Lidl Offers 16 – 22 November 2023

Check out the best Black Friday Deals with Lidl Offers 16 - 22 November 2023! Mattress, appliances, tools, kitchenware, cookware and much more are on sale now! Take a look at these Lidl Special Buys and enjoy shopping!
Lidl Offers 16 – 22 November 2023

Lidl Black Friday Offers

Black Friday, one of the most anticipated days for shopping enthusiasts and Lidl has great deals so you don't miss out on this exciting event. From electronics to home appliances, kitchenware to cameras, Lidl offers competitive prices that will make your shopping experience unforgettable.

Elegance and Comfort in Electronics

To make your Black Friday shopping more comfortable and enjoyable, Lidl is offering discounts on a range of electronics, soft-textured and durable beds that help Improve your sleep quality with an electric toothbrush that brightens your smile for optimal oral care.

Feel the Warmth!

Electric blankets to keep you warm on cold winter days are becoming more accessible thanks to Lidl's Black Friday sale. Attractive prices also await you for your anti-wrinkle and smoothing iron. By not letting these opportunities pass you by, you can enjoy keeping your home warm and your clothes spotless.

Chef-like Experience in the Kitchen

Lidl offers practical and useful small kitchen appliances with its Black Friday sale to help make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. Cleaning your home just got easier with this convenient and durable electric sweeper. Additionally, various small kitchen appliances that help speed up your cooking are now available at affordable prices.

Masterful Touch in the Kitchen

Lidl offers everything you need to master the art of cooking. With Black Friday discounts, you can make your cooking experience more enjoyable with high-quality kitchen utensils. Also, the Instax camera that will immortalize your memories is available at attractive prices.

Black Friday at Lidl!

Lidl not only offers quality products with Black Friday discounts but also competitive prices. Don't forget to visit Lidl stores to shop at advantageous prices for electronics, household items, kitchenware, and cameras. Lidl Black Friday Offers are waiting for you to not miss out on these opportunities and enjoy the thrill of shopping!

Lidl Offers This Week

  • Emma Original Mattress Double, £279
  • Oral-B Pro 570 Electric Toothbrush & 2 Toothbrush Head, £19.99
  • Silentnight Luxury Heated Throw, £24.99
  • Beldray 2 in 1 Cordless 360 Steam Iron, £19.99
  • Addis 12m Heated Wing Clothes Airer, £34.99
  • Karcher Electric Window Vac Set, £34.99
  • Beldray 2 in 1 Cordless Pro Vacuum, £59.99
  • Air Lift 2 Pet plus Vacuum Cleaner, £99.99
  • Haden 17 L Microwave, £39.99
  • Haden Bold Kettle, £19.99
  • Bold 2-Slice Toaster, £19.99
  • Salter Megastone Frying Pan, £9.99
  • Daewoo 4L Single Pot Air Fryer, £29.99
  • Double Chamber Air Fryer, £69.99
  • Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera with 10 Shots Film, £64.99

Flavour of the Week: Nordic

When browsing the shelves of Lidl stores, many customers are eager to discover the unique flavors of Nordic cuisine. Lidl is known for its commitment to providing quality food products at competitive prices and in this context, Nordic cuisine products are no exception.

Delicious Connection Between Lidl and Nordic Cuisine

Lidl combines quality and variety in the products it offers under its own brand, while introducing consumers to Unique flavors of Nordic cuisine. The cuisine, famous for its rich seafood, fresh herbs and healthy Scandinavian cereals, has found its place on Lidl's shelves.

Enjoy Savings with Lidl Offers

In addition to providing customers with high-quality Nordic kitchen products, Lidl also offers shopping benefits at competitive prices. Lidl Offer campaigns offer discounts on specific products, half-price product promotions, and many other opportunities for customers. With Lidl offers updated weekly, customers can save big on their favorite Nordic cuisine products.

Healthy and Tasty Alternatives Await You at Lidl

Lidl takes a leading role in providing not only delicious but also healthy alternatives to customers. Protein-rich fish, natural oils and vitamin-rich vegetables, one of the staples of Nordic cuisine, can be found fresh and affordable in the Lidl aisles. Discounts on products that promote a healthy and balanced diet under Lidl Deals give customers access to options that suit a healthier lifestyle. While offering the rich flavors of Nordic cuisine at affordable prices, Lidl offers customers a healthy and quality shopping experience.

Lidl Specials This Week

  • Danablu P.G.I 150g, £1.99
  • Beetroot Salad 400g, £1.99
  • Pork Loin Slices with Dill Dressing 110g, £1.59
  • Cinnamon Swirl Kit with Apple and Cinnamon Filling 600g, £2.99
  • Semi Hard Danish Cheese 225g, £3.49
  • Havarti Cheese 6 Months Matured 400g, £3.49
  • Meatballs with Cranberry and Lingonberry Filling 280g, £2.19
  • Meatballs in Cream Sauce 220g, £1.49
  • Cold Fishcakes 340g, £1.99
  • Lingonberry and Cranberry Jam 250g, £1.49
  • MSC Prawn Salad 175g, £1.99
  • Herring Bites 260g, £1.49
  • Leksands Original Rye Crispbread Triangle 200g, £1.29

Deluxe Specials at Lidl

In today's world, finding quality, delicious products at affordable prices can be difficult. However, Lidl is more prominent in this regard. Especially under the Deluxe brand, their grilled dishes and dishes not only please the taste buds but are also pocket-friendly. Lidl's Deluxe brand provides practical know-how about bakery products. Different types of bread, pastries and many other dishes are made from fresh, quality ingredients that will satisfy every taste. In particular, the variety of grilled dishes adds color to the table by offering suitable options for every occasion.

Indulge in Sweet Escapes with Deluxe!

If a sweet tooth is your lifestyle then the Lidl Specials range is the perfect choice! Specially designed chocolate covered cookies, cakes, cheesecakes and many other sweet options combine the quality of the Deluxe brand. Every bite leaves an unforgettable impression thanks to the harmony of carefully selected ingredients.

Flavor Meets Affordable Prices

Lidl Specials not only attracts attention with its delicious products but also with competitive prices. Even though they're made with quality ingredients, Deluxe brand grills and dishes won't bust your budget. These products that appeal to everyone can be found on every table thanks to their affordable prices. Lidl Specials product line not only satisfies taste buds with delicious baked goods and confectionery but also scores points thanks to competitive prices. These Deluxe branded specials offer a shopping experience to suit every budget. Add a special touch to your table with Lidl Specials, the meeting point of taste and affordability!

Lidl Special Buys This Week

  • Melt in the Middle Bombe 227g, £2.49
  • Pie 450g, £3.99
  • Cheesecake 470g, £3.99
  • Tart 400g, £3.49
  • Mini Roulades 2 x 90g, £2.99
  • Family Desserts 450g, £2.69
  • Baklava 250g, £2.69
  • Nougat Bar, £1.99
  • Ice Cream Dome with Meringue and Vanilla, £3.99
  • 12 Fresh Macarons 12 x 12g, £3.49
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