Oriflame Catalogue 14 2020

Oriflame Catalogue 14 2020 is where you will come across a wide range of cosmetics this month! In this catalog, which is rich in product variety, each product has many alternatives! Especially, you should focus on skincare products! Introducing a secret weapon against dull skin and first signs of aging! Also, we shared some useful tips about how to clean makeup tools! Let’s check it out with Oriflame September Sale!

How to Clean Makeup Tools

These days, when we cannot leave the house, are the ideal time for things that we have been in our minds for a long time and have not had the opportunity to do. One of them is undoubtedly cleaning up makeup. Regular cleaning of makeup materials is very important for our skin health. However, we can neglect to clean our make-up frequently in daily life. This time we are at home is perfect for this job. So how are make-up materials cleaned?

Makeup brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes requires patience and softness. If you clean your brushes too hard, their bristles may break. On the other hand, brushes are the most used tools for makeup. That’s why cleaning is also very important. Pour hot water and baby shampoo into a bowl, insert the brushes. After waiting for a while, rinse by gently rubbing with your hand. Use a towel to lightly moisten it and then let it dry.

Beauty blender

There are several ways to clean beauty blenders. Hold the Beauty blender underwater for 1 minute. Squeeze baby shampoo on it and rub it under warm water for 1 minute. After making sure that the soap is thoroughly removed, remove the excess water with a paper towel and leave the makeup sponge to dry.


Hair combs are also one of the items that need to be cleaned regularly. Failure to clean the comb can also cause the hair to become greasy quickly and appear volume-free. Clean your hairbrushes from long hair strands with your hand. To clean the dead skin on the base of the brush, wet a clean toothbrush with warm shampoo and clean it.

Nail clippers, manicure/pedicure sets

Nail products are the most delicate items to clean. You shouldn’t wait to clean nail scissors, manicure/pedicure sets. These items must be disinfected after each use. You can clean the make-up cotton by pouring a small amount of cleaning solution, and you can also get help from disinfectant or cologne.

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