ALDI Offers 18 – 27 December 2022

ALDI Specials 18 December 2022 includes storage solutions, delicious Christmas foods and desserts, special drinks, household, and much more. You should view these discounts and get them! The good shopping is waiting for you on ALDI Weekly Leaflet! Here u go!
ALDI Offers 18 – 27 December 2022

Festive Starters at ALDI

From starter to dessert, the best traditional or original recipes and the best food and drink pairings for a Christmas dinner are at Lidl. Will you follow tradition or play authenticity? For this year's Christmas dinner, we might consider a more affordable Christmas dinner than ever before, as we're seeing price hikes on many items. Thanks to ALDI's reasonable prices, you can find alternatives to expensive foods such as foie gras, smoked salmon and even lobster. You can also explore traditional or original options, from starter to dessert or more or less easy for vegans. Prefer not to count your pennies for Christmas dinner? With ALDI Leaflet, you'll find a list of main dishes for a traditional Christmas Eve with their best pairings, as well as ideas for unconventional thinking from appetizer to dessert.

Delicious Starters for the Noel!

  • Scallop Gratins 200g, £3.29
  • Sliced Lobster Tails 254g, £12.99
  • Scallop & King Prawn Gratins 240g, £3.99
  • Extra Large King Prawn 200g, £3.69
  • King Prawns in Blankets 160g, £2.99
  • King Prawn Cocktail 430g, £4.99
  • Processo & Orange / Gin & Lime Infused Smoked Salmon, £3.49
  • Pate Bowls 280g, £3.49
  • Salmon / Salmon & Prawn Appetizer Pots 150g, £2.99
  • Lemon & Mascarpone Canepes 120g, £2.99
  • British Roll Poly Whole Turkey per kg, £27.99
  • The Ultimate British Turkey Joint, £19.99
  • Slow Cooked Bacon Topped British Turkey, £24.99
  • British Roast in Bag Roly Poly Stuffed Turkey Crown, £17.95
  • British Stuffed Turkey Breast & Thigh Joint, £11.99
  • 30 Day Matured British Beef Wellington 1kg, £24.99
  • British Beef 2 Bone Rib Joint with Salt & Pepper Seasoning, £14.99
  • British Wagyu Rib Joint per kg, £24.99
  • Ultimate British Duck 1.23kg, £19.99
  • British Partridge in a Pear Tree Wellingtons 400g, £9.99
  • British Game Selection Box 2.5kg, £29.99
  • Apple Sauce 270g, 49p
  • British Bone in Cracking Gammon Joint with Glaze, £14.99
  • British Rack of Lamb per kg, £19.99
  • Sliced Lobster Tails 254g, £14.99
  • Half Side of Salmon 500g, £7.99
  • Cod Loin Wrapped in Bacon 500g, £8.49
  • Cranberry Sauce / Bread Sauce 300g, £1.69
  • Goose Fat Roast Potatoes 800g, £2.59
  • British Loaded Yorkshires 315g, £3.19
  • Honey & Mustard Parsnips / Orange Glaze Rainbow Carrots, £2.59
  • Cauliflower Cheese / Brussels sprout Grain 450g, £2.59
  • Vegetable Bakes 400g, £3.29
  • Halloumi Wrapped in Bacon 155g, £2.79
  • Pigs in Blankets 210g, £2.49
  • Chorizo Pigs in Blankets 160g, £2.29
  • Chipolatas Wrapped in bacon 247g, £2.49
  • British Pork Sausage Meat 400g, £1.79
  • Stuffing Balls 350g, £2.49
  • British Stuffing Shapes 276g, £2.99
  • British Stuffing Portions 300g, £2.49
  • No Chicken / No Pork / No Fish Bites, £1.99
  • Asian Inspired Selection, £1.49
  • Vegan Antipasti Selection 170g, £1.99
  • Cauliflower Popcorn / Sweet Potato Bites 225g, £2.99
  • Vegetable Gyoza with Soy & Ginger Dip 230g, £1.49

Effective and Quality Solutions at ALDI

The effectiveness of detergents is very important to get a fast and clean result during cleaning. The term cleaning agent refers to products used to remove all types of dirt. They are used in industry, commerce, gastronomy, cleaning trade and private households. Getting an overview of the wide range of cleaning products is not easy. Cleaning cloths, liquid cleaners, spray cleaners, cleaning concentrates and surplus from many manufacturers and well-known cleaning brands are available in ALDI Leaflet. Products differ in their prices and effects. ALDI has made this a little easier for you. Now it's easier to choose. Check out the products now and start your Christmas cleaning with the most effective products! ALDI has a wide range of cleaning products. There are many well-known cleaners in their product range that meet a variety of cleaning needs. They make it easy for you to find the right product because you can easily find your cleaner search by area of application.

Use cleaning and care products for their intended purpose.

Before purchasing a cleaning agent, it is important to clarify what exactly needs to be cleaned. Liquid cleaning agents such as dish soap or surface cleaners are used in the kitchen. Kitchen cleaners should have high oil dissolving power. There are tablets and powders for cleaning cutlery and crockery in the machine.

Household cleaning and care products

ALDI has a wide range of cleaning and care products that will provide you with optimal support in removing dirt and maintaining your home. Here you will find an extensive selection of various products that are ideal for various cleaning tasks in your home. Deposits, lime and oil residues in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet can be professionally removed with special solutions.

Household Specials at ALDI

  • Upright Heated Airer each, £89.99
  • Winged Heated Airer each, £39.99
  • Addis 3-Tier Concertina Airer each, £14.99
  • Addis Spray Mop each, £10.99
  • Vileda Turbo Smart each, £22.99
  • Dustpan & Brush each, £2.49
  • Washing Machine Cleaner 500 ml, £2.49
  • Persil Laundry Liquid 60 washes, £7.99
  • Lenor Scent Boosters 245g, £3.99
  • Comfort Ultimate Care 78 washes, £3.99
  • 1001 Carpet Freshener 300ml, £1.99
  • Dr.Beckmann Carpet Cleaner 650ml, £2.75
  • Fairy / Ariel Premium Pods 43 pack, £10.99
  • Mr Muscle Sink & Drain Gel Twin Pack 2 x 1l, £5.99
  • Star Drops Concetrates 250ml, £1.19
  • 80 Litre Storage Box each, £7.99
  • 20 Litre Premier Storage Box each, £2.99
  • 32 Litre Litre Storage Box each, £3.99
  • 42 Litre Storage Box each, £6.99
  • 4 Pack 12 Litre Storage Boxes 4 pack, £9.99
  • Vacuum Pack Storage each, £4.99
  • Flocked Hangers 20 pack, £5.49
  • 2 Pack Foldable Storage Boxes with Lids 2 pack, £6.99
  • Fresh & Freeze Boxes each, £1.99
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