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Oriflame, one of the leading companies in the direct sales industry, is one of the leading brands in cosmetics products with a distinctive and distinctive line. Oriflame, which has signed countless product types in many different cosmetic categories, meets all the needs on this subject with cosmetics, especially for women and men.

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The company, which has sold special products in different fields from fragrance to shampoo, from care products to make-up materials, is one of the companies offering the most diverse in this field in the sector.

Which categories does it contain?

  • Skincare.
  • Makeup.
  • Perfume.
  • Personal Care.
  • Haircare.
  • Accessories.
  • Wellness.
  • Men Care.

Reflecting on the experience of being in the cosmetics industry for many years, Oriflame prepares all cosmetic products as skin-friendly products by going through a rigorous R&D process. Oriflame cosmetics takes great care to select all the chemicals to be used without any harm to human health. They produce products that protect the skin as well as products special for different skin types.

The company, which includes cosmetics that have been tested in all cream category products, determines the needs in this area completely. And completely and shapes its products accordingly.

The ingredients produced in all product groups with pleasant essences have different fragrances to appeal to your taste. So Oriflame products, which help women. And men look more well-groomed and beautiful, is the key to staying young and having healthy skin.

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Oriflame Catalogue 8 2021

Check out the Oriflame Catalogue 8 2021 where you will find makeup, skincare, fragrances, personal care, and many more this month! If you want to experience their products and save on the best Oriflame products, you should check it out! So let's browse all the pages! oriflame catalogue 8 2021

Oriflame Catalogue 8 2021

Tiny makeup bags are an integral part of every woman. They are getting bigger day by day. With the new trends, make-up tricks, and special brushes, make-up bags became incompatible with anything. Thereupon, many famous make-up artists started to post what they carry in their daily makeup bags on Youtube, Instagram or blogs. We have listed the products that attract attention in these long and mixed makeup bag lists for you.

GIORDANI GOLD Iconic Lipstick SPF 15

Love matte or glossy lipsticks, it doesn't matter. The first need of the bag is that special lipstick that will complement your make-up that will reveal your lips.

THE ONE 5-in-1 Wonder Lash Mascara Waterproof

Another indispensable product of the make-up bag, that magical mascara that we have kept from us for years and that makes our eyes beautiful. One of the mascara varieties that you can match with your own eyelash style with its small sizes and different brushes should be found in your makeup bag. Moreover, if you do not hesitate to try different trends, you should definitely try colored mascara.

GIORDANI GOLD MasterCreation Concealer

Evenings when you go out, days when you sleep too much or when you are sick! Our under eye swells or turns purple at such times. At such moments, the greatest savior under eye concealers will take the tiredness of the whole day from your face.

GIORDANI GOLD 45th Anniversary Special Edition Bronzing Pearls

No matter how recently it has been replaced by highlighter products, blush still remains in our bag. On days when you wear a simpler make-up, you can add sparkle to your face with a light brush touch. If you want to add some movement and energy to your make-up, you should definitely have a headlight in this small bag. Eye-catching eye makeup doesn't need anything else.

HAND CARE Oriflame Dream Cream

You should definitely have a hand cream in your bag that will protect your cracked skin on cold days. But don't think that hand cream should only be used in winters. You should remember that you need to use a hand cream to protect yourself from the side effects of the sun during the summer months. In order to make your skin look more vivid, you should use the hand cream in four seasons.

Oriflame Fragrances

We recommend that you carry the perfume you use in a small perfume bottle and carry it in your bag so that you can refresh your perfume that fades away during the day and tiredness.

ESSENTIALS Lip Balm with Vitamin E & Canola Oil

Just like hands, it starts to crack on our lips in cold weather in winter. If this is the way to prevent this problem, it will be a moisturizer that you apply to your lips before applying your lipstick.

GIORDANI GOLD Iconic Pen Hybrid Eyeliner

We recommend that you carry the magic of eyeliner in your daily makeup bag, which will make your striking eyes more prominent. When you are tired, do not hesitate to try colorful eyeliners that can make your eyes more prominent and add vitality to your face.

GIORDANI GOLD Illuminating Pearls

Highlighter, which has become more popular this year, will become an indispensable part of your bag with its bright and shiny appearance to your skin. Moreover, it will not only brighten your cheekbones, but also make every point of your face look radiant from nose to eyebrows with little tricks. Here is the Oriflame Catalogue 8 2021! If you want to discover more cosmetics, you should check out all the pages. Also, you can subscribe to Oriflame with your email from its category page and follow us on our social media accounts. Thus, you can see the latest Oriflame Catalogue in the UK!

Oriflame Catalogue 7 2021

Oriflame Catalogue 7 2021 is where you will browse the best cosmetics and reasonable prices this month! Fragrances, skincare, personal care products, hair care, and many more are available on this Oriflame Leaflet! Let's check out Oriflame Offers! oriflame catalogue 7 2021 In addition to this catalog, you will see some tips about the products you should take with you while traveling. If you are interested in this topic, you should read it. You will see good tips and product recommandations here!

