ALDI Leaflet 23 – 30 April 2023

Check out this week's ALDI Super 6 Sale, Awesome Garden Events and awesome flavors of India with ALDI Leaflet 23 - 30 April 2023! Also, you should focus on part of Bank Holiday!
ALDI Leaflet 23 – 30 April 2023

Delicious Selection at ALDI

  • Ashfields 8 British Beef Burgers 680g, £3.99
  • Emporium 4 Burger Melts 100g, £1.99
  • Ashfields 4 Minted Lamb Kebabs 320g, £3.49
  • Dips / Houmous 150g, £1.25
  • Ashfields Grill British Marinated Pork Belly Slices 400g, £3.49
  • 30 Day Matured Thick Cut Sirloin with Butter 320g, £6.49
  • Macarons 66g, £1.99

Outdoor Specials at ALDI

In spring, there's nothing better than an outdoor space to enjoy spending time at home. That's why it's important to choose the perfect outdoor furniture to create a comfortable and durable area. Not only will you get the most out of your beautiful day, but it will enhance your overall outdoor experience. Patio furniture today comes in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials. Garden furniture made from high-quality materials is designed to withstand the elements of nature such as sun, rain and wind. Whether you prefer the timeless charm of wood, the elegance of metal, the practicality of plastic, the natural charm of rattan, or the lightweight comfort of aluminum, there's a style for everyone. When choosing outdoor furniture, it's important to consider the available space. If you have a small balcony or patio, it's wise to choose space-saving solutions such as folding tables, folding chairs and compact garden sets. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to have a large yard or garden, you can place larger pieces of furniture to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Quality and Stylish Specials

Comfort and functionality come first when it comes to outdoor furniture. Imagine sinking into a plush cushioned chair, stretching out on a comfortable lounger, or rocking gently on a hammock or swing seat. Items like this not only provide comfort, but also add a touch of class to your outdoor oasis. Also, consider furniture with storage options to keep your outdoor space organized. As the spring season begins, it's important to ensure that your patio furniture is comfortable and durable.Regular care and proper storage will extend the life of your furniture and provide years of enjoyment. By covering your furniture in inclement weather and investing in a protective cover, you can help maintain its beauty and functionality. In short, outdoor furniture is the perfect companion for enjoying the outdoors in spring and summer. Factors such as style, comfort, functionality and durability can be considered to create an attractive and enjoyable outdoor space. To make the most of your outdoor experience and cherish your precious moments in nature, don't forget to take care of your furniture.

ALDI Specials This Week

  • Belavi Cocoon Chair & Cover each, £169.99
  • Belavi Wooden Day Bed Sofa Set each, £279.99
  • Rattan Range 5 Piece Dining Set, £299.99
  • Belavi Rope Range Snug Swing each, £199.99
  • Portable Patio Heater each, £44.99
  • Solar Lamp Post each, £29.99
  • Large Gazebo Net Lights each, £19.99
  • Belavi Butterfly Gazebo each, £79.99
  • Glass Pearl Candle / Reed Diffuser each, £3.49
  • Rattan Candle each, £4.99
  • Hotel Collection Wax Melt Burner Gift Set, £4.99
  • Smoker Grill BBQ each, £24.99
  • BBQ Cover each, £9.99
  • XL Outdoor Rug each, £12.99
  • Seat Pads 2 pack, £12.99
  • Outdoor Cushion each, £6.99
  • 150 LED Net Lights each, £9.99
  • Solar Silhouette Crook Lanterns 2 pack, £12.99
  • Solar Silhouette Lantern each, £12.99
  • Faux Floral String / Lantern String Lights each, £8.99
  • Solar Firefly Glass Jar each, £4.99
  • Rustic Lantern each, £7.99
  • Solar Silhouette Stake Light each, £3.99
  • Solar Vintage Style Rope Lights each, £12.99
  • Topiary Boxwood Spiral / Expanding Leaf Trellis, £26.99
  • Faux Floral Door Wreath each, £8.99
  • Faux Floral Hanging Basket each, £15.99
  • Jumbo Outdoor Mat each, £6.99
  • Medium Olive Planter each, £6.99
  • Large Olive Planter each, £9.99
  • Lazio Trough each, £17.99
  • Lazio Square Planter each, £12.99
  • Rattan Effect Cubed Planter each, £12.99
  • Faux Rattan Balcony Planter each, £8.99
  • All Purpose Concentrate / Tomato Concentrate 1l, £3.99
  • Large Foliage Plant each, £8.99
  • House Plant in Ceramic each, £4.99
  • Carnation each, £1.89
  • Garden Pruning Shears each, £3.99
  • Mini Succulent in Ceramic each, £3.49
  • Artificial Grass Plant each, £14.99

DIY Essentials at ALDI

Workwear and DIY products are of paramount importance, especially for people with craft skills and a passion for DIY projects.

