ALDI Offers 17 January 2021

You can view the most amazing offers and exclusive products of this week through ALDI Offers 17 January 2021. Get ready for a great shopping experience with unique deals and great product options! There are many specials on this ALDI Catalogue but in this process where covid-19 is spreading rapidly, we wanted to focus on this product.

Homedics Phone Sterilisation Pack;

We use smart phones every moment of the day. On the one hand, it makes our lives easier, on the other hand, it threatens our health when not paid attention. Microorganisms that we collect from many places that we touch our hands in our daily lives pass to mobile phones through our hands.Smart phones also emit a certain heat and allow microorganisms to reproduce comfortably because they are hot.

Homedics Phone Sterilisation Pack is a disinfectant that quickly kills the pathogen on the phone. UV phone disinfectant kills germs in a short time. Therefore, it is safe to use and protects the health of the public.

Designed based on the need to clean smart phones, which negatively affect the quality of life and health of consumers, the multi-functional Homedics Phone Sterilisation Pack also enables your phone to be cleaned. Today, mobile phones, which can be cleaned by wiping with chemicals and intense alcohol, cannot be cleaned sufficiently with these methods, and they damage smartphones in case of misuse.

Homedics Phone Sterilisation Pack Specs;

  • It provides ease of use and comfort,
  • The sterilizer’s unique modular design takes up very little space and is portable,
  • Homedics Phone Sterilisation Pack destroys 99.9% of harmful microbes,
  • Charges your phone while completing the sterilization cycle.

You can get this awesome product at only £24.99. It has 2 years warranty! Beat cold and flu season with healthcare essentials!

Here is ALDI Offers 17 January 2021! With this catalog, you can discover many more products and buy them at the most affordable prices. It is also just as easy to find great deals from the most popular brands. Moreover, you can subscribe and get the chance to be informed about weekly deals before everyone else.


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