Nude Makeup Tricks And Avon Products

Today’s topic is about nude makeup tricks and Avon Campaign 1 2020.  If you are ready, let’s come to the topic! How to do Nude Makeup, one of the most popular makeup trends of recent times? It’s time to learn with all the tips! Nude makeup is a kind of makeup that provides flawless and natural skin appearance made using warm and nude tones. We’ve shared some known tips with you. If you prefer natural and nude style, you have a lot to learn from this article! Nude makeup when you think only nude tones come to mind. The first target in this makeup will be a natural and vivid looking skin makeup. For this, stay away from the view of the dense foundation, try to get a natural look as possible.

The foundation of Nude makeup is Avon True Power Stay 24H Foundation with matte and high coverage. This matte finish and long-lasting foundation, which perfectly covers the inequalities in the skin, gives a very natural result in porcelain skin make-up. Easily apply foundation to your skin with moist makeup sponge! See Avon Brochure 1 2020 for this product. You can use Avon Mark Nude Matte Concealer as a concealer. This concealer is great for both closing and lighting naturally! Apply and distribute this concealer under the eyes, nose edges and lip edges.

Smoky eye makeup in Nude tones

You should use a little warmer colors in my eye makeup. To do this, apply the tile tone of the Avon Eyeshadow Palette to the fold area of the eyelid. After applying the headlight, distribute with a clean mixing brush to achieve a smooth transition. By applying a slightly more burgundy tile tone on this palette, you can achieve a transitional appearance by applying a little more under the eyelid.

Clear and bulky eyelashes

I need an extra volume of eyelashes to complete my smoky eye makeup. To do this, apply Avon True SuperShock Volume Mascara to your lashes with zigzag gestures. The voluminous and intense look that this mascara gives is really great! See on page 32 of Avon Brochure January 2020 for this product.

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