Prepare For Christmas Night!

Today’s topic is about how to prepare for Christmas Night with Avon Campaign 1 2020! If you are ready, let’s come to today’s topic! I can’t think of a more suitable environment than the New Year’s invitations to go beyond the borders! You’re going to opt for a dark make-up for your Christmas invitation? Then I suggest you focus on this article!

Start your makeup by applying foundation. Apply the foundation to your face and make up the makeup sponge. A little tip; If you prefer dark eye makeup, consider the risk of scattering under the eyes and postpone the concealer application after the eye makeup application. If you want are looking for a good concealer, you should focus on Avon Brochure 1 2020!

Prepare For Christmas Night With Avon Products!

Start your eye makeup with a transition color in glittering copper tones. Distribute the eyeshadow to the folding area of the eyelids, and then apply the pink eyeshadow to the folding area of the eyelids. Apply a small amount of transition color to the top of the fold zone to prevent color loss. In the next step, gently distribute the eyeshadow to the entire eyelid in shades of khaki green. Apply a cyan eye shadow to the outer corners of your eyes and distribute your headlight slightly inside the eyes.

The dispensing process helps to achieve natural transitions. You can complete the makeup for the eyelids and apply the concealer under the eyes! After applying the concealer, apply the copper headlight you use as the transition color to the lower lash line. Distribute the khaki green eye shadow from the center of the lower lash line to the outer corners of your eyes. Light pink eyeshadows and lighten your eyes.

You can accentuate your gaze with the tailed eyeliner and make your eyelashes clearer with black and voluminous mascara. False eyelashes with the help of longer and bushier look, get eyebrows by highlighting the eye makeup complete. Brighten your skin by applying the illuminator to the upper parts of the cheekbones. Apply the burgundy lipstick to your lips with the help of a lipstick brush and complete your makeup.

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