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Sainsbury’s is the UK’s second-largest supermarket chain. The market share is 16.2% as of 2016. It was founded in 1869 on a Drury Lane in the Holborn district of London by John James Sainsbury and Mary Ann Staples as a small dairy store. Gaining popularity, Sainsbury’s opened three more shops until 1881, and in 1882 opened its first store outside of London in Croydon. In 1950, under the influence of American supermarkets, the supermarket in Croydon was brought to the format that customers chose for themselves, and it became one of the first supermarkets in Britain. This system, which replaced the old format given by the staff at the counter, changed the shopping habits in Britain and expanded the supermarkets.

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What products do they sell?

  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Meat & Fish
  • Dairy, Eggs & Chilled
  • Bakery
  • Frozen
  • Food Cupboard
  • Drinks
  • Household
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Toiletries & Health
  • Baby
  • Pet
  • Homeware & Outdoor

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Sainsburys Offers 01 May 2020

Time to take a look at super fresh and quality products from Sainsburys Offers 01 May 2020! The freshest fruits and vegetables of the season, frozen foods, and dozens of products are on sale. You will always come across a wide range of products when you check its leaflets. Before you go shopping, you should browse Sainsbury's Offers and enjoy saving your money with their unbeatable deals! sainsburys offers 01 may 2020 Best in-season fruit & veg is here. This is the best place for healthy and freshest selections. Also, frozen pizzas and many delicious selections are on discount now! May top brands' frozen selections such as McCain offers you yummy and healthy products! It is possible to reach household and baby products on their special deals! Especially, you should focus on part of the household! Many necessary and useful items are waiting for you!

Some Products & Prices from Sainsburys Offers 01 May 2020;

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Sainsburys Offers 17 April 2020

Discover awesome product range and special opportunities of Sainsburys Offers 17 April 2020! It has a wide range of products and awesome prices! If you want to get the best at reasonable prices, here is your address! sainsburys offers 17 april 2020 Tea and coffee lead the most popular and consumed drinks in the world and in our country. Herbal teas appear as an alternative to black tea. These teas, which are preferred especially in cold winter months, draw attention to their health benefits. Herbal teas that can be drunk throughout the day are offered for sale in the form of sachets, teapots or bulk tea. Coffee, which is another drink that comes to mind when it comes to a hot drink, draws attention with its unique aroma and delicious taste left on the palates. Coffee varieties that can be drunk plainly or with milk meet their smokers with different forms such as filtered and instant.

Popular Nescafe Selections;

Beverage varieties such as cocoa beverage powders, espresso and cappuccino coffee, hot chocolate, and coffee syrup stand out with their quality and reasonable price advantage on Sainsburys Weekly Offers.

Some Favorites From Sainsburys Offers 17 April 2020;

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