ALDI Offers 4 – 11 December 2022

ALDI Specials 4 December 2022 promises SUPER6 Sale, Kids' Christmas, festive fun products, and much more with awesome deals! You should check these pretty good discounts and exclusive products. Let's take a look at this leaflet to discover the best offers!
ALDI Offers 4 – 11 December 2022

ALDI Specials 4 December 2022;

The Christmas gift race for kids can begin! ALDI offers a wide range of gifts to delight children. Check out the original and fun ideas that will get them excited like fleas and totally crazy on the morning of December 25th. Dozens of gift options for boys and girls are available here. Whatever their age! Among ALDI Christmas Specials you will find the right idea for children's gifts for Christmas. Don't waste time, find a trendy or surprising Christmas gift that will delight your little ones and others alike. Christmas gifts make children's eyes shine when they receive them. It is then a common pleasure for the giver as well as for the taker. To your lists, dear elves, we have uncovered 10 original gift ideas that will delight children of any age.

ALDI Specials This Week;

  • Music Table each, £19.99
  • Children’s Pajamas each, £5.99
  • Early Learning Gifts each, £14.99
  • Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet each, £14.99
  • Number Blocks Number Fun each, £14.99
  • 5” Cuutuoia Soft Toy each, £3.99
  • Children’s Pyjamas each, £5.99
  • Children’s Licensed Winter Slippers pair, £5.99
  • Mega Pokemon Jumbo Pikachu, £34.99
  • Hot Wheels Gifting Assortment each, £29.99
  • Hot Wheels Monster Truck each, £3.99
  • Strechy Soft Toy each, £9.99
  • Peppa Pig Playset each, £6.99
  • Construiction Truck Pack 5 pack, £6.99
  • Gruffalo and Friends Figures each, £7.99
  • Jurassic World Stinger each, £24.99
  • Science Gifting Sets each, £14.99
  • Science Kit each, £4.99
  • Licensed Carry Case each, £7.99
  • Licensed Coloring Roll each, £3.99
  • Usborne Sound Book each, £6.99
  • Solar System Baff Bombz each, £6.99
  • Barbie Gifting Assortment set, £24.99
  • Barbie Exclusive Doll each, £7.99
  • Marvel Wooblies 2 pack, £3.99
  • Star Wars Figure each, £7.99
  • Disney Princess Doll each, £7.99
  • Kindi Kids Minis Doll each, £3.99

What Christmas gift to give a child?

The countdown has begun, Christmas 2022 is fast approaching! If the approach of this magical holiday reminds you, above all, of the long search for gift ideas, the crowd in the shops, the queues and the gift sleeves, do not hesitate any longer! Discover the ALDI Christmas gifts catalog now! Discover original gifts online. Here you will find gift ideas to pamper your beloved little ones. The ALDI Catalogue offers a wide variety of Christmas gifts for all ages. A fun gift idea? Your child will be surprised to discover his/her little face in the center of the earth! A board game or a puzzle in your own image.

A useful and practical gift

A useful gift idea? Birth box for the baby or all the equipment for the little schoolboy, gifts that cannot be neglected! And to make his/her eyes shine, think of the book in which the child is the hero, the magic candles or the letter from Santa Claus. There is something for every taste and for every child: jewelry for the flirty, chocolate for little gourmets and timeless board games that will delight the whole family. Children fill your life. Your children, your nephews, or your friends' children. It's a pleasure to give them gifts, whether it's yours or not. It's impossible to resist their huge, star-filled innocent eyes when they open their gift wrapping. What do children want most? Wooden toys, educational games, stuffed animals, toys of their favorite character, DIY gifts. When it comes to making Christmas gift lists, children's imaginations are not lacking. With ALDI Specials you'll find a wide variety of Christmas gifts for kids that will delight young and old alike. Giving a child a Christmas gift is not easy. Unlike adults, if children do not like the gift, they say so honestly and openly. This can be very embarrassing. Fortunately, ALDI helps you keep them happy!

ALDI Offers This Week;

  • Family Games each, £3.99
  • PAW Patrol Soft Toy each, £6.99
  • Retro Box each, £3.99
  • Mindfullness Mini Games each, £3.99
  • Mini Big Potato Board Games Board each, £5.99
  • Orchard Children’s Christmas Games each, £2.99
  • Uno Game each, £4.99
  • Taco Goat Game each, £7.99
  • Big Potato Board Game each, £14.99
  • Branded Games Assortment each, £4.99
  • Murder mystery Assortment each, £9.99
  • Escape Room Game each, £4.99
  • Reese’s Christmas Snowman 141g, £2.99
  • After Eight 200g, £2.49
  • Cadbury Selection Stocking 179g, £2.99
  • Nescafe Gold / Decaf 200g, £5.49
  • Maynards Bassetts Frosted Wine Gums / Jelly Babies Snowmen, 99p
  • Chupa Chups Tub 298g, £2.99
  • Nestle Walnut Whips 180g, £2.49
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