Work clothes:

Work clothes are essential for those who do physical labor. These garments play an important role in ensuring both workplace safety and personal comfort. Workwear is typically made from durable, breathable, water-resistant, and comfortable fabrics. In addition, workwear is designed in different styles to meet the needs of different industries and workers. For example, construction workers have special accessories such as work shoes, gloves and sun hats.

DIY products:

DIY products, therefore, refer to materials used for simple repairs, decorations, or construction projects in the home or office. These products include hand tools, painting supplies, nails and screws, adhesives, hammers, drill bits and more. Do-it-yourself products are often designed for specific needs. For example, there are tools suitable for woodworking, power tools, different types of paints for different applications, and different specialty materials.

Quality workwear and DIY products:

Quality workwear and home improvement products provide functionality, durability and comfort whether you're at work or doing repairs or projects at home. When choosing workwear and home center products, it is important to consider the quality of materials, purpose of use, functionality, cost, etc. In summary, quality workwear and home improvement products are essential for both workers and individuals involved in home improvement projects. Guaranteed results. Choosing the right work clothes and home improvement products can improve your work experience and help you get the best results.

ALDI Offers This Week

  • Workwear Pro Trousers each, £17.99
  • Gardening Fleece Jacket each, £12.99
  • Handsaw each, £4.99
  • Universal Socket and Racket Wrench Set, £6.99
  • Hi Vis / Multipurpose Rope each, £3.99
  • 3M Command Hooks 2/3 Pack, £2.49

Luxury Spa Specials at ALDI

At-home spa treatments are becoming more and more popular these days, and many people enjoy a great spa experience with luxurious spa products. For those interested in this trend, here are the must-have products you need to create a spa-like atmosphere at home. We have a wide variety of luxury spa goods such as eye masks that care for fatigue and wrinkles, bath salts that relieve stress, skin care products, massage oils, aromatherapy candles, body brushes, stone therapy sets, and more.

Here are the most popular ones:

Massage oils are used to reduce stress, relax muscles, and nourish the skin.Aromatherapy-enhanced massage oils not only provide relaxation with a variety of scents, but also help build up in the body. It also helps eliminate toxins.

Eye mask:

Specially designed for the delicate skin around the eyes, our eye mask soothes eye fatigue, reduces wrinkles and hydrates skin.

Aroma Candle:

Aromatherapy candles are one of his most popular products for creating a spa atmosphere at home. With different flavor options, these candles can reflect different moods. For example, a lavender-scented candle promotes relaxation, while an orange-scented candle stimulates the senses.

Stone therapy set:

A stone therapy set is used to release toxins that have accumulated in the body. These sets consist of stones of various sizes and temperatures that use special techniques to move specifically over the body, promoting muscle relaxation and general well-being.

Body brush:

The body brush exfoliates the skin, improves blood circulation and promotes firming of the skin. Additionally, brushing your body helps remove toxins from your skin. Our luxurious spa products allow you to enjoy a wonderful spa experience from the comfort of your own home. By using these products, you can relieve stress, relax your muscles, and keep your skin hydrated. However, it is important to read the instructions carefully and take the necessary precautions before using these products. An at-home spa experience is a great way to relax and pamper yourself. With the right products and a tranquil atmosphere, you can turn your home into a tranquil oasis and enjoy the benefits of a spa without leaving your front door.

ALDI Leaflet This Week

  • 4 Person Spa Pool each, £299
  • Spa Pool Cup Holder each, £3.99
  • Spa Pool LED Cup Holder each, £4.99
  • Chemicals Set for Spa Pool, £9.99
  • Spa Maintenance Kit set, £7.99
  • Spa Pool Lighting each, £4.99
  • Square Fire Pit each, £49.99
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