Lidl Offers 23 – 29 March 2023

Time to check out fantastic specials such as Easter specials, fashion, and garden with Lidl Offers 23 March 2023! There are many good parts and awesome deals to save more. Browse it and get these deals.
Lidl Offers 23 – 29 March 2023

Lidl Easter Sale March 2023

If you want to prepare for Easter, check out Lidl Leaflet this week! It is important to plan for the Easter holiday. Plan when to prepare your food and desserts. You should also determine when to host your guests and when to get the supplies you need. Prepare a special food menu for Easter. You can prepare a menu of traditional dishes such as lamb or turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, salad and desserts. You can find most of these products in the Lidl Catalogue. Among the Easter desserts, chocolate eggs, bagels, scones and pastries are especially popular. Also, Easter cake can be an option. Before making the desserts, research the recipes and prepare the ingredients you need. You can focus especially on chocolate eggs when choosing Easter desserts. Because this is a traditional choice. Also, Easter cake and cupcake can be an option. When choosing desserts, carefully study the recipes and ingredients. Also choose the desserts you can make.

Lidl Offers This Week

  • 2 Beef Wellingtons 660g, £9.99
  • Seasoned Parsnips 600g, £1.65
  • Scottish Salmon Side 600g, £9.99
  • Curried Cauliflower & Kale Tartlets 2 x 110g, £1.79
  • Nut Roast 350g, £3.49
  • 4 Mini Tartiflettes 400g, £2.49
  • Atlantic Scallops with Muscadet Wine and Crème Fraîche Sauce 200g, £4.99
  • Sharing Family Pies 450g, £2.49
  • Sharing Wellingtons 600g, £2.99
  • 2 Lamb Wellingtons, £9.99
  • Fruit Roulades 450g, £3.99
  • 2 White Chocolate Soufflés 2 x 100g, £1.99
  • Layered Ice Dessert 370g, £2.99
  • Mini Ice Cream Dessert 140ml, £1.49
  • After Dinner Mint Cheesecake 450g, £3.99
  • Macarons 12 x 12g, £3.99
  • Premium Tarts 422g, £3.49
  • Vegan Jelly Bunnies 600g, £3.49
  • Italian-Style Egg & Pralines 350g, £4.99
  • Chocolate Mini Figures 125g, £2.29
  • Henrietta the Hen 250g, £3.69
  • Toy with Chocolate 136g, £4.99
  • Egg Hunt Kit 500g, £3.29
  • Bertie the Bunny 125g, £1.29
  • Choco Lollies 10 x 15g, £1.49
  • Bunny Ears Headband & Chocolate 125g, £4.99
  • Mallow Lollies 60g, 99p
  • Larry the Lamb 150g, £2.29
  • Mini Marzipan Eggs 200g, £1.99
  • Decorated Easter Bunny 200g, £2.99
  • Chocolate Unicorn 220g, £2.99
  • HERSHEY'S Cookies 'n' Creme Large Egg 232g, £5.49
  • GALAXY Enchanted Large Egg 206g, £2.99
  • Mini Eggs Pouch 80g, £1.25
  • MOO FREE Choccy Eggsplosion Egg 80g, £3.99
  • CADBURY Mini Creme Eggs 78g, £1.25
  • CADBURY Twirl Large Egg 198g, £2.99
  • SMARTIES Dinosaur Extra Large Egg 264g, £4.49
  • CADBURY Mini Eggs Large Egg 193.5g, £2.99
  • AERO Peppermint Extra Large Egg 230g, £4.49
  • REESE'S Giant Egg 452g, £9.99
  • Easter Egg Decorations, £2.49
  • Easter Felt Basket, £2.49
  • Pussy Willow (10 stems), £2.99
  • LIVARNO HOME Decorative Clips, £3.49
  • LIVARNO HOME LED String Lights, £4.99
  • Kalanchoe in Easter Ceramic, £3.99
  • Daffodils in Egg Planter, £3.99
  • Small Bunny Planter, £4.99
  • Large Citrus Plant, £19.99
  • Plants in Ceramic, £5.99
  • Plants in Jute Pot, £5.99
  • Ornithogalum in Ceramic, £5.99
  • Small Citrus Plant, £12.99

