AVON Brochure June 2023

AVON Brochure June 2023 is where you will check out the best cosmetics and special AVON Products this month! You should browse it and discover Avon Summer Specials!
AVON Brochure June 2023
Summer is just around the corner and you need to make some changes to your makeup and skincare routine to help bring out your beauty. Luckily, AVON, one of the biggest beauty brands in the world, is making this summer even more enjoyable with great products and hot deals. The UK representative of AVON enters the world of new summer cosmetics launching in June. Check out AVON's must-haves and products to refresh your makeup and skincare routine this summer. While enjoying a bright and sunny day, it is important to protect your skin. AVON offers a wide range of sun protection products. With our new SPF 50 sunscreen, you can protect your skin from sun damage while nourishing it with a lightweight moisturizing formula. In addition, there are makeup products that are specially formulated with sun protection factors. Options like tinted foundations and moisturizers can help smooth skin while protecting it from sun damage. Bring a fresh and vibrant look to summer with a little change in your makeup products. Pale eyeshadow, glossy lipstick, and blush add freshness to a summer makeup look. The AVON Summer Collection Eyeshadow Palette helps you define your eyes and accentuate your lashes with color-enhancing mascara. Alternatively, you can reflect the energy of summer on your lips with glittery lipstick and lip gloss. Additionally, tinted moisturizers and lightweight foundations are great ways to cover up sun damage. AVON makes your shopping experience more enjoyable by offering attractive sales and discounts during the month of June. Save up to 30% on some products from our summer collection and some with special giveaways. In some cases, there are also benefits like free shipping on purchases over a certain amount. You can take advantage of these great deals by visiting AVON's website or by contacting your local representative. Summer is the perfect time to rediscover our beauty routine and play with bright colors. AVON's summer cosmetics and incredible June-only deals make this transition even more exciting. From sunscreen to colorful makeup, AVON products capture the energy and beauty of summer. Take advantage of these June opportunities to explore AVON's capsule collection.
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