Argos Catalogue Outdoor Toys and Games Sale 2022

Use code "play20" and buy enjoyable products of Argos Catalogue Outdoor Toys and Games Sale 2022! Thus, you can save up to 20% for online shopping at Argos! Scooters, trampolines, football tables, powered vecihles, electric bikes, and much more are available on this leaflet!
Argos Catalogue Outdoor Toys and Games Sale 2022

New Argos Catalogue 2022

Outdoor games between brothers and sisters or among friends have always been popular with children. Outside, they have a sense of freedom and can use themselves as they please. In addition, these games engage the imagination. Between the inflatable swimming pool and shark attacks, the cabin that turns into a shop, and the car that allows for lots of chases, creativity is always there! Thanks to the wide range of outdoor games that Argos offers, it is inevitable that you will make people happy!

What types of outdoor toys are there?

For children and adults, there are outdoor games of all genres and for all tastes. These include garden games including but not limited to swings, slides and playhouses. Many of these games can be grouped into playgrounds and decorated, for example, with a sandbox. Then, of course, there is the category of pool water games. For car enthusiasts, you can choose bicycles or electric, pedal or radio-controlled vehicles. Finally, you will find a wide variety of sports games in the Online Argos Catalogue to organize tournaments and competitions in your garden.

How should you choose your games?

The first criterion to consider when choosing your outdoor games is of course the wishes of your children! If they want a permanent swimming pool as a way out, install one in your home. On the contrary, if they spend hours watching football matches in front of the TV, prepare the ground in your garden! If you have several children who are relatively close in age, having a complete playground will allow them to play together and create all sorts of adventures. Finally, of course, you will need to evaluate the surface you have in your garden for the game or games you want to install there. If you plan to place them in a wooded area, be sure to consider their height as well. Discover the Argos Catalogue Outdoor Toys and Games Sale 2022!

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  • EVO Move and Groove Scooter - Blue, £20
  • Zinc Folding Inline Scooter - Purple, £20
  • Zinc Fader-3 31" Skateboard, £60
  • Atom Light Up 3-Wheel Scooter - Blue, £27
  • Zinc Aluminium Identity Folding Scooter, £29.99
  • Airwalk Double Ramp, £40
  • Hy-Pro 3ft Table Top Pool, £40
  • Chad Valley Basketball Battle Game, £30
  • Everlast Nevertear Punch Bag - 5FT, £119
  • Wubble Rumblers - Wrestler & Ninja, £17
  • Xootz Adjustable Quad Skates - Pink, £29
  • SmarTrike STR3 Folding Stroller Trike - Pink, £130
  • Xootz Adjustable Quad Skates - Black and Blue, £29
  • EVO Electric Tractor with Trailer 6V Powered Vehicle - Green, £85
  • Chad Valley Bag of 100 Pink and Blue Play balls, £7.50

Low Prices on Outdoor Games at ARGOS!

It should be cleaned as soon as the weather warms up and before your kids return to outdoor play and also be used to check their safety. Therefore, any defective or rusty bolt must be replaced. Then you can go over all surfaces with the help of a sponge with the water to which dishwashing liquid has been added. To give structures a fresh look, consider also lubricating metal parts that are starting to squeak.

Great prices on outdoor toys and games tables

  • Sportspower Jump N Saucer, £280
  • Zinc Eco 6 Inch Solid Rubber Electric Scooter, £250
  • Sportspower 12ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure, £230
  • Zinc Formula E GZ1 Folding Electric Scooter, £400
  • Sportspower 8ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure, £140
  • Zinc Light Up Electric Beam Scooter, £130
  • Sportspower 12ft & 14ft Trampoline Cover and Anchor Kit, £52
  • Hy-Pro 3ft Football Table, £50
  • EVO Quad Bike 6V Powered Vehicle - Red, £65
  • Razor SX350 McGrath Electric Bike, £449
  • Party Animals Tepee Play Tent, £40
  • Hy-Pro Folding Football Table, £100
  • Hy-Pro 3ft Table Top Air Hockey Game, £45
  • Batman 6V Strike Batmobile Powered Vehicle, £300
  • Hy-Pro 3ft 10 in 1 Indoor Multi Games Table, £90
  • Sportspower 8ft & 10ft Trampoline Ladder, Cover & Anchor Kit, £50
  • Hy-Pro 12 in 1 Folding Multi Games Table, £200
  • ToyStar McLaren MP1 Car Ride On, £45
  • Airwalk Skyrider Stunt Scooter, £75
  • EMoto Bumper Car 6V Battery Operated Ride On, £120
  • Hy-Pro Folding Air Hockey Table, £110
  • Batman Go Kart, £100
  • Zinc Verge Pro Folding Two Wheeled Scooter, £75
  • Nerf Blaster Go Kart with Blaster and Dart, £150
  • EVO Powered Police Bike 6V Powered Vehicle, £80
  • Razor Pro X Two Wheeled Stunt Scooter, £95
  • Chad Valley Wendy House - Multicoloured, £105
  • Evo Nemesis 24" Skateboard, £12
  • EVO Electric Fire Engine 6V Powered Vehicle - Red, £90
  • Go Kart Ride On - Black and Yellow, £70
  • Hy-Pro 20inch Fusion Football Table, £30
  • Chad Valley 6ft Bouncy Castle, £100
  • Zinc Detour Stunt Scooter - Pink, £32
  • Airwalk Hellcat Stunt Scooter, £45
  • Stay Active Hip Hoppa, £20
  • Peppa Pig My First ReadyBed Kids Air Bed and Sleeping Bag, £40
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