ALDI Leaflet 28 – 31 December 2023

Time to discover new discounted products with ALDI Leaflet 28 - 31 December 2023! Christmas specials, cleaning must-haves, fitness equipments, and much more are available on this ALDI Weekly Leaflet. Check it out to save more!
ALDI Leaflet 28 – 31 December 2023

A New Year's Shopping Experience Filled with Festive Flavors

For the new year season, ALDI is gearing up to treat your taste buds with a special Christmas collection. At ALDI, we aim to add a special touch to your table with a wide selection of cheesecakes, cakes, cookies, mini burgers, seafood and delicious sauce options.


The exquisite cheesecakes from ALDI's Christmas collection have flavors that will delight any dessert lover. If you're looking to add some color to your New Year's dinner table, ALDI's cheesecake may be just the thing. Discover ALDI's special treats for visual enjoyment and unique taste. Aldi's New Year cakes feature special designs and flavours.

Cake Delight

ALDI's cake collection caters to every palate with a variety of flavors including chocolate, fruity and nutty.

Mini Burgers

If you're looking for a fun snack, ALDI's mini burgers are the way to go.

Feast on Seafood Delicacies

ALDI's Seafood Department features fresh, high-quality products. If you're looking to add some seafood to your New Year's diet, consider ALDI's extensive seafood selection.

A Shopping Experience Full of Deals at ALDI

ALDI is known not only for its delicious products, but also for its attractive prices and competitive offers. ALDI is known as a brand that values customer satisfaction. If you want to make your New Year's shopping special, brighten up your table with delicious flavors, and do it at an affordable price, ALDI Specials is the place to go. Make your New Year's dinner unforgettable with ALDI!

ALDI Specials This Week

  • Maple BBQ British Pork Belly Bites, £3.99
  • Mini Sliders, £3.99
  • Chicken Katsu Spring Rolls / Chicken Tikka Samosas, £3.99
  • King Prawn Selection, £3.99
  • Mini British Beef Burgers, £3.99
  • Cheese Truckle Tower 1 kg, £12.99
  • 5 Year Aged Vintage Reserve Cheddar, £3.49
  • Emporium Cheese Selection, £3.99
  • Mint Sauce with Balsamic Vinegar, £1.49
  • Ballycastle Chocolate & Clementine Cream, £1.99
  • Luxury All Over Iced Christmas Cake, £7.99
  • Belgian Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cake, £14.99
  • Belgian Chocolate Yule Log, £5.99
  • Mini Melt in the Middle Puddings, £2.99
  • Top Iced Fruit Cake, £5.49

Cleaning Time at ALDI

Home cleanliness is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. ALDI stores carry a wide selection of quality cleaning and household products to brighten up both your home and your budget. You will learn about great prices and competitive offers on popular brands like Addis, Zoflora, Persil and more.

Durability and Aesthetics Combined

ALDI offers a superior cleaning experience under the Addis brand. Durable and highly functional, the Addis mop helps you clean your home quickly and effectively. At the same time, the stylish design of Addis products adds an aesthetic touch to your home. ALDI's price cuts now make quality cleaning affordable for everyone.

Freshness and Hygiene

If you want to take your home's cleanliness to the next level, Zoflora is the way to go. Affordably available on ALDI shelves, Zoflora refreshes your home with a variety of soothing scents and effective formulations. These disinfecting products also have antibacterial properties, so you can maintain a sanitary environment in your home.

The Stain Removal Expert

Persil products at ALDI branches demonstrate stain removal expertise. Persil's high-quality detergent removes tough stains and protects fabrics at the same time. With ALDI's affordable prices, you benefit from the power of the Persil brand to keep your laundry fresh and clean.

Save More with ALDI

Save even more with this ALDI Leaflet published regularly by ALDI. With special offers and discounts listed in this leaflet, you can buy popular brands like Addis, Zoflora, Persil and more at lower prices. Updated weekly with limited time offers, the ALDI Weekly Leaflet is a treasure trove. By following this booklet, you can economically keep your home clean and tidy.

ALDI Special Offers This Week

  • Addis Spray Mop each, £12.99
  • 42 Litre Moda Touch Bin each, £14.99
  • Mr Muscle Drain & Sink Unblocked 2 x 1litre, £6.99
  • Dustpan & Brush each, £1.99
  • Addis 3 Tier Airer each, £14.99
  • Almat So Soft Winter Fabric Conditioner 42 washes, £1.69
  • Persil Laundry Washing Detergent, £7.89
  • Lenor In-Wash Scent Boosters, £2.99
  • Zoflora Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleanser Spray, £2.39
  • Zoflora Power Bathroom Trigger, £2.39
  • Dr. Beckmann Carpet Cleaner, £2.75

Great Deals for Fitness Enthusiasts at ALDI!

To take your passion for exercise to the next level and add an innovative touch to your healthy lifestyle, ALDI UK store offers a range of specialist fitness products. ALDI offers a wide range of affordable, high-quality options for exercise enthusiasts, from high-quality fitness clothing to yoga sets, gym bags, and dumbbells.

Trendy Designs, Affordable Prices

When it comes to fitness wear, you can count on ALDI. Specially designed fitness clothing with a focus on comfort and style during your workout awaits on this ALDI shelves. Sports bras, T-shirts, leggings, and many other products combine elegance and performance. With designs for all body types and affordable prices, ALDI makes sportswear shopping even more fun.

Practicality and Style with Sports Bags

Discover ALDI's stylish sports bags to better organize your gym sessions or outdoor workouts. Functional compartments and durable materials make ALDI sports bags a practical and stylish option. Easily carry all the gear you need for your post-workout shower and show off your style with a gym bag.

Discover Mind and Body Harmony with Yoga Sets

Yoga is not only a physical exercise, but also a practice that promotes mental balance. ALDI yoga sets, mats and accessories are designed to make your yoga practice more effective and enjoyable. High quality and affordable prices make ALDI yoga products an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced yoga enthusiasts.

Strengthen with Dumbbells

For those who want to train at home, ALDI's dumbbell options are very appealing. With a variety of weights and ergonomic designs, dumbbells are a great choice for anyone looking to build muscle and improve strength. Made from durable materials, ALDI dumbbells are characterized by long service life and affordable prices.

ALDI Offers: Don't Miss the Deals!

ALDI not only offers high quality products, but also features attractive prices for its customers. With ALDI's offers, you can find great deals on everything from fitness clothing to sporting goods and more. Don't miss out on special product discounts for sports enthusiasts, check ALDI's discount leaflet regularly for sports shopping at affordable prices.

ALDI SpecialBuys This Week

  • Barrel Bottle each, £3.49
  • Active Pullover / Hoodie, £9.99
  • Fitness Leggings / Trousers, £6.99
  • Sports Bag each, £12.99
  • Adults' Fitness Trainers, £12.99
  • Fitness Socks, £2.99
  • Adults' Comfort Insoles, £1.99
  • Fabric Resistance Bands each, £4.99
  • Yoga Assortment, £5.99
  • Gym Ball / Acupressure Mat, £8.99
  • Adjustable Step, £12.99
  • DumbelL Set, £19.99
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