Lidl Offers 23 – 29 November 2023

Lidl Offers 23 – 29 November 2023 promises the lowest prices of the week! Many specials for Christmas, delicious Deluxe products and much more can be browsable on this Lid Leaflet!

lidl offers 23 29 november 2023

Quality You Can Crust!

If you want to push the boundaries of taste and make your table special, Lidl Deluxe brand products are the way to go. Available in Lidl stores across the UK, the Deluxe brand offers a gourmet feast using carefully selected quality ingredients and affordable products.

Legendary Flavor Journey with Wellingtons

Lidl’s Deluxe Wellington offers unforgettable taste with special sauces and delicious fillings. Whether you’re entertaining guests or planning a special dinner, Deluxe Wellington can add elegance and flavor to your table.

Tarts and Pies

Good news for dessert lovers. Lidl’s Deluxe brand delights your taste buds with sweet tarts and creamy cakes made with fresh fruit. A must-have for any special occasion, these delicious desserts are also budget-friendly.

Creative Kitchen Journey with Sauces

Deluxe Brand Sauces will take your meals to the next level. From barbecues to special dinners, these signature sauces stand out with variations to suit your taste. These exquisite sauces are available at a very special price as part of a Lidl offer.

Crackers and More

Crackers, which are essential for tea time, are even more delicious with Lidl’s Deluxe brand! Various types of crackers are waiting for those who want to enjoy snack time. What’s more, you can get these delicious crackers at attractive prices from Lidl offers.

Economical Shopping with Great Offers

As always, Lidl opens the door to cheap shopping for its customers. Take advantage of great deals on Deluxe brand products to get quality, delicious products at even lower prices. Lidl Offers takes your shopping enjoyment to the next level.
If you too want to enrich your plate with sumptuous flavors and shop with your budget in mind, visit your nearest Lidl branch now. Lidl, the address for taste, brings quality to your table at affordable prices. Enjoy great shopping with Lidl offers.

Lidl Offers This Week

  • 2 Beef Fillet Wellingtons 660g, £11.04
  • 2 Tartlets 220g, £1.61
  • Luxury Sauces 300g, £1.49
  • Winter Sharing Wellington 600g, £2.97
  • Fish Pastry Tartlets 170g, £1.69
  • Winter Sharing Pie 450g, £2.29
  • Luxury Crackers 6 pack, £5.99
  • Family Crackers 12 pack, £3.99
  • 2 Winter Pies, £2.12
  • Christmas Chutney 300g, £1.69
  • Mature Blue Stilton Wedge 454g, £4.49
  • Cheese Twists 90g, £1.49
  • Extra Mature Cheddar 600g, £4.99
  • French Cheese 180g, £3.29
  • Luxury Cracker Selection 250g, £3.49
  • Vintage Cheddar, Mozzarella & Chorizo Cheese Bake, £5.49
  • Waxed Cheese Truckle 200g, £2.79
  • Topped Baking Camembert 290g, £3.29
  • Crisp Breads 130g, £1.59
  • Pecorino Romano P.D.O 200g, £3.49
  • Black Forest Present Dessert 560g, £7.99
  • Luxury Hand Finished Festive Yule Log 437g, £3.99
  • Marzipan Stollen with Rum 600g, £4.99
  • Panettone Classico 750g, £4.49
  • 6 All Butter Mince Pies 360g, £2.19

Gift Boxes to Knock Their Socks Off

The anticipation of Christmas is just around the corner! Lidl, the UK’s essential shopping destination, offers amazing gifts to give your loved ones unforgettable moments during this special time. With Lidl’s Christmas special, you can expect a great selection of skincare gift sets, unique perfume combinations, special drinks and more.

Touches that Illuminate Love

Lidl offers this year’s most popular gift option with skincare gift sets that will make your loved one feel special. From skin care to hair care, these carefully selected product sets will add luxury and elegance to your loved one’s beauty routine. With options for both women and men, you can express your love in the most beautiful way.

Enchanted by Scents

Decorate your Christmas with special perfume. Lidl’s extensive perfume collection has plenty of options to suit different tastes. The perfume gift set offered as part of our Christmas special contains a wonderful combination of special notes. These scents will transport your loved one to another realm and leave a lasting impression.

