ALDI Offers 8 – 15 May 2022

Pet essentials, travel smart equipments, super fresh and quality fruit & vegs, delicious bakeries, and much more are available on ALDI Offers 8 May 2022! You should browse this ALDI Leaflet and get the best specialbuys at the lowest prices. So let's start browsing it!
ALDI Offers 8 – 15 May 2022
You can find dozens of different kinds of ice cream in ALDI shelves. Different types of options are waiting for you in the shelves in boxes, cones, sticks, single or multi-packs. The rayon hosts many varieties. Thanks to its wide product range, you can easily browse the product you want and find what you are looking for. You can browse multi-packs or family-size box types for crowded homes. For yourself, you can choose single packs or smaller boxes. All kinds of flavors in box ice cream varieties are available in ALDI Weekly Leaflet. You will find the refreshment you seek with chocolates or caramels that are the solution to sweet cravings, fresh fruit flavors that are good for the summer heat, and intense milky flavors. In addition, thanks to the yoghurt varieties known for their lightness, you can enjoy cooling without disturbing your diet. You can safely feed your children with different types that contain high amounts of goat and cow milk. You can also find products with 100% natural content in this ALDI Leaflet. In order to enjoy the ice cream pleasure as a family, regardless of summer or winter, you can find the right product right away and enjoy the pleasure of purchasing it easily.

ALDI Offers 8 May 2022;

  • Mochi Ice Cream 6 x 36ml, £3.49
  • Mini Viennese Ice Creams 5 x 57ml, £1.49
  • Caramelised Biscuit Chorsticks 3 x 90ml, £1.99
  • Ice Cream Cookies 6 x 55ml, £1.99
  • Ice Cream Cones 4 x 120ml, £1.69
  • Tropico Fruit Lollies per 100ml, 89p

Hit the Road!

Pack up your car with ease for your next adventure away! Put all your stuff in your car and start on an amazing adventure! Get ready to enjoy the new season! Also keep your family happy and comfy on your next trip! Many useful and quality products are on sale with special offers here. Moreover, you shouldn't forget our travel buddies! Take 4 paws on tour with you with the perfect travelling gear for your pets!

ALDI Special Offers Next Week;

  • Rear 3-Bike Carrier, £49.99
  • 240 Litre Roof Box, £109.99
  • Roof Bag each, £34.99
  • BubbleBum Inflatable Car Seat, £17.99
  • Car Accessories, £8.99
  • Electric Coolnox, £44.99
  • Travel Potty, £12.99
  • Outdoor Pet Matress, £24.99
  • Rear Seat Hammack / Boot Protector, £12.99
  • Dog Car Seat, £11.99
  • Outdoor Pet Toy, £3.99
  • Sunshade Dog Bed, £19.99
  • Pet Cooling Mat, £5.99

ALDI Fun and Games;

There is entertainment for everyone with their selection of games, toys, and activity books! For the most entertaining family activities, Board Games are in ALDI Catalogue. With the world-famous Monopoly, which is an adult board game, you can become the richest real estate agent in the world, test your endurance with Twister, and strengthen your vocabulary with Scrable. You can make your picnics and parties more fun with Uno playing cards. With the most entertaining board games, all family members, groups of friends, teams will challenge each other and get ready for exciting, laugh-filled hours of play. For those who can't get enough of the funniest and most popular adult board games and more, visit ALDI!

ALDI Offers Next Week;

  • Giant Sorry / Clue Game, £18.99
  • Licensed Activity Book, £1.29
  • Find it Fast Game each, £9.99
  • Mega Puzze Boo each, 99p
  • Help with Homework Workbooks, 99p
  • Travel Big Potato Games, £8.99
  • Fidget Sensory Bundle each, £4.99
  • Stracth Art Book, £3.99
  • Artmaker Paint by Numbers, £4.99
  • Kaleidoscope Colouring each, £4.99
  • Centrepiece Jigsaw each, £4.99

Clean Wheels!

Get your car ready for summer with their professional products. Auto cleaning products are materials used to clean the interior and exterior of vehicles and to provide a more aesthetic appearance. These products are ideal for those who like to wash their car themselves and who like to take care of the car. There are many different cleaning produ ts for those who do not want their vehicles to be dirty, do not like scratches and stains and want them to smell good. You can buy many useful products on ALDI with great offers.

ALDI SpecialBuys Next Week;

  • Beldray Revo Handheld Vacuum each, £39.99
  • Carplan Demon Summer Bundle Box set, £19.99
  • All-in-1 Car Cleaning Brush each, £16.99
  • Car Valeting Kit each, £7.99
  • Redex Twin Pack 2 x 250ml, £4.99
  • CarPlan No.1 Cleaning Assortment each, £5.99
  • Fragranced Screen Wash 5 litres, £2.49
  • Wonder Wheels Assortment each, £4.99
  • Ratchet Tie Down Set, £9.99
  • Digital Tyre Inflator each, £19.99
  • Universal Car Mats 4 pack, £4.99

ALDI Garden Wishlist;

Add a charming touch to your garden with their wooden wishing well! A decorated environment has become environments that look very different both in terms of air and aesthetically. In addition to interior and exterior decorations, garden decorations have become one of the most preferred decoration types in recent years. With garden decoration products, you can redecorate your garden and express your creativity. Garden decoration can be done by supporting it with many by-products. In addition to products that will add a different atmosphere and be useful, products that will help you shape the naturalness that will shape the garden such as grass, flowers, trees, and bushes are products that help to make garden decoration. You can find all these products in ALDI Stores! Check out their products now! Also, extend your indoor comforts outdoors with a great value BBQ and welcoming touches! Many of them are on discount too!

ALDI Specials Next Week;

  • Wooden Wishing Well Planter, £34.99
  • 20m Weatherproof Cable Reel each, £27.99
  • Wooden Trough each, £22.99
  • Party in a Box, £12.99
  • Rattan Planter, £12.99
  • Balcony & Fence Hanging Pot each, £3.99
  • Bella Fuchsia 4 pack, £2.49
  • Dual Fuel BBQ each, £199.99
  • Deep Mesh Fire Pit each, £79.99
  • Indoor / Outdoor Rug each, £24.99
  • Solar Wire Lantern each, £9.99
  • Portable Patio Heater, £44.99

Natural Beauty with ALDI!

Harness the power of plants with their CBD wellbeing range! CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a natural substance extracted from hemp and is now used in a variety of products. Incredibly versatile, CBD supports your wellbeing and can be used as part of balanced lifestyle! Also, you can update your beauty bag essentials this season at sizzling prices!

ALDI Weekly Specials Next Week;

  • Lacura CBD Facial Cleanser / Toner, £5.99
  • CBD Facial Moisturiser, £4.99
  • CBD Infused Candle, £4.99
  • Lacura CBD Sheet Mask each, £1.99
  • Lacura Luminous Valume Effect Mascara each, £3.99
  • Pink Clay & Golden Glow Multi-Mask each, £6.99
  • Lacura Micellar Water 400ml, £1.49
  • Lacura Honey Bath 300ml, £5.99
So here are is the ALDI Offers 8 May 2022! You can go to the home page and discover more specials. Not only main page but also you should take a look at other category pages and see more offers. We share the latest offers in the UK! Moreover, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts! We share the latest deals regularly on them too!
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