ALDI Leaflet 14 – 17 December 2023

Browse the latest Super 6 Sale, storage solutions, winter car care products and much more are featured on ALDI Leaflet 14 - 17 December 2023 ! You can also find many good ALDI Christmas specials this week!
ALDI Leaflet 14 – 17 December 2023

Crispy Chicken to Sweets, Enrich Your Tables with Fantastic Prices!

Like every year, ALDI offers special products and competitive prices to enrich your Christmas table. This holiday season includes a variety of options, from crispy chicken to delicious burgers, delicious turkey, and unique desserts.

Stars of the Festive Season

ALDI Signature Crispy Chicken is the perfect way to add flavor and fun to your table. Enjoy the full flavor of crispy chicken with crispy chicken strips and golden chicken nuggets. Don't miss out on special discounts on these products in our holiday brochure.

Meeting with ALDI Quality

Throughout the holiday season, your table will be treated to a special taste with ALDI's special burger options. Our hamburgers are made with high-quality meat and carefully selected ingredients, making them easy to enjoy and delicious. With Festive Brochure's special discounts, you can enjoy a quality burger experience at an affordable price.

Indispensable Traditional Flavors

Turkey, a must-have for any festive table, becomes even more special with special options from ALDI. Fresh, high-quality turkey will decorate your table at special prices in our holiday brochure. With ALDI's peace of mind, you can experience traditional flavors at the highest quality.

The Most Beautiful Moments of Festive

ALDI offers special flavors that add to the sweet joy of the holidays. New Year cakes, cookies, chocolates and many other sweet options are waiting for you at affordable prices in our holiday brochure. Decorate your dessert table with ALDI's signature sweets.

Discover in the ALDI Leaflet

As always, ALDI is offering great prices and competitive promotions on a variety of products in its festive brochure. By reading ALDI's brochure, you can also create a shopping list that is wallet-friendly. Don't miss ALDI's Christmas brochure for delicious and affordable shopping this Christmas season. ALDI is waiting to give your table that special touch.

ALDI Specials This Week

  • Deep Filled Mince Pies 6 pack, £1.09
  • Frangipane Mince Pies 6 pack, £2.49
  • Ballycastle Mince Pies 6 pack, £2.49
  • Mini Mince Pies 9 pack, £1.75
  • Maple BBQ British Pork Belly Bites, £3.99
  • Breaded King Prawns, £3.99
  • Loaded Mini Yorkshires / Mini British Beef Wellingtons, £3.99
  • Chicken Katsu Spring Rolls / Chicken Tikka Samosas, £3.99
  • King Prawn Selection, £3.99
  • Mini British Beef Burgers, £3.99
  • Dim Sum Selection, £3.99
  • The Ultimate British Free-Range Whole Turkey, £11.99
  • British Fresh Whole Turkey, £3.75
  • British Roast in the Bag Bacon Topped Turkey Crown per kg, £10.99

Gift Flowers and Deals

Christmas is a special time to gather with loved ones, create beautiful memories, and enjoy the joyful atmosphere. ALDI stores in the UK offer gorgeous gift flowers and attractive prizes to make this special day even more memorable. Get ready for a Christmas experience full of special and affordable gifts with ALDI Specials! Hand-picked by ALDI flower experts, these arrangements will add a warm atmosphere to your home and delight your loved ones. But ALDI Specials doesn't just offer flowers, it also features attractive prices and competitive promotions. During this special period, you have the opportunity to shop within your budget. ALDI will be offering special discounts and package options during this time to offer customers even more savings. This means not only will you be giving your loved one an unforgettable gift, but your wallet will also be smiling. ALDI's Christmas gifts are more than just pretty and affordable. This also includes environmentally friendly products. With its recyclable packaging and eco-friendly design, ALDI appeals to both loved ones and those who value nature. If you want to make your Christmas shopping special and give your loved ones a meaningful gift, then ALDI Specials are the way to go. Surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable Christmas trip with ALDI specials!

ALDI Offers This Week

  • Christmas Rose Bouquet each, £14.99
  • Festive Gift Wrapped Plant each, £9.99
  • Christmas Wishes Bouquet each, £14.99
  • Christams Carnotions' each, £3.79
  • Rose Duo Gift Bag each, £4.99
  • Festive Bloom Chrysanthemum each, £4.99

Fantastic Deals in Car Maintenance

For car owners, finding affordable and quality maintenance products is very important to improve your car's performance while saving money on your budget. In the UK, ALDI stands out for its automotive maintenance products.

Various Maintenance Products

ALDI offers a wide range of products for vehicle maintenance. ALDI's shelves are stocked with motor oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, tire care products and more to give your car the care it needs.

Great Prices

ALDI offers customers the opportunity to shop at low prices. ALDI's low-cost business model provides customers with access to quality maintenance products at affordable prices.

Competitive Promotions

ALDI offers additional benefits to its customers through various promotions. In the automotive maintenance product category, ALDI's focus on customer satisfaction is demonstrated by its frequent discounts, packages, and loyalty programs.

ALDI SpecialBuys This Week

  • Magnetic Windscreen Cover / Heated Car Seat Cover each, £7.99
  • Heavy-Duty Seat Cover, £7.99
  • Vehicle Fault Code Reader each, £16.99
  • Bungee Strap Set, £3.49
  • Full Car Cover each, £12.99
  • Winter Car Assortment each, £1.49
  • Redex Twinpack 2 x 250ml, £4.99
  • Demon Winter Range 1litre / 500ml, £4.49
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