Key to Delicious Celebrations

Lidl adds a special touch to your table with special drinks. Our special Christmas drink set includes a wide selection of high-quality wines and specialty beers. Spice up your time with your loved ones with Lidl’s special drinks. Lidl’s special drinks will make your celebrations unforgettable.

Budget-Friendly Shopping Pleasure

Lidl offers a range of attractive offers to help everyone buy that special gift for their loved ones on special occasions. As part of our Christmas offers, you can get quality products at affordable prices that won’t break your budget. Lidl, your cheap shopping address, has set its sights on ensuring everyone can enjoy the fullest of Christmas joy.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping and don’t miss out on Lidl’s special Christmas collection to make your loved ones happy. It’s the perfect time to make your moments special with amazing gift sets of skincare, perfumes and specialty drinks. Visit Lidl today for unforgettable gifts, great prices and the key to a sparkling celebration with Lidl Christmas specials!

Lidl Specials This Week

  • Nivea Rose Soft Gifts Set 450g, £3.99
  • Nivea Men’s Club Sensitive Gift Set 437g, £3.49
  • Garnier Face & Eye Trio Gift Set 100g, £6.49
  • Nivea Happy Wishes Gift Set 600g, £5.49
  • Loreal Men Expert Carbon Protect Gift Set 456g, £3.99
  • Nivea Men Feeling Smooth Gift Set 888g, £5.99
  • Loreal Paris Mascara & Eye Liner Gift Set, £8.99
  • Loreal Men Export Feel Fresh Gift Set, £6.49

Magnificent Toy Extravaganza Filled with Christmas Delights!

Christmas is approaching, and the excitement is at its peak! If you want to give your children an unforgettable Christmas gift this season, you should take a look at Lidl UK’s amazing toy collection.
This special collection is filled with products to suit every taste, from Star Wars toys to AirFix airplane models, plush toys to Christmas board games, all at budget-friendly prices. Here are some fantastic products offered under Lidl Toys Offers!

Explore the Galaxy with Star Wars Toys!

Toys inspired by the beloved Star Wars universe, dear to your children’s hearts, await you on Lidl shelves. From Jedi masters to spaceships, character figures to lightsabers, everything is included in this special collection! Now, give your children the chance to explore the galaxy and invite them to the Star Wars adventure.

Closer to Reality!

For aviation enthusiasts, AirFix airplane models are an ideal option. Inspired by real airplanes, these detailed models will spark your child’s imagination and improve their building skills. Lidl also offers these products at special prices, so you can choose a quality gift without breaking the bank.

Gifts Full of Love

Christmas is a time to share love and joy. One of the cutest ways to express your love to your child during this special season is by giving them a soft stuffed animal. Lidl’s extensive plush collection is filled with adorable animal figures and characters. These cute and affordable stuffed animals will bring a big smile to your child’s face.

The Name of Family Fun

One of the most fun ways to spend quality time with your family around the Christmas table is with board games. Experience unforgettable moments with your family with Christmas board games from Lidl Toys. With options ranging from strategy games to classic family games, there’s plenty to brighten up your Christmas night. Lidl is dedicated to providing customers with quality products at affordable prices.

This special Christmas collection is no exception. Under Lidl Toys Offers, you can find high-quality toys at incredible prices. If you want to consider your budget while buying special gifts for your loved ones, Lidl is the perfect choice for you! Make your Christmas shopping at Lidl UK and make your loved ones happy.

With Lidl Toys Offers, you can own quality toys at affordable prices and make this special time unforgettable with your loved ones. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

Lidl Special Buys This Week

  • Stretch Star Wars, £9.99
  • Jiggly Pets, £8.99
  • Shimmer’n Sparkle Makeup Purse / Cra-Z-Loom Rubber Band Loom, £9.99
  • Squishimi Pals, £7.99
  • Mini Christmas Game, £2.99
  • AirFix Quickbuild Model Kit, £8.99
  • Flying Heroes, £12.99
  • Eco Plush 8″ Soft Toy Assortment, £6.99
  • Sky Dancers Assortment, £14.99
  • Giant Soft Toy, £14.99