Argos Catalogue 11 October 2020

Discover the newest product range with Argos Catalogue 11 October 2020! In this article, we focused on Canon Zoemini S Photo Printer!

Canon Zoemini S Photo Printer

It’s a machine you might want to use if you want to take a picture with a focus and instantly print it out. It is nothing new, and there were instant printouts in the days when film cameras were used. But now technologies, techniques have changed, there are more compact and more capable devices, Zoemini S is one of them.

It has a very nice, pretty looking box. Inside is the device itself, a small hand strap, and a short Micro USB cable. There is usual documentation, it is especially useful to pay attention to this card.

Design. It comes in matte black, Pearl White, and Rose Gold color options. Rose Gold is really alluring, especially more stylish than the Matte Black one, it looks nice in the hand.

It has a hard plastic body, you do not have any difficulty in holding it, it is not a push-pull, it does not fit in the hand, but it is more comfortable to hold it with my index and thumb. It weighs 188 grams, so it’s almost a phone, so it’s not tiring. When you hold the device, it is strong enough to give confidence when you squeeze it, only if you shake it due to the printer components, you will hear clicky, not disturbing noises.

SD card support

It has a shutter, power button, flash setting, and status LED, it lights up blue when turned on, purple during printing, red when its charge is low, briefly informing you of the situation. Below it is the Micro USB port, charging LED, Micro SD memory card slot, and reset button. As you can see, there is no adapter in the box, you can charge it with your phone’s charging adapter, it won’t be a problem.

You can also use Zoemini S just as a printer. A printer with 314x600dpi resolution and the colors of the printouts were sufficient for me. You can crop it, play with colors, add text, add emojis, edit the photos as you wish, and output them. By the way, it can get 25 outputs with one charge, and it charges around 2 hours.

In my opinion, Zoemini S is one of the most successful products in its product category, measures how you want photos, what you want from such devices, and if you think it can meet your needs, be sure to take a look at Zoemini S.


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