Garden Event at Lidl

Garden furniture is furniture that provides comfortable sitting and resting areas in outdoor areas. It is usually made of durable materials and is resistant to outdoor conditions. You can find chairs, tables, sun loungers, hammocks, umbrellas and many other products at Lidl. Garden chairs can be used alone or in combination with a table. They are usually made of plastic, wood, metal or woven materials. Shop the best products at reasonable prices as part of the Lidl Garden Event! Garden tables can be used for dining, playing games or just sitting outside. It can be made of materials such as wood, metal or glass. Sun loungers can be used for lying in the sun or reading a book. It is usually made of wood, plastic or metal materials. Garden furniture is important for creating a comfortable and stylish outdoor space. However, when choosing garden furniture, it is important to pay attention to the materials, quality, durability and comfort of the furniture. In addition, the maintenance of garden furniture is also important. So you can use your furniture for a long time.

Lidl Special Offers This Week

  • LIVARNO HOME Parasol, £19.99
  • LIVARNO HOME Parasol Base, £19.99
  • Garden Gnome, £7.99
  • LIVARNO HOME Outdoor Rug, £9.99
  • Hydrangea Paniculata, £9.99
  • LIVARNO HOME Artificial Leaf Hedge Privacy Screen, £29.99
  • LIVARNO HOME Reed Garden Screen, £19.99
  • Assorted British Climbers, £3.99
  • LIVARNO HOME Garden Storage Bench, £99.99
  • LIVARNO HOME 280L Storage Box, £34.99
  • EASYMAXX Birdsong Wall Clock, £9.99
  • Solar Bulb String Lights, £11.99
  • LIVARNO HOME Solar-Powered LED Light Ball, £5.99
  • LIVARNO HOME Decorative Solar-Powered Light, £9.99
  • Strawberry Plants, £4.99
  • LIVARNO HOME LED Solar Lights - 5 pack, £5.99
  • LIVARNO HOME LED Solar Light, £24.99
  • British Young Vegetable Plants, £2.49
  • LIVARNO HOME Plant Pot, £4.99
  • Potting Table, £34.99
  • Raised Wooden Planter, £39.99
  • Flexible 30m Garden Hose Set, £26.99
  • Garden Pressure Sprayer, £14.99
  • Sprinkler Hose or Soaker Hose, £11.99
  • Raised Planter, £39.99

Care Products at Lidl

Basic personal care tools are tools that are used in daily care routines and help maintain personal hygiene. You can buy some essential personal care tools at reasonable prices with the Lidl Weekly Leaflet. Oral-B manufactures electric toothbrushes, a brand preferred by many people around the world. Oral-B electric toothbrushes can clean teeth more effectively and help maintain gum health. You can find this product on Lidl and buy it at reasonable prices. Oral-B electric toothbrushes make brushing easier and provide a more effective cleaning.

Lidl SpecialBuys This Week

  • Salter Body Analyser Bathroom Scales, £22.99
  • Salter Digital Bathroom Scales, £11.99
  • Oral-B Pro 570 Cross Action Electric Toothbrush, £19.99
  • Joseph Joseph Large Toothbrush Caddy, £7.99
  • Oral-B Precision Clean Toothbrush Heads - 4 pack, £10.99
  • SILVERCREST Hot Air Brush, £12.99
  • Vitalmaxx Pedi Power Callus Remover, £9.99
  • SILVERCREST Foot Spa, £29.99
  • SILVERCREST Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser, £19.99
  • LIVARNO HOME Illuminated Salt Crystal, £10.99
  • Remington Ionic Dry 2200 Hair Dryer, £19.99
  • Vital Maxx Mini Massage Gun, £19.99

Cleaners at Lidl

Silvercrest Glass Cleaning Kit is a cleaning kit designed for cleaning and polishing glass surfaces. This kit provides an effective method for removing dust, dirt and stains from glass surfaces. And it makes glass surfaces sparkle. Silvercrest Window Cleaning Kit is known for its easy use and effective results. However, it is important to read the instructions and follow the application instructions before use. It is also recommended to regularly clean glass surfaces to maintain them. So they can stay long lasting and beautiful looking.

Lidl Deals This Week

  • SILVERCREST Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaning Kit, £44.99
  • AQUAPUR Rotary Clothes Airer, £59.99
  • AQUAPUR 3 Tier Clothes Airer, £24.99
  • LIVARNO HOME Throw, £19.99
  • SILVERCREST Vacuum Cleaner, £49.99
  • LIVARNO HOME Storage Ottoman, £39.99
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