Lidl Offers 19 – 25 May 2022

XXL Week has begun on Lidl Offers 19 May 2022! Many specialBuys for your weekly shoping, DIY, quality household, garden essentials, and much more are available on this Lidl Leaflet next week! You can view these awesome offers and products for a good shopping!

Lidl Offers 19 May 2022;

Lidl guarantees you a great shopping experience with special offers and exclusive product options. This leaflet where you can find products from many categories will bring you plenty of savings. XXL Week started at Lidl. If it’s time for your weekly food shopping, be sure to use this week’s special offers! There’s also a great comparison for your food shopping when you take a look at the first pages of this catalogue. You will save 25% more on your food shopping at Lidl compared to Morrisons. These prices are valid from 19 May 2022 until 25 May 2022! Let’s get these offers and experience the good shopping!

Spring into colour with plant picks of Lidl;

There are flower varieties that diversify personal gardens and home with the texture of green. Various materials and plants are needed to create a herbal design in the garden. Trees and flower varieties in many different colors form combinations with each other. Plants in different colors and textures change the atmosphere of the garden. Plants that can be used both outdoors and indoors are on sale in this Lidl Catalogue!

Lidl SpecialBuys Next Week;

  • Assorted Flowering Plants, £1.99
  • English Lavender, £2.99
  • Bee-Friendly Bidens, £1.49
  • Butterflry-Friendy Passiflora, £3.99
  • Green Plant Bloom your Room, £3.99
  • Air-Purifying Plant, £2.99
  • Hydrangea, £5.99
  • Dwarf Fruit Trees, £9.99
  • Acer, £6.99

Silvercrest Juicer;

The most practical way to squeeze fresh and natural juice at home is to use juicers. There are electrically powered juicers for juicing juices, lever presses and simple both electrically powered and hand operated juicers for squeezing citrus fruits.

Juicers allow you to squeeze fresh juices at home. Juicing machines allow you to prepare both natural and healthy juices compared to instant fruit juices containing chemicals and sugar. With the machines that you will make fresh juice, the fruits do not lose their vitamins. Thus, fruit juices meet your daily nutritional needs with the vitamins they contain. And it helps protect your immune system. It also allows you to drink fruit and vegetable juices for children who do not like fruit and vegetables.

Juicers also help you to make vegetable juice by squeezing various vegetables. You can drink it especially when dieting or to give energy in the morning. You can also use vegetable juices to add to various dishes. Juicers, which you can use in many different meals from breakfast to dinner, will be your greatest helper in daily life.

Lidl Special Offers Next Week;

  • Silvercrest Juicer, £39.99
  • Livarno Home Tea Towels – 3 pack, £3.99
  • Ernesto Bamboo Kitchen Utensil, 79p
  • Ernesto Silicone Pastry Brushes Silicone Spatulas, £2.99
  • Marry Berry Cookbook, £6.99
  • Livarno Home Kitchen Mixer Tap, £24.99
  • Salter 3.2l Air Fryer, £44.99
  • Tefal Frying Pan, £14.99
  • Ernesto Stainless Steel Pan Set of 3, £39.99
  • Ernesto Universal Pan Lid, £6.99
  • Russell Hobbs 20cm Saucepan, £17.99

Salter Airfryer

Airfryer is among the auxiliary products used in the kitchen. Airfryer, which makes your work easier in the kitchen, is the product used in frying dishes in general. It easily cooks the type of food or vegetable you want to cook without tiring you. It is among the indispensable tools of the kitchen. The Airfryer reaches a high cooking temperature. Salter Airfryer helps you in your eating habits in daily life. Thus, it makes your life easier and does not tire you. They are products that save you both time and budget. Let’s view the Lidl Weekly Leaflet to discover more details about it!

It helps you to make almost any type of food, including frying and pastries. It is produced suitable for many types of oil, including sunflower oil, olive oil and palm kernel oil. The dishes you want to make are poured on the Airfryer heated oil and left to cook. It is a very practical and useful product. It makes the food you have prepared crispy and allows you to cook delicious meals.

Handy Little Helpers around the house;

All household appliances that are frequently needed in living spaces are included in this catalogue. You can easily find the products you need from the wide product range. Buy the product that suits your needs in this catalog, which includes the products that are extremely important, even if they do not come to mind at first in the list of needs. Browse the range of household goods and easily buy the products you need with great Lidl offers.

Lidl Offers Next Week;

  • Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner, £19.99
  • Livarno Home Door Organiser, £19.99
  • Livarno Home Extendable Shoe Rack, £12.99
  • Aqupur Window Cleaner with Spray, £9.99
  • Silvercrest Steam Iron, £7.99
  • Steam Iron 3000 Series, £29.99
  • Livarno Home Storage Box Set, £9.99

So here is the Lidl Offers 19 May 2022! You can check out the home page and other cateogry pages to see the latest offers in the UK! You can also subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts! The latest offers are regularly announced by us for you!


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