Argos Catalogue Online Wheeled Toys and Outdoor Sports 2022

It is so easy to save up to 25% on bikes, wheeled toys and outdoor sports with Argos Catalogue 17 May 2022! You should take a look at these week’s specialbuys and buy the best at low prices this week. So let’s get ready!

Argos Catalogue 17 May 2022;

The importance of sports for human health is very important. Today, some fun games have been developed so that people do not miss out on the benefits of sports. One of these fun activities is the game of darts.

This fun activity allows you to get away from the stress and tiredness of daily life without exerting too much physical effort. While playing the game of darts, the mind is enriched as the brain is focused. Thus, this fun game allows you to get away from tired thoughts, stress and trouble all day long. For those new to this game, many dart set options are available in Argos Catalogue 2022!

Argos Outdoor Sports Offers;

  • Winmau Michael van Gerwen Diamond Dartboard and Darts Set, £33.60
  • Lifetime Portable Adjustable Basketball Hoop and Backboard, £80
  • Hy-Pro 7ft Indoor Table Tennis, £112
  • Everlast Omniflex Freestanding Heavy Punch Bag, £151.20
  • Opti 8 x 4ft PVC Football Goal, £33.75
  • Hy-Pro 4 in 1 Games Table, £95
  • Opti Basketball Hoop, Net and Ball Set, £14.25
  • Opti Ball, Pump and 3 x 4ft Pop Up Football Goal, £24
  • Riley Ronnie O’Sullivan 2 Piece Ash Snooker Cue and Case, £36
  • Everelast Curved Mantis Hook and Jab Mitt – Grey and Black, £17.60
  • Puma Big Cat Size 5 Football – Yellow/Black, £8
  • Everlast Boxercise Kit with Hook & Jab and 10oz Glove, £36
  • Recycled Lake Golf Balls – Pack of 25, £15
  • Hy-Pro 4 Person Badminton Set, £20.80
  • Matt Hayes Polarised Sunglasses, £11.25
  • Hy-Pro 26 inch Aluminium Bat and Ball Set, £16.50

There are different dart set options for those who aim to be a professional or who think as an amateur hobby. The most important factor in terms of performance in dart set selection is material quality. Browse the product range of Argos in detail to choose the most suitable dart set models with different features.

Everlast Omniflex Freestanding Heavy Punch Bag

Boxing is a sport that requires strength and endurance. Attack and defense strategies are developed in the trainings held between two people. Amateur or professional boxers work with a variety of equipment to increase their strength levels. Boxing stands stand out as one of the basic equipment in training. You can find the most suitable one among these types of models to make progress in boxing.

Campact Design!

The boxing practice stand is among the most common equipment of many gyms. Compact designs with mini size options allow you to train in a home environment.

Everlast Omniflex Freestanding Heavy Punch Bag: At the bottom there is a compartment filled with water or sand. Thanks to the lower compartment that creates weight, tipping is prevented. The sandbag weight is placed vertically above the equipment. Ideal for narrow areas, the free standing boxing stand provides an advantage with its ease of movement. Moreover, Argos Online Catalogue has a discount offer of up to 20% for this product. You can buy this product from Argos for £151.20.

Save up to 25% on Bikes!

Discover the cheapest bike models with Argos! Moreover, you can find many accessories that you need to use while cycling in Argos. Today, bicycles are produced in different colors and models to suit all tastes and needs. Bicycles also show a great variety according to their intended use. Buy a bike according to your intended use with Argos unbeatable offers!

Argos Catalogue This Week;

  • Challenge Beacon 26 inch Wheel Size Mens Folding Bike, £139
  • Wired 350 HC Electric Scooter, £337.50
  • E-Plus City Folder 20 Inch Wheel Size Unisex Electric Bike, £400
  • Pedal Pals Dragon 12 inch Wheel Size Kids Bike, £50
  • Challenge Holborn 20 inch Wheel Size Unisex Folding Bike, £139
  • Zinc Light Up Safari Unicorn Scooter, £30
  • Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Electric Scooter, £500
  • Zinc 20″ Wheel Size Folding Electric Bike with 36V Battery, £550
  • Cross CRX700 700C Wheel Size Unisex Hybrid Bike, £152
  • Airwalk Veer Suspension Scooter, £67.50
  • Pedal Pals Galaxia 14 inch Wheel Size Kids Bike, £64
  • Zinc Light Up Strobe Scooter – Aqua, £30
  • Airwalk 20 Inch Wheel Size BMX Bike – Fahrenheit 600, £109
  • Spike 18 Inch Wheel Size Kids Bike – Green, £80
  • Hover- 1 Cart Attachment Buggy, £63.75
  • Chad Valley 6 in 1 Multi Games Table, £52
  • Hover-1 Superfly Rose Gold Mobile App Compatible Hoverboard, £172.50
  • Batman Folding Inline Scooter, £18
  • Stunted 4-Way Ramp and Bridge Set, £40
  • Matt Hayes Complete Coarse Fishing Set, £96
  • Pedal Pals Violet Hearts 14 inch Bike, Helmet & Knee Pads, £88
  • Hover-1 Idol Electric Scooter With 8 Inch Wheels, £247.50
  • Adidas Performer Leather Boxing Gloves – Black and White, £40
  • Airwalk Challenger Stunt Scooter, £45
  • ReDo Pop Complete Barking Duck Skateboard, £30

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