Makeup Products for Traveling

We shared some information about make-up materials that will never be missing from a well-groomed traveler's suitcase! This is the part of suitcase preparation that needs to be worked best. Prepare the most functional and ideal make-up bag! First of all, you should try to choose small size products. This is the most important condition that you must fulfill in order not to carry too much load and to give opportunity to new products that can be added to your luggage on your return. You should choose the travel sizes of the products you used before!

Essential Parts of the Bag

BB cream, blush, illuminator, maximum 2 color lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, make-up removal wipe and a moisturizer with sun protection. These products should be the leading actors of the makeup bag you will take on vacation. Unfortunately, the big palettes, all kinds of lipsticks, giant makeup brushes on your makeup table cannot travel with you. You should say goodbye to them for now, as they take up too much space. Multi-purpose products that you can use as both eyeshadows and blushes will be ideal for the compact make-up bag in your luggage.

Favorite Oriflame Make-up;

Likewise, you can choose make-up removal wipes suitable for your skin type on short holidays. Of course, you should have an intense moisturizing treatment on your return. Apart from skin care, hair care should also be considered. In fact, they are the most affected by the weather conditions, so maybe the first thing you should think about is your hair! You can try dry shampoos to restore your hair, which is damaged immediately, to its old form without washing it. If you want to maintain a clean and voluminous appearance with permanent wavy hair all day, curls that do not frizz, you should write the name of the dry shampoo among the products that will definitely enter the bag.

Oriflame Hair Care

Do Not Forget Personal Care Products!

Of course, the holiday is not just about makeup. It is necessary to show interest and interest in personal care products as much as make-up. Then you should also prepare a tiny bag for personal care products. Actually, the logic is the same here. You can divide all shampoos, conditioners and hair care products into small bottles. Don't forget deodorant, toothpaste, pads and hand cleansing gels!

Oriflame Personal Care;

Here is the Oriflame Catalogue 7 2021! For more cosmetics, deals, and leaflets, check out the home page. Also, subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts!

Oriflame Catalogue 6 2021

Time to discover the Oriflame Catalogue 6 2021! A wide range of cosmetics and reasonable prices are available on this Oriflame Brochure. Therefore, you must take a look at all the pages and see the best products for your skin! Also, we share some tips to get more vivid eye makeup! Let's browse it! oriflame catalogue 6 2021

Oriflame Catalogue 9 - 29 April 2021

Vivid tones and self-evident eye make-up are among the indispensable beauty trends of both this summer and the coming winter season. Discover the makeup tricks you can apply for brighter, striking and intense colored looks.

Powerful Formulas

Especially, formulating eyeshadows with blue undertones such as pink and lilac and bright colors are more difficult than others. If you want your colorful eye make-up to be more vivid; For a quick and practical result that does not need to be applied in layers, choose your palette from highly pigmented and creamy products. Compressed pigments are also a very good option, especially for vibrant colors. However, let's underline that these formulas have a different character than normal headlights and some practice is required to distribute them.

Eyeshadow Base

The eyeshadows applied on bare skin do not give full color and their permanence decreases. By using a eyeshadow base, you can achieve better adhesion of the product to the skin and a more intense exposure of the pigment. After applying some, wait for a short time for the product to settle on the skin. When there is a fixed but sticky texture on the skin, apply the shadow. Some colors, especially electric-neon shades, do not look like they do in the eyeshadow palette when applied to the skin. The vividness of colors can be broken and dimmed one click more. Apply white base to your eyelid for an ultra glossy finish. The vividness of the white will ensure that the color does not lose its true tone. If you do not have a headlight base in this color, you can also use a soft textured eyeliner.

Correct Brush

It is very important to use the right brush to give the headlight color better. First, make sure the brush has synthetic bristles. Natural bristles store more products in their structure and you cannot take full advantage of the pigment. The shape of the brush is also one of the things you should pay attention to. The dome-shaped brushes are used to distribute the product and give transition, while the flat-shaped brushes are suitable for stocking the eyeshadow. You can get the most effective efficiency from your headlight by using bumper movements, not sweeping movements.

Fixing Spray

You can also use make-up fixing sprays to get the shadow from the palette to the brush better, to easily stock the product on the eyelid, and to give the eyeshadow color better. Before taking the product on the brush, wet the brush bristles in a distance 1-2 whisper. You will find that the headlight clings to the hair stronger, does not fly around and fits more densely on the eyelid. This technique is also very effective for better reflecting the sparkle of metallic and silvery headlights. If you are looking for a good spray, check out this Oriflame Catalogue in detail! Here is the Oriflame Catalogue 6 2021! If you want to see more Oriflame products and unbeatable offers, check out its category page. Also, you can subscribe to Oriflame with your email. And follow us on our social media accounts like Facebook!