ALDI Leaflet 19 – 26 March 2023

Celebrate Mother's Day with pretty good specials and fresh flowers of ALDI Leaflet 19 March 2023! Fantastic offers, unique special buys, and much more are waiting for you on this catalogue. Here u go!
ALDI Leaflet 19 – 26 March 2023

Mother’s Day Specials at ALDI

Gifting flowers to mothers on Mother's Day is a very common practice. Mother's Day is an opportunity for mothers to be remembered and appreciated with love and respect, and you can show your mothers how valuable they are by giving flowers on this special day. However, everyone may have different preferences. It might be a good idea to find out if your mom is interested in flowers. ALDI doesn't just have flowers. You can find many gift items at ALDI Store. There are chocolate, coffee or tea sets and many more products for your mother on mother's day. ALDI has great products, especially if you want to buy chocolate. You may also want to buy your mother a book. You can find the books of many different publications at ALDI. These are just a few examples. You can check out more in their stores.

ALDI Specials This Week

  • Peach Melba Bouquet each, £14.99
  • Mum in a Million Bouquet each, £19.99
  • Exquisite Bouquet each, £19.99
  • Pretty in Pink Bouquet each, £9.99
  • Tropical Sunset Bouquet each, £12.99
  • Best Mum Bouquet each, £4.79
  • Lovely Mum Tulips each, £4.99
  • Pocket Money Posy each, £1.99
  • Orchid & Candle Gift Set each, £14.99
  • Mother’s Day Gift Basket each, £8.99
  • Gift Wrapped Plant each, £8.99
  • Roses in Zinc Pot each, £8.99
  • Rose Gift Bag each, £3.99
  • Calla Lily in Ceramic each, £6.49
  • Azalea Standard in Ceramic each, £8.99
  • Bloom Chrysanthemum each, £4.99
  • Spring Pussy Willow each, £2.69
  • Valentica Bowl Planter each, £8.99
  • Valencia Planter each, £14.99

Garden Furniture and Heaters at ALDI

ALDI garden furniture are products made of high quality materials and offered at affordable prices. ALDI garden furniture is generally designed for outdoor use. And it includes products in a variety of styles to provide a comfortable and enjoyable sitting area in your garden. These consist of chairs, tables, sun loungers and umbrellas. Also they include a variety of materials. Some are made of metal or aluminum, popular for their durability. Others are made of materials such as wood or rattan for a more natural look. Also ALDI garden furniture has different sizes and styles according to users' preferences. There are folding chairs and tables for small balconies, while for large gardens you can also find a large dining table or sitting area with sun loungers. ALDI garden furniture offers an option for every budget and is the ideal choice for those who want to create a comfortable and stylish seating area in your garden.

ALDI Offers This Week

  • Hanging Egg Chair and Cover each, £199.99
  • Large Hanging Egg Chair with Cover each, £344.99
  • Rattan Corner Sofa Dining Set, £649.99
  • Wooden Garden Love Bench each, £99.99
  • Garden Cushions 2 pack, £9.99
  • Outdoor Seat Pads 2 pack, £12.99
  • Corner Sofa and Cover each, £299.99
  • Rope Effect Coffee Set each, £399.99
  • 6 Piece Furniture Set, £149.99
  • Portable Patio Heater each, £44.99
  • Patio Heater each, £39.99
  • Steel Chimenea each, £49.99
  • Oxidised Fire Globe each, £99.99
  • Industrial Fire Pit Bowl each, £44.99
  • Pizza Oven each, £39.99

Garden Essentials at ALDI

Garden lighting is an important element used to increase safety and aesthetics in gardens. It can be used to illuminate areas near or far from your home. There are also many different options in this area. You can review many of these options on ALDI Leaflet. Garden lighting generally comes in two types. Wired and wireless. Wired lighting systems are connected to an electrical source. And they usually run through an outlet or outdoor wiring line close to your home. Wireless garden lighting systems work via solar energy or batteries. Which of these two types you want to choose, browse on ALDI!

ALDI Special Offers This Week

  • Oakwood Trough / Barrel Planter each, £14.99
  • Telescopic Lopper / Shears each, £12.99
  • Walk-in Greenhouse each, £34.99
  • Solar Flickering Flame Torch each, £9.99
  • Solar Flame Torches 5 pack, £12.99
  • Bird Nesting House each, £3.99
  • Solar Bird Feeder each, £8.99
  • Decorative / Silhouette Garden Stake each, £4.99
  • Solar Crackle Glass Stake Light each, £5.99
  • Solar Resin Figurine Light each, £6.99
  • Stake / Hanging Bird Feeder each, £6.99
  • Solar Decorative String Lights each, £6.99
  • Electric Lawn Mower each, £99.99
  • Cordless Grass & Hedge Trimmer Shears each, £34.99
  • Electric Lawn Trimmer each, £34.99
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