ALDI Leaflet 14 – 21 May 2023

ALDI Leaflet 14 - 21 May 2023 is a good place where you will check out the best discounts and exclusive items! Let's take a look at these reasonable prices and get your needs!
ALDI Leaflet 14 – 21 May 2023

Dream Garden with ALDI SpecialBuys

With the arrival of spring, people are spending more time outdoors. After all, we know how important it is to have a cozy corner in your garden to enjoy the sun. The ALDI store meets this need with quality and affordable garden furniture. ALDI's garden furniture is not only affordable, but also stylishly designed and durable to beautify your garden and create a comfortable living space. ALDI offers a wide range of garden furniture to suit every taste and need. ALDI furnishings include elegant garden tables, comfortable seating areas, comfortable loungers and practical swings. These pieces are made from high quality materials and are built to last. In addition, it is characterized by its resistance to solar radiation and other weather influences. The design of ALDI's garden furniture is also eye-catching. Modern and stylish lines give your garden a pleasing aesthetic. Plus, you can choose from a variety of color options to match the style of your garden. Whether you're looking for a comfortable lounger to relax on, a cozy dining table to enjoy with friends or a swing for the kids to play on, you'll find what you're looking for in its wide range of products.

ALDI Specials This Week

  • Corner Sofa & Cover each, £299.99
  • Rattan 5 Piece Dining Set, £299.99

Garden Play with ALDI Toys

When spring comes, the energy of the children will rise remarkably. They look forward to playing outside. You too want to make the most of their energy. Luckily, enjoying spring doesn't have to be so difficult with garden toys for kids from Aldi Store. These toys are fun and affordable, so your child will have hours of outdoor play time. So let's take a closer look at these wonderful garden toys! The ALDI store offers a variety of balls and toy sets for your child to play in the garden. Choose from options such as soccer balls, basketball sets, badminton rackets, and even hula hoops. These toys not only encourage your child's physical activity, but also help develop a competitive spirit. Another great way for children to have fun in the garden is playing with sand. ALDI offers various sizes of sandboxes and sand toys to let your child's imagination run wild. With toys such as small buckets, shovels and molds, your child can get creative by creating fun shapes in the sand.

ALDI Offers This Week

  • Big-A-Bubbles Blaster each, £6.99
  • Foam Sword each, £2.99
  • X-Hot Double Micro set, £4.99
  • Champion League Football each, £9.99
  • Gianni's Ice Coolers 6 x 80ml, £1.59
  • Sun Quench Summer Fruit Fruity Blasts 8 x 200ml, £1.49

Lacura Products at low prices

Take a look at the line of outstanding Lacura products that ALDI brings to the beauty world. These amazing products feature impressive results and affordable prices. If you love pampering yourself and giving your skin the care it deserves, Lacura products are for you. ALDI's Lacura skin care range protects, moisturizes and rejuvenates skin while shielding it from the challenges of everyday life. Special ingredients reduce the signs of aging for youthful, radiant skin. Designed for daily use, its cleansing gels, toners and moisturizers cleanse and refresh your skin. Additionally, Lacura's anti-aging products effectively combat wrinkles and sagging while supporting the skin. Lacula also doesn't forget to give your body the love it needs with a body care line that offers a spa-like experience. Shower gels, body lotions and moisturizing creams provide intensive nourishment and hydration to the skin. Envelop yourself in a refreshing scent while rejuvenating your skin with natural extracts. The Lacu Body Scrub removes dead skin cells to smooth the skin, while the relaxing massage her cream revitalizes tired muscles. Looking for a makeup line to complete your beauty routine? The Lacula makeup line is a great option with quality products and affordable prices. ALDI has a wide range of colors to suit every style, including foundations, powders, blushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks. Getting the look you want with makeup has become much easier and cheaper.

ALDI Special Offers This Week

  • Collagen Lip Oil 8 ml, £3.49
  • CC Serum 30ml, £4.99
  • Brightening Concealer 6.3ml, £3.99
  • Hydrating Tinted Moisturizer 35ml, £4.99
  • Vitabase Face / Eye Primer, £4.99
  • Saxon Fragranced Ultra Soft Tissue Cube each, £1.09
  • Colored Candle each, £2.99
  • Original Hot Cloth Cleanser 200ml, £2.99
  • Lacura 3 in 1 Biodegradable Facial Wipes, 55p
  • SPF 15 / 30 Hydrating Spray, £4.49

Energy-Savings Solar

If you want to protect nature and create a beautiful atmosphere in your garden, choosing energy efficient lighting products is important. With ALDI's high-quality, eco-friendly products, you can achieve this goal. Now let's take a look at its energy-saving garden lighting products. The ALDI store offers eco-friendly options with solar powered garden lights. These lights store solar energy during the day and illuminate your garden at night. No wiring required, practical and easy to use. Achieve energy savings and give your garden an elegant light. ALDI's LED lighting products provide bright and impressive light while saving energy. LED technology consumes less energy and lasts longer than traditional light bulbs. By choosing LED products for lighting your garden paths and spotlights, you can reduce your energy costs and protect the environment.

ALDI SpecialBuys This Week

  • Solar Spotlights set, £16.99
  • Solar Egg / Ball Light each, £14.99
  • Pebble Stake Lights set, £9.99
  • Solar Super Bright Stainless Steel Spotlight each, £6.99
  • Solar Super Bright Bollard Stake Light each, £4.99
  • 25 Wired Festoon Bulbs each, £14.99
  • Solar Neon Bulb String Lights each, £12.99
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