Boots Offers 14 October 2020

Boots Offers 14 October 2020 is where you will find many useful and quality cosmetics at the lowest prices! Make-up, fragrance, skincare, and many personal care products are available on Boots! If you want to get the best while you are getting cosmetics, you should visit Boots and take a look at its catalogue! Also, we shared some beauty tips for you, you can check out!

What should be done to make your lipstick more permanent?

Choose bright
Matte lipsticks dry your lips, so choose glossy lipsticks. Because shine is provided by pearl pigments, not texture. Since it will not be as moist as a cream lipstick, it will last longer.

Prepare your lips
Lipstick stays best on a smooth surface. Before applying your lipstick, clean your lips thoroughly. For dry and chapped lips, before applying your lipstick, remove the dryness with a piece of moisturizer, then apply your lipstick. Do not forget to take the excess moisturizer you apply with a tissue.

Use lip liner
Lip pencils will also provide long-term permanence as they contain a lot of color pigment. Choose one that will match your lipstick or a shade lighter and apply it starting in the middle of your lip and towards the edges.

Make the final touch with powder
Women think that their lips will dry when they complement lipstick with powder. But try it like this. First, close your mouth, then laugh, then apply a light powder with a soft brush to your lips.

Boots Offers 14 October 2020;

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