Lidl Offers 23 Feb – 1 Mar 2023

Discover new product range and the latest low prices with Lidl Offers 23 Feb 2023! You will encounter rainwear, household, car care, flavor of the week, and much more products and deals!
Lidl Offers 23 Feb – 1 Mar 2023

Flavour of the Week: The Alps

Various fresh and aged cheeses, all kinds of potatoes and all kinds of aromatic herbs and spices have always enriched the local gastronomy. Alpine cuisine is a cuisine that needs to be rediscovered. Lidl offered you some of their regional specialties. Alpine cuisine combines influences from German, French and Swiss cuisine. When you think of the Alps, most people think of cheese fondue or raclette after a day on the slopes. Or maybe the divine chocolate for which the country is so famous. Cheese and potatoes are used a lot in Alpine cuisine, so this is the perfect food if you want to stay indoors all evening because of the weather.

Lidl Offers This Week

  • Air-Dried Beechwood Smoked Pork Slices, £1.79
  • Kabanos 100g, £1.49
  • Sliced Swiss cheese 150g, £3.99
  • 8 Beechwood Smoked Pork Bockwurst 8 x 45g, £2.49
  • Smoked Bockwurst, £3.49
  • Taste of Deutchland 5 Bavarian White Sausages 300g, £1.99
  • Perlenbacher Wheat Beer 500ml, £1.29
  • Perlentaucher Festbier Beer & Beer Mug 900ml, £4.99
  • Australian Hard Cheese 250g, £2.99
  • Potato Dumplings 500g, £1.49
  • Viennese Style Pork Schnitzel 750g, £4.99
  • Mini Schnitzel 400g, £3.49
  • Zunftler Traditional Spirit 50cl, £14.99
  • Viennese Style Apple Strudel 375g, £1.99
  • Mini Sacher Torte Style Chocolate Ice Cream Rounds filled, £2.99
  • Slow Cooked Pork Knuckle 600g, £3.99
  • Egg Noodles 500g, £1.49
  • Oktoberfest Dumplings 500g, £1.49
  • Rosti Berner Style with Smoked Pork 500g, £2.49
  • Classic Rosti 500g, £1.99
  • Crumble Tart 1.25 kg, £3.99
  • Filled Pancakes 5 x 85g, £1.99
  • Swirled Ice Cream 900ml, £2.49

Vax to the Max

Vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. The conventional vacuum cleaner has a cord and is available with or without a vacuum cleaner bag. If you want more flexibility, you can opt for vacuum cleaners as they are cordless. For optimum convenience, choose a robot vacuum cleaner or a handheld vacuum cleaner for small cleaning jobs. Almost everyone has one. It is an awesome item to keep your home clean and dust free. You can clean large surfaces with it. Even the smallest corners can be cleaned. Lidl is presenting this week a suitable vacuum cleaner for every cleaning job. The features you should pay attention to when buying a vacuum cleaner are cleaning performance on hard floors and carpets, sound level, cord length and dust container or dust bag capacity. Considering these details, discover what you need with Lidl Leaflet!

Lidl SpecialBuys This Week

  • Air Lift Steerable Pet Pro Vacuum Cleaner, £79.99
  • Dual Power Pet Advance Carpet Cleaner, £99.99
  • Silvercrest Hand-Held Steam Cleaner, £22.99
  • 70 l Waste / Recycling Bin, £39.99
  • Karcher Window Vacuum, £39.99
  • Silvercrest Cordless Wet & Dry Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner, £29.99
  • Vileda Steam Mop, £49.99
  • Vileda Spray & Clean Mop, £19.99
  • 20m Clother Airer by Vileda, £29.99
  • Cleaning Assortment, £3.49
  • Beldray Multi-Steam Pro Garment Steamer, £22.99
  • Easy Wring & Clean Mop Set, £24.99
  • Crevice Brush, Bottle Brushes, Scrubbing Brush, £2.49
  • AquaPur Cleaning Assortment, £2.99
  • Russell Hobbs Compact Dehumidifier, £44.99

Hiking Kit for Miles of Smiles

If you like hiking, you must have some essentials! For examples; hiking poles, waterproof trousers, hiking boots, jacket, duffle bag, and backpack. This week, you can find many of them on this Lidl Weekly Leaflet. So let's discover it and buy your needs at reasonable prices!

Lidl Specials This Week

  • Rocktrail Adults' All Weather Jacket, £19.99
  • Rocktrail ALuminium Hiking Poles, £14.99
  • Ladies' Waterproof Trousers by Rocktrails, £12.99
  • Rocktrail Hiking Boots, £24.99
  • Auriol 12 x 32 Binoculars, £9.99
  • Rocktrail LED Headtorch 3 in 1 All Purpose Light, £7.99
  • Rocktrail 20L Hiking Backpack, £12.99
  • Duffle Bag by Rocktrail, £19.99
  • Rocktrail Hiking Insoles, £2.99
  • Sensiplast First Aid Kit, £4.99

Spring Plant Picks

Let's take a look at spring plants! If you like color in your backyard or your home, you should check out these beauties! There are many houseplants and useful plants such as Aloe vera. You can use Aloe vera for the healthy skin! You should hurry up and buy your favorite at low prices! These prices are valid from 23 February 2023 until 1 March 2023! Enjoy shