ALDI Leaflet 26 – 29 October 2023

Get ready for Halloween with new special buys of ALDI Leaflet 26 - 29 October 2023 ! New ALDI Super 6 Sale, bedding specials, amazing products for Halloween and much more this week! Let's browse it!
ALDI Leaflet 26 – 29 October 2023

ALDI Halloween Specials This Week

Halloween is approaching and this year ALDI is bringing a spooky treat for you and your family! ALDI continues to provide quality products at competitive prices as always. In this article, you'll discover special Halloween products from ALDI, from delicious cheesecakes to chicken dishes and great deals.

ALDI Halloween Sweets

ALDI offers a variety of treats to satisfy your sweet tooth this Halloween. On the shelves, you'll find cheesecakes, macarons, and other treats designed to fit the Halloween theme. These delicious cheesecakes are decorated with spooky shapes and Halloween colors. These sweets are perfect options to sweeten your Halloween parties or family gatherings.

ALDI Chicken and Sausage Products

Halloween parties are completed with delicious snacks and meals. ALDI offers a variety of sausages, chicken wings, and nuggets to meet this need. The chicken products provide tasty options that both kids and adults can enjoy during the holiday. Additionally, you can decorate your party table with packages designed to match the Halloween theme.

Competitive Prices and Offers at ALDI

ALDI is known for offering competitive prices to customers and its Halloween specials are no exception. You can shop for Halloween at ALDI at more affordable prices than other supermarkets. Plus, don't miss out on ALDI's weekly deals and discounts. You can do your Halloween shopping at ALDI on a budget. ALDI offers a variety of specialty Halloween products, from candy to chicken products. With competitive prices and great deals, ALDI makes preparing for Halloween easier.

ALDI Specials This Week

  • Spooky Frankfurters 300g, £1.89
  • Halloween Macarons 103g, £2.99
  • Beef Trolls Toes 472g, £3.99
  • Wicked Witches' Fingers Churros with White Chocolate Dip, £2.99
  • Snackrite Hot Salsa Dip 300g, 85p
  • Pork & Maple Pumpkin Burgers 300g, £2.79
  • Skeleton Vanilla Cheesecake 450g, £3.49
  • Breaded Chicken Petrifying Pumpkins / Spooky Spiders 350g, £2.99

Get Creative with ALDI Special Buys

Developing hobbies, exploring your creative side, and taking time for yourself is a great way to do it. Craft projects provide great opportunities for people to explore their passions and express themselves. However, the cost of materials required for such projects can sometimes be daunting. That's where ALDI comes in, offering competitive prices on handmade products to help people unlock their creative potential. ALDI caters to anyone interested in arts and crafts, offering a wide range of handmade products in these stores. ALDI offers affordable materials for artists and painting enthusiasts, including paints, brushes and canvases. They also offer craft kits designed for children. For those interested in activities such as knitting, sewing, embroidery and other similar crafts, ALDI offers materials such as thread, sewing kits and sewing machines. ALDI's collection of office supplies and paper products is ideal for card making, scrapbooking and other paper projects. Products such as notebooks, crayons, and labels are often available at affordable prices. ALDI offers deals that change weekly, often including the crafts category. These offers include discounts, promotions, and special items. Plus, thanks to ALDI's low prices, you can always shop at affordable prices. Shopping at ALDI allows you to bring your creative projects. Additionally, thanks to the store's quality products, you can achieve the best results in your projects.

ALDI Offers This Week

  • Colour Your Own T-Shirt each, £4.99
  • Christmas Fabric Fat Quarters 5/6 Pack, £3.99
  • Adult Crafting Kit each, £4.99
  • Autumn Craft Kit each, £4.99
  • Kids' Craft Activity Kit each, £3.99
  • Colourmania Activity Book each, £3.99
  • Paint Your Own Mug / Coasters / Plate each, £2.49
  • Make Your Own Christmas Decorations each, £1.99

Stylish and Quality Candles & Lights at ALDI

Our home is a special place that reflects our personality. Therefore, we need reasonable options to personalize and beautify it. This is where ALDI comes in. ALDI stands out with competitive prices and great deals on room fragrances, candles and decorations.

Home Fragrances and Candles

ALDI offers a wide range of products in the category of perfumes and scented candles. These products are a great way to fill your home with pleasant scents and create a relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to ALDI's low prices, quality candles and scent diffusers are easily accessible. Additionally, you can purchase these products at an even more affordable price through ALDI Weekly Leaflet.

Decor Products

If you want to beautify and personalize your home, ALDI can also help you in this matter. ALDI's selection of paintings, cushions, rugs and other decorative items offers options to suit every style. If you're looking for something new for your home decor, don't miss the offers in ALDI Leaflet.

Competitive Prices

ALDI is known for its competitive prices. The affordable prices it offers for both home fragrances and candles as well as decor products help you shop within your budget. Moreover, the discounts and special offers in ALDI Leaflet provide even more savings. Refreshing your home decor and ambiance is now more budget-friendly and accessible. ALDI offers homeowners a significant advantage by offering competitive prices and great deals on perfumes, candles and home décor products. Stay up to date on current sales by following ALDI Leaflet and you can beautify your home at an affordable price. Remember, beauty and comfort don't have to be expensive!

ALDI Special Offers This Week

  • Boujee Trinket Candle each, £3.99
  • Elements Candle / Reed Diffuser each, £3.99
  • Icon Candle / Reed Diffuser each, £3.99
  • Inclusion Candle / Reed Diffuser each, £5.99
  • Dual Scented Candle each, £4.99
  • LED Light-Up House / Star each, £4.99
  • Octagon Candle each, £14.99
  • Scene Tealight Holder each, £5.99
  • LED Flicker Candle 3 pack, £6.99
  • King Candle Holders, £4.99
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