

Many decorative products are on sale at Lidl to be used in the garden! These products are appreciated by many users with their fashion trends. The designed products aim to help you find the elegance you are looking for in your garden with their durable structures and aesthetic appearances. Thanks to the different pot options, you will have a harmonious appearance and at the same time, you will be able to enjoy long-term use. You can review the decoration not only with pot options, but also with various objects here. Many hand tools necessary for gardening meet you at Lidl. Garden tools, which are a must-have for garden maintenance in summer and winter houses or farms, win your appreciation with their high quality and reasonable prices. You can browse many more products that will help you to have a beautiful and well-kept garden through Lidl. These products, which adapt to every need with their different designs, increase your comfort with their ergonomic handles.

Lidl Special Buys This Week;

  • Geomectric Fire Pit, £29.99
  • Itek Bluetooth Rock Garden Speaker, £24.99
  • Melinera Water Feature, £19.99
  • Heritage Gardening 80L Incinerator, £14.99
  • Parkside Garden Tool Assortment, £4.99
  • Mini Rose, £1.49
  • Pennisetum Grass, £5.99
  • Chrysanthemum, £1.59
  • British Clematis, £4.99

Lidl Cute Characters

Discover awesome range of comfy casuals, ideal for all kinds of fun and games! You can choose from your favorite characters such as Frozen, Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Jurassic Park, Spiderman, Miraculous and Paw Patrol! You can find T-Shirt, dress, shorts, pajamas, leggings for kids on this part! Cotton made in Africa. If you buy these selected products, you will support African farmers grow cotton more sustainably and improve their working conditions!

Lidl Special Offers This Week;

  • Kids’ Character Dress, £3.99
  • Kids’ Character T-Shrit - 2 pack, £4.99
  • Character Jersey Shirt for Kids, £3.49
  • Kids’ Character Leggings- 2 pack, £3.49
  • Kids’ Character Short Pajamas, £3.99
There are many popular toys on this part! Educational and cartoon characters’ toys can be browsable on this part! If your child's birthday is coming up and you're looking for a gift, Lidl has lots of great toys. Kids love these products! Find her favorite toy and buy it at the most reasonable prices!

Lidl Leaflet This Week;

  • Spinmaster 13” Aerobie Pro Ring, £7.99
  • Fizz Creations 2-Player Laser Tag, £7.99
  • Playtive Bubble Gun or Fan, £3.99
  • Ultimate Speed Travel & Play Tray, £9.99
  • Lego Medium Play Set, £11.99
  • Lego Stackable Storage Box 2-Pack, £19.99
  • Uno Card Game, £4.99
  • Plavytive Hook & Loop Dartboard, £2.49
  • Barbie or Ken Fashionista Doll, £8.99
  • Polly Pocket Compact Playset, £9.99

Lidl Pet Sale

In Lidl Catalogue UK you can find the best veterinary-recommended brands at the best price and service. You can find cat food, dog food, pet food and accessories at their store. They offer every product you need for your pet at campaign prices. Options are important for every pet, so they work with the most trusted brands to create the best selection possible. A comfortable dog bed, cat bed, pet food and water bowl, cat litter, toys to keep your pet active and busy, cat and dog kennels, carrying bags, and all the other products you are looking for are at Lidl Store at the best prices!

Lidl Offers 26 August 2021

  • Dog Outdoor Bed, £24.99
  • Dog Toys for Water, £6.99
  • Zoofari Step-on Dog Water Fountain, £9.99
  • Zoofari Dog Travel Water Bottle, £2.99
  • Pet Car Seat Cover or Cooling Mat, £7.99
  • Dog Pool, £29.99
  • Zoofari Pet Grooming Set, £17.99
  • Cat Hammock or Straching Post, £12.99
  • Zoomfari Specialised Dog Lead, £8.99
  • Zoofari Cat Chair or Pet Teepee, £12.99
  • Dog Lead with Collar, £4.99
Here are the latest Lidl Offers! You can check out more offers on the home page and other category pages. If you want to discover all offers, you should visit these pages. Also, you can go to your favorite stores' category pages and subscribe to them with your email easily! And, follow us on our social media accounts like Instagram!

Lidl Offers This Week: 99p Sale, Kids Clothing, Tech, Sports, and More 19 – 25 August 2021

Browse the Lidl Offers 19 August 2021 to get your essentials with amazing deals this week! 99p Sale, Smart Start, Paw Patrol, Tech, Lidl Super Weekend, and many good offers are waiting for you on this Lidl Leaflet! Enjoy saving your money with Lidl this week!

