ALDI Offers 17 – 24 July 2022

ALDI Specials 17 July 2022 is where you will check out The Baby Toddler Event, Taste of Italy, and many good weekly grocery offers! It has many ways to get special offers on many popular and quality products. So let’s take a look at them!

ALDI Offers 17 – 24 July 2022

The healthiest and most useful products for babies are waiting for parents at ALDI. Check out all baby products that your baby can use comfortably from the newborn age!

Play is very important for newborn babies. It is important to support the development of their senses such as sight, hearing and touch. From the moment they are born, every environment and every object that the baby is in is an opportunity to develop his senses. Around 2 months, they may be interested in books and toys containing vibrant colors and geometric shapes with black and white contrasts. Thus, you can support the senses of sight and hearing. You can develop the sense of touch by having him touch different materials, and also by making frequent skin contact. So be sure to check out ALDI Specials for babies!

ALDI Offers This Week;

  • Chicco Bedside Crib, £129.99
  • Moses Basket with Rocking Stand, £34.99
  • Baby Sleep Bag 1 Tog, £9.99
  • Tommee Tippee Nappy Bin & Cassetties, £9.99
  • Cassettes 3 pack, £9.99
  • Mamia Nappy Sacks each, £1.79
  • Johnson’s Talcum Powder / Baby Oil, £1.79
  • Night Pants 15 pac, £3.99
  • Huggies Little Swimmers 11 pack, £3.99
  • Children’s Toilet Seat & Step Stool each, £3.99
  • Nurofen for Children 100ml, £2.99
  • Lego Duplo each, £7.99
  • Licensed Foam Play Ball, £2.99
  • Winnie the Pooh Mixed Games each, £4.99
  • Baby Book each, £2.49
  • Talking Teletubbies Soft Toy, £7.99
  • Fisher-Price Play Gym, £19.99
  • Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser, £39.99
  • Tommee Tippee Feeding Bottles 2/3 Pack, £7.99
  • Comfort Pure, £3.75
  • Mum to Be Cream / Mask / Oil, £2.99
  • Mum to Be Oil / Balm / Spray, £3.99
  • Graco Bumber Jumper, £29.99

When choosing skin care products for your baby, you can take care that they are fragrance-free and natural and do not have antibacterial properties. You can view the materials you may need while caring for your baby in the ALDI Catalogue. It is possible to browse many products with very reasonable prices here.

Flavour of the Week: Italia!

Italian cuisine is very rich in menu. The Italian cuisine, famous for its pastas, pizzas, sauces and cheeses, has a lot of regional diversity due to its geographical location.

In Italian cuisine, meals with more than one nutritional value are cooked because the dishes are made in a wide variety. Potatoes, rice, corn, and cheese are consumed the most in kitchens. Undoubtedly, Italy’s most famous foods and beverages are its cheeses and wines. It is possible to find many Italian legend products at ALDI this week!


Another popular delicious dish of Italian cuisine is Risotto. This dish, which is one of the sine qua non of Italian cuisine, should be tasted once by everyone. Risotto is made by blending it with the cream that emerges when the rice releases its starch. You can serve Risotto with parmesan to make the presentation more elegant. You don’t need to go all the way to Italy for all these delicious dishes! ALDI offers an ideal venue alternative to taste the most special and light flavors of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Lidl SpecialBuys This Week;

  • Risotto 200g, 89p
  • Fillet Gnocchi 400g, £1.99
  • Bruschetta 150g, £1.09
  • Premium Risotto 200g, £1.99
  • Arborio Rice 1kg, £1.69
  • Gourmet Egg Pasta 500g, £1.39
  • Italian Bread Mixes 500g, 99p
  • Antipasti 150g, £1.69
  • Castellore Organic Pinot Grigio, £5.79
  • Focaccia Rolls 4 pack, £1.09
  • Chocsticks 4 x 110ml, £1.19
  • Mini Viennese Ice Creams 5 x 57ml, £1.59
  • Specially Selected Parmigiano Reggiano 200g, £2.99
  • Specially Selected Filled Pasta 250g, £2.15
  • Stonebaked Basil Pesto, Semi-Dried Tomato & Mozzarella Flatbread, £1.49
  • Specially Selected Gavi 75cl, £6.99
  • Castellore Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 75cl, £4.19
  • Castellore Primitivo 75cl, £5.49
  • Specially Selected Organic Etna Rose 75cl, £8.79
  • Specially Selected Pinot Grigio Delle Venezia 75cl, £5.49
  • Toscana Bianco 75cl, £6.49

Ben Sayers Cart Bag, £49.99 at ALDI!

Golf is among the popular sports branches with its unique way of playing on a large green area. Those who are interested in this sport should have special equipment. You may have personal belongings as well as golf equipment that you need to take with you. You may also need a handy bag to carry both equipment and personal belongings. golf bag; It is made of special materials to carry your equipment, clothes, food and other supplies.

By making it a habit to use a bag, you can prevent damage to your belongings as well as providing convenience. But for all these, the product you choose must be sufficient in terms of durability. If you are golfing and do not want your equipment to be damaged, there are points you should pay attention to when choosing a bag. In addition, the durability of the model you choose against rain and snowfall ensures that the materials are not damaged. To make your golf fun perfect, you can choose a bag with more pockets. ALDI has offered you many bags that provide all these elements. Check out ALDI offers now and buy your favorite with great discounts!

Swing into SUMMER!

  • Ben Sayers 8 Club Package Set, £149.99
  • Ben Sayers Cart Bag each, £49.99
  • Rangefinder, £99.99
  • Ben Sayers Deluxe Stand Bag, £49.99
  • Ben Sayers 3 Wheeled Push Trolley, £69.99
  • GPS Golf Watch, £199.99
  • Ben Sayers 2 Wheeled Golf Trolley, £19.99


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