Lidl Offers This Week: Lidl Italian Week 2021 & Fashion & Sunscreen 6 – 12 May 2021

Lidl Offers 6 May 2021 promises a wide range of products as well as great seasonal products and offers this week! Many specials for Italian cuisine, fashion, organizers for vehicles, DIY, and many more. Also, you will encounter good deals like Lidl Super Weekend!

Lidl Italy Week 2021

The taste of Italian food is enjoyed with meals shared at crowded tables with family and friends. Italian cuisine is a good example of the Mediterranean diet. It is one of the healthiest diets in the world with simple and natural ingredients such as tomato, garlic and olive oil. Studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet has helpful effects in weight loss, controlling blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of depression.

Vegetables, fruits, olive oil, garlic, fish and other seafood, sauces, cheeses, nuts, legumes, fresh herbs such as basil, whole grain pastries, coffee especially espresso and wine is a prominent food in Italian cooking. Dry or fresh, the favorite Italian dish is pasta. It can be prepared in hundreds of different ways, with sauces and the ingredients of the pasta itself. Pizza, risotto, and ice cream are also very popular. See Lidl Offers next week and see the best specials!

Lidl Offers 6 May 2021;


There are fabric derivative organizers that can be mounted on the back of the seat, as well as tray-shaped ones can be very useful. Newspapers, magazines, tablet computers can be placed in these sections, as well as sheltered food and drinks. These in-car hanger organizer models are known for being extremely useful in preventing items thrown around, spilled food and drinks while vehicles are in motion.

In addition, many products such as products that allow the space between the seat and the console to be used as a storage area, portable stands for babies and children, multi-purpose garbage bins in the vehicle, anti-pollution protectors on the back of the seat, folding car clothes hangers and even laptop stands are also used for the same purpose. is available for your use. Orthopedic pillows used as lumbar support, luggage pockets and clothes hangers that are bags when folded also manage to offer you practical solutions.

Lidl Special Buys

You can find products produced to help you catch the comfort of your homes in your vehicles at Lidl. You can choose and buy the most suitable product for all tastes and needs. View the Lidl Offers 6 May 2021!

Sun Creams and Bronzers

Sunscreens and bronzers produced by the world’s best brands come together at Lidl. There are also versions of the listed sunscreens specially designed for the protection rate and skin types. Apart from sunscreen products, it is possible to find product options with tanning and firming properties. If you take care to use sunscreen in all seasons, you can find the most suitable sunscreen for your skin type in Lidl Store.

Sunscreen Cream Types:

The skin layer that is directly exposed to the sun can cause damage to the skin as it is not protected against UV rays that can reach the lower layers of the skin. Water-based sunscreen types and all other sunscreens create a protective layer on the skin, preventing the skin surface from being affected by harmful sunlight. 50 Factor sunscreen options provide 97% protection, while sunscreen products with a lower factor provide low protection.

Lidl Sunscreens

Creams produced specifically for skin type are classified as normal skin, dry skin, combination skin, sensitive skin and oily skin. It is of great importance to pay attention to this issue when purchasing creams. You can find many choices in Lidl Leaflet.

Make Choices Specific to Age and Skin Type

Sun creams that can be preferred by users of all ages, specially designed for babies and children are also listed. Babies and children whose skin is extremely sensitive compared to adults can benefit from products specially produced for sensitive skin types.

Lidl DIY;

Here are the latest Lidl Offers this week! IF you want to view more products, deals, and leaflets, visit the home page. Also, you should browse other category pages and see other brands’ offers. And, you can subscribe to them with your email.


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