Lidl Plus App!

If you are interested in all news about Lidl, you have a good chance! To keep things interesting, they are brining you exciting new offers every Thursday and Sunday. You can stay tuned to see more in store or check out their app and newsletter for the full range.

Lidl 99p Sale;

More than 100 products are on sale at only 99p in Lidl Stores! Many Lidl special buys from different categories are waiting for you at the lowest prices! This Lidl Catalogue doesn’t contain all products. If you want to see all of them, you should visit your local store. Find the full range and discover the best selections!

Kids’ School Uniform

If your kid need new clothes, you should check out these specials! Sweatshirt, polo shirts, trousers, school shoes, socks, Pinafore, vests, cardigan, and many more are on sale now! Prices of them are pretty reasonable now. Not only uniforms but also pencil care, backpacks, lunch bags, box sets, and many stationery are available on this Lidl Weekly Leaflet. Your kid always deserve the best! Buy the best at pretty good prices in Lidl!

Lidl Offers This Week;

  • Kids’ School Shirts, £2.49
  • Kids’ Knee-High Socks, £2.79
  • Leather School Leather Shoes for kids, £6.99
  • Kids’ Knee-High Socks, £2.79
  • Kids’ School Cardigan, £2.99
  • School Pinafore for kids, £2.99
  • Kids’ Vests, £2.99
  • Kids’ Socks, £1.99
  • School Joggers for kids, £2.99
  • Kids’ Trainers, £5.99
  • School Pencil Case, £3.99
  • School Backpack, £12.99
  • Kids’ Character Lunch Bag, £4.99
  • Lego Lunch Box Set, £6.99
  • Crelando Colored Card or Drawing Pad, £1.99
  • BIC Stationary Assortment, £1.99
  • BIC Mini Whiteboards or Whiteboard Markers, £1.99
  • United Office Erasable Rollerball Pens, £1.99
  • Playtive Kids’ Double Side Easel, £19.99
  • United Office Watercolour Paint Set, £1.99
  • United Office Electric Pencil Sharpener, £3.99
  • Undercover Character Stationary Assortment, £1.49
  • Playtive Wooden Learning Game, £3.99
  • Educational Mini Game, £3.99

Lidl Paw Patrol Sale

Kids love the Paw Patrol movie! As you know, this movie has been in theaters since August 9th. Many products for this favorite movie of children are on sale at Lidl. You can buy these products that will be a good gift and make your child happy!

Lidl Special Offers This Week

  • PAW Patrol Mini 2-in-1 Vecihle Set, £6.99
  • Kids’ PAW Patrol Clogs, £3.99
  • PAW Patrol Role Play Rescue Kit, £14.99
  • PAW Patrol Movie Tower Playset, £14.99
  • Coloring Set, £3.99

Lidl Tech Sale

This week’s items are here to make your life simpler and better! TVs, TV Accessories, LED Light Strip, power bank, wireless earphonesnes, cordless phone are on sale now. Prices of them have dropped now! Especially, you should focus on Skullcandy Dime True Wireless Earphones. It is only £19.99 now. When you buy it, you will save up to £5!
  • Sharp 42” Full-HD Smart TV, £279
  • Philips TV Accessories, £6.99
  • Livarno Home 3m LED Light Strip, £7.99
  • Energizer 10.000mah Power Bank, £14.99
  • SkullCandy Dime True Wireless Earphones, £19.99
  • BT Everyday Cordless Phone-Twin Pack, £29.99

Lidl Fitness Gear

There are many useful and quality fitness gear on here. Kettlebell, band set, trainers, protein powders, shorts are on discount now. Browse Lidl Offers 19 August 2021 and get your needs with the best offers this week!

Lidl Special Buys This Week;

  • Wellwalk Adults’ Trainers, £11.99
  • Crivit Kettleball, £4.99 - £6.99
  • Crivit Resistance Band Set, £4.99
  • Adult’s Sport Shorts, £4.99
Here are the latest Lidl Offers! You can discover more specials, products, and catalogues on the home page. Therefore, you should check out this page. Also, you can go to other category pages and see more offers in the UK. In addition, you can subscribe to your favorite ones with your email. We share the latest offers of top brands for you regularly! Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts like Facebook! Here u go!