Argos Catalogue Storage Sale Jan 2023

Browse storage ideas and save up to 1/3 with Argos Catalogue Storage Sale Jan 2023! Storage sets, drawers, cabinets, plastic boxes, shelving units, and much more are available on this Argos Online Catalogue!
Argos Catalogue Storage Sale Jan 2023
There are many different organizers in Argos' product range so that everything falls into place and chaos does not reign. We show you how to save any room from chaos with our great products and tips!

A tidy bedroom

The Argos online store offers a wide variety of options for storage and ordering. This creates a cozy and quiet place out of the bedroom. This is very easy if you maintain a tidy environment and find suitable storage details for small and large items. Laundry baskets or storage box are ideal for bedrooms. Sofa chests or wooden chests and jewelery boxes are also great accessories that combine the desire for more storage space with individual decoration. It is possible to reach many effective solution on this new Argos Catalogue! Only room-specific furniture and shelves do not create an elegant atmosphere. It is the little things that add personality to the bedroom and attract attention. So that the tidy room does not look stylish and clean, at Argos we propose decorative and stylistically appropriate kitchen utensils for storage. Online shopping with Argos saves you money and you choose the quality that meets the highest demands.

Low Prices on Storage Solutions at Argos

  • Argos Home Metal Wide Shelving Unit - Chrome, £64
  • Habitat 6 Tier Freestanding Storage Unit - Silver, £37.50
  • Argos Home 2 Tier Over Door Shower Caddy - Chrome, £11.99
  • Habitat Speckle 3 Piece Storage Canister, £13.99
  • Protect & Store Medium Flat Vacuum Storage Bag 4 Piece Set, £8
  • Strata 42 Litre Heavy Duty Storage Box, £9
  • Habitat Free Standing 2 Tier Wire Unit - Matt Black, £12.75
  • Protect & Store Easi-Vac Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bag 2 Pc Set, £8.67
  • Habitat Airtight Food Storage Canister, £7.32
  • Habitat Marble Storage Jar - White and Grey, £6.50
  • Argos Home Maine CD and DVD Storage unit - White wood effect, £24
  • Habitat Set of 4 Felt Squares Plus Boxes - Grey, £19
  • Habitat Austin Small Radiator Cover - Grey, £68
  • Argos Home 4 Drawer Storage Unit - Jet Black, £14.66
  • Habitat 3 Tier Ladder Storage Unit - White, £22.50
  • Habitat Fireplace Cover - White, £68
  • Argos Home Slimline Felt 4 Drawer Storage Tower - Grey, £14.66
  • Habitat 4 Tier Ladder Storage Unit - Grey, £30
  • Habitat 3 Tier Wire Mesh Storage Caddy - Black, £15
  • Argos Home 5 Piece Kitchen Storage Set - Poppy Red, £16.66
  • Habitat 6 Litre Rustic Metal Oval Storage Basket - Black, £6.66
  • Habitat Austin Small Radiator Cover - White, £68
  • Argos Home 4 Drawer Plastic Drawers - White, £16.66
  • Argos Home Islington CD and DVD Media Storage - Oak Effect, £132
  • StorePAK Heavy Duty Large Cardboard Boxes - Set of 5, £33.33
  • Argos Home All In One Hallway Unit - White, £112

Order and cleanliness in the kitchen

It is especially difficult to keep everything organized in the kitchen. The right way to present and organize food in a decorative way. Numerous storage containers and practical sets are available in the Argos Online Store. For unpackaged food, we recommend storage jars that make a beautiful figure in your favorite style in any kitchen. For example, kitchen roll holders that attach to a holder for aluminum foil and baking paper are practical. Shopping bags are also suitable for storing a wide variety of kitchen utensils and accessories. In the Argos online Catalogue, everyone will find the right accessory in the desired color and style. One click on the Argos Catalogue and see everything on offer for a clean and tidy feel-good kitchen.

An orderly atmosphere in the bathroom

Hardly any room offers as much creative freedom as a bathroom. A storage box of the right color is ideal when it comes to storing hygiene items and everyday items. Cosmetic bags or high-quality baskets are also ideal helpers in the bathroom. Small boxes can be placed on a shelf or on a shelf above the sink. Cups are suitable for cosmetics, and boxes can be used to store towels or shower gel. A well thought-out organizational system for bathrooms with a convincing design depends on the suitability of drawers and storage areas for damp rooms. Different colors and styles can be used to decide which decoration complements the flair and creates personality. Argos has a wide range of creative and practical accessories in addition to the laundry basket, shelf and bag or basket options. Not everything needs to be stacked directly on the furniture and kept out of sight. The spirit of a modern bathroom with the character of an oasis of well-being is based on the exposed placement of things that are organized but do not need to be hidden behind closed cabinet doors. Individual ideas and ideas can be realized in the Argos online shop under fair conditions and with sustainable quality. You can work and decorate with different baskets and boxes. The important things are always at hand and at the same time stylish and tidy.

Argos Storage Solutions

  • Argos Home Pack of 3 900ml Klip Lock Storage Set, £6.16
  • Argos Home 4 Drawer Wide Plastic Drawers - Light Grey, £18.75
  • Strata Curve 4 x10L Plastic Box with Lid - Clear, £9
  • Habitat Jenson 4 Drawer Mirror Shoe Cabinet - White, £168
  • Argos Home 5 Piece Storage Set - Rose Gold, £14
  • Argos Home 3 Drawer Extra Plastic Drawer - Clear, £3.12
  • Habitat Set of 4 Felt Square Boxes - Grey, £17
  • Argos Home Set of 3 Storage Boxes - Light Grey, £12
  • Habitat Compton 4 Shelf Shoe Storage Cabinet - White, £100
  • Argos Home Curve 3 x 42L Plastic Boxes With Lid - Clear, £19.50
  • Argos Home Steel Cupboard Storage Solution, £7.50
  • Habitat Huckley 5 Tier Steel Shelving Unit- Black, £136
  • Argos Home 4 Drawer Storage Unit - White, £14.66
  • Argos Home Short Shelving Unit - Grey, £52
  • Habitat 7 Piece Carbon Steel Storage Set - white, £18.66
  • Argos Home Over Door Double Shower Caddy - Matt Black, £11.99
  • Argos Home 3 Drawer Extra Wide Gloss Plastic Drawers - White, £25.33
  • Habitat 4 Tier Ladder Storage Unit - White, £30
  • Argos Home Seagrass Basket Large, £16.50
  • Argos Home 4 Drawer Plastic Storage Tower - Black, £16.66
  • Habitat Austin Large Radiator Cover - White, £96
  • Argos Home 4 Drawer Storage Unit - Dove Grey, £14.66
  • Argos Home 2 x 45L Wheeled Underbed Storage Boxes - Grey, £20.25
  • Addis Under Sink Storage Unit - White, £13.33
  • Argos Home Over Door Single Shower Caddy - Matt Black, £7.50
  • StorePAK Heavy Duty Small Cardboard Boxes - Set of 10, £24.66
  • Habitat 4 Drawer Fabric Storage Tower - Black, £18.75
  • Protect & Store 10 Piece Vacuum Bag Storage Set, £14.67
  • Protect & Store Mixed Vacuum Storage Bags 6 Piece Set, £10.67
  • Argos Home 3 Drawer Wide Plastic Storage Drawers - Silver, £25.33
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