ALDI Offers 15 – 22 January 2023

Delicious recipes, Chinese New Year products, household, appliances, tools, and many more are available on ALDI Specials 15 January 2023! Browse ALDI Super 6 Sale, ALDI Super Weekly Offers, and much more this week!
ALDI Offers 15 – 22 January 2023

China Week is at ALDI!

It is often thought that the Chinese only eat rice, but this is far from the truth. The Chinese truly love to eat well and therefore vary greatly in their food. Besides rice, noodles and tofu are well-known ingredients. Discover the flavors of Chinese cuisine with ALDI! There are many different dishes available in China, both in popular restaurants and in small street stalls. A well-known dish is Peking duck. This is a duck dish and it has a crispy crust, it's delicious! Another fun food event is the Chinese Hot Pot. This ALDI product range includes different sauces, snacks and more from China. Have a good time in the kitchen with instant noodles, delicious herbs, vinegar, pickles and real delicacies. Curious about real Chinese snacks from China? Then it's time to try them! In addition to food products, Chinese drinks and tea are also available here. As a result, everything you need to bring Chinese cuisine into your home is in ALDI Weekly Leaflet!

ALDI Specials This Week

  • Vegan Shredded No Duck with Pancakes 345g, £3.29
  • Ready Set Cook Meal Kit Chinese Stir Fry 650g, £3.69
  • Plant Menu No Beef Teriyaki Strips 200g, £1.75
  • Gyoza 240g, £2.49
  • Large Spring Rolls 360g, £1.69
  • Thai Style Prawn, Chilli & Lemongrass Fishcakes 290g, £2.39
  • Prawn 100g, £1.09

ALDI Household Sale Jan 2023

You can buy your cleaning products and household goods online from ALDI Stores. ALDI offers you the best quality and at the same time the lowest price. It's easy to make huge savings on cleaning and household products at their store! ALDI has a wide range of buckets, dish brushes, as well as dish baskets and drying racks. They have everything needed for a pleasant home. Thanks to ALDI, you can clean your home or office well and keep it clean. At ALDI you will find everything for your everyday home. Its product range includes detergents, dishwasher tablets, cleaning products, special cleaners, toilet and kitchen papers and many necessary cleaning products.

ALDI Offers This Week

  • Extendable Electrostatic Duster each, £3.99
  • Duster Assortment each, £1.99
  • 40 Litre Swing & Lift Bin each, £7.99
  • Dishmatics each, £1.99
  • House of Fabulosa Wipes each, £1.49
  • Astonish Fizz & Fresh Toilet Cleaner 8 Tablets, £1.49
  • Felt Storage Basket each, £6.99
  • 3 Pack Stackable Baskets each, £2.99
  • Fridge Tray Assortment each, £2.99
  • Caddy Basket Set pack, £2.99
  • 2 Pack Cereal Containers 2 pack, £4.99
  • Kitchen Storage Basket each, £4.99
  • Fridge Storage with Colander each, £4.49

Cleaning products and household goods

ALDI specializes in cleaning products and household goods. A clean and tidy home starts with the right household items and cleaning products. In their shop you will find the best quality products for cleaning your home. You'll also find useful cleaning products that make household chores a little easier and more fun. This ALDI Catalogue offers innovative solutions in the field of professional cleaning and hygiene. They guarantee you the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Stylish Range of Hot Drink Solutions

A wide range of barista accessories, coffee machines and more are available at ALDI. And much more that makes a barista's heart beat faster! Coffee culture is so deeply ingrained today that the use of quality machines and accessories is a must for every barista and coffee lover. At ALDI Leaflet you can find many products to help you make the perfect coffee. The ALDI range includes the best products available on the market.

Low Prices at ALDI Specials

  • Cappuccino / Latte Glasses 2 pack, £8.99
  • Milk Heater / Frother each, £19.99
  • Cafetiere each, £4.99
  • Cadbury Fillet Mini Eggs 72g, 99p
  • Snack Rice Cakes 159g, £1.49
  • Insulated Tumbler each, £3.99
  • Espresso Maker each, £79.99

Handy and Helpful Tools at ALDI

You'll find everything you need to get the job done in ALDI's DIY section. From hand tools and power tools to all the necessities for your bathroom and kitchen. Be sure to work carefully when doing odd jobs and choose the right work clothing and protection for it. ALDI Weekly Catalogue also provides you with many products for storage and transport. Both do-it-yourselfers and professionals can pamper themselves here. Many hand tools, electrical and construction materials are in this section. You can view the most useful products in its wide range.

ALDI SpecialBuys This Week

  • 4 Tier Shelving each, £59.99
  • 38 Piece Angle Bracket Set each, £2.99
  • Assorted Hooks each, £4.99
  • Dolly Trolley each, £11.99
  • Professional Tool Case each, £12.99
  • 100 Piece XXL Screwdriver & Bit Set each, £22.99
  • Ferrex 204 Piece Drill Bit Set each, £17.99
  • 105 Piece Bit Set each, £9.99
  • Digital Calliper each, £9.99
  • Assorted Drill Bits Sets each, £4.99
  • Hand Tools Assortment each, £12.99
  • Scheppach Wet and Dry Workshop Vacuum each, £69.99
  • Ferrex Engraver / Soldering Iron Engraver each, £9.99
  • Ferrex Multifunctional Sharpener each, £16.99
  • Scheppach Bench Grinder each, £44.99
  • 18V Nail Gun each, £89.99
  • Ferrex 18V Cordless Combi Drill each, £39.99
  • 18V Impact Wrench each, £59.99
  • 18V Drill & Driver Set each, £79.99
  • Ferrex Impact Driver each, £39.99
  • Transformer Workbench each, £99.99
  • Ferrex 18V Jigsaw each, £44.99
  • Scheppach COmpactor HP1100S each, £249.99
  • Edged Dirt Buster Large Mat each, £12.99
  • Sensor Assortment each, £12.99
  • Scraper Mat each, £5.99
  • 10W LED Rechargeable Work Light each, £14.99
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