Lidl Offers 16 – 22 June 2022

Check out the lowest prices of the week with Lidl Offers 16 June 2022! Dozens of specialbuys, reasonable prices, and product variety are available on this Lidl Weekly Leaflet. Visit Lidl store and discover more specials and competitive deals. Here u go!

Lidl Offers 16 June 2022;

Lidl is one of the leading stores in the retail industry. In addition to food products, you can also view all the needs for your daily essentials in its product range, with categories such as glassware, cosmetics, electronics, stationery and textiles. You can always contribute to your family budget with Lidl discounted products and Lidl catalogue.

Flavour of the Week; Italy

When it comes to Italian cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is appetizers, desserts, pizza and pasta. If you are in search of new flavors and are open to different tastes, be sure to check out Lidl special offers this week!

Delicious pasta sauces at Lidl! Here is the cornerstone of Italian cuisine. Italians are very sensitive about sauces. They use tomatoes, peppers, garlic, artichokes, olives and olive oil quite often. For example, the most famous Italian sauce, Pesto Sauce, is made from olive oil, basil and walnuts. At Lidl you can browse and buy these products at reasonable prices!

What makes Italian cuisine so delicious relies on using quality ingredients and making things as simple as possible. Cooking slowly, eating slowly and enjoying the kitchen as much as possible are some of the important tips Italians apply for happy tables. Check out some of the products in Lidl catalogue for this week so that you can apply the flavor secrets of Italy in your own kitchen!

Lidl Offers Next Week;

  • Bruschetta with Olive Oil, 99p
  • Prosciutto Crudo per kg, £9.99
  • Octopus Carpaccio 150g, £3.49
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes 100g, £1.99
  • Mascarpone with Gorgonzola 200g, £1.49
  • Trallini Savoury Biscuits 500g, £1.99
  • Porchetta Arrostita 150g, £1.99
  • Salsiccia Piccante 320g, £2.99
  • Salami Spianata Rossa Piccante 120g, £1.79
  • Provoletta Cheese Slices 140g, 99p
  • Olives with Stone 330g, £2.49
  • Mediterranean Antipasta Platter, £3.29
  • Italian Salami 200g, £2.19
  • Seafood in Tomato Sauce 350g, £2.29
  • Mixed Seafood in Batter 300g, £2.29
  • Fusilli Pugliesi Tris 500g, 99p
  • Gnocchi 500g, 99p
  • Cannelloni, 79p
  • Egg Pasta 250g, £1.99
  • Fusilli Giganti, 99p
  • Calzone with Mozzarella & Tomato Sauce 250g, £1.99
  • Chunky Tomato PASSATA 720 ml, 99p
  • Wood-Fired Pizza 400g, £1.99
  • Sicilian Pesto 180g, £1.29
  • Potato Gnocchi 500g, £1.19
  • Ready to Heat Polenta 1kg, 99p
  • Risotto 175g, £1.49
  • Biscuits with Cherry Filling, £1.99
  • Coffee Flavoured Ice Cream 200g, 99p
  • Caramel Panna Cotta 2 x 100g, £1.29
  • Traidional Coffee 1kg, £5.99
  • Amaretti Biscuits 200g, £1.29
  • Savoiardi Sponge Fingers 400g, £1.69
  • Family Desserts 450g, £2.39
  • Lemon Flavoured Ice Cream 200g, 99p
  • Croccantini 150g, £1.99
  • Sweet Puff Pastry Biscuits 225g, £1.49
  • Crema di Limoncino 50cl, £7.99
  • Shortcrust Pastry Tartlets with Chocolate & Hazelnut Flavoured Filling, £1.29

Lidl Kitchen Appliances & Kitchenware;

It is possible to find the best selections of everyday kitchen products at Lidl. Make your work in the kitchen easier with reliable and useful products. It’s easy at Lidl to say that the tools you want and benefit from are a practical and advantageous choice! Good-looking and quality kitchen utensils provide great convenience to you, our valued customers, with great offers. Have a pleasant time in the kitchen with these products of high quality. View all these products and Lidl Offers.

Lidl Special Offers Next Week;

  • Breville 1.7 Flow Kettle, £29.99
  • Bodum Cafetiere or Tea Pot, £9.99
  • Breville Flow 4-Slice Toaster, £29.99
  • Breville 1.5 l HotCup, £34.99
  • Silvercrest Waffle Maker, £19.99
  • Ernesto 24cm Stainless Steel Frying Pan, £11.99
  • Ernesto Bamboo Chopping Board Assortment, £9.99
  • Livarno Home Tea Towels – 2 pack, £2.49
  • Livarno Home Drying Mat – 2 pack, £3.99
  • Silvercrest Electric Grater, £19.99

Lidl Garden Specials;

We miss the green among the buildings. A garden where we can find peace and feel comfortable in it is the dream of all of us. You can easily use the products in this Lidl Leaflet in your garden. We suggest you try something different than the usual garden accessories. For 2022 garden decoration, you can try the flower stands and catch the trend in your garden.

Your garden furniture is ready, you have organized the green area with garden flowers. Now it’s time to spice up the environment with beautiful garden accessories. You can decorate your garden at affordable prices with pleasant garden design ideas. Do not miss the decoration products for your pleasant garden, where you can spend pleasant time with your friends, read your book on a quiet weekend, lie on the grass and watch the stars!

Lidl SpecialBuys Next Week;

  • Livarno Home 1.8 Parasol, £14.99
  • Crivit Air Lounger, £14.99
  • Parkside 85L Pop-Up Garden Waste Bag, £4.99
  • Parkside Tool Holder, £3.99
  • Livarno Home Faux Ivy Screening, £19.99
  • Parkside Hand Tool Assortment, £2.49
  • Parkside Planter with Saucer, £4.99
  • Echinacea Moodz, £5.99
  • House Plant, £8.99
  • Ceramic Pot, £3.99
  • Air Purifying Plant, £2.99
  • Acer Palmatum, £6.99
  • Bedding Plant, £3.99
  • British Bedding Plants, £1.89
  • Hydrangea Paniculata, £6.99
  • Assorted Flowering Plants, £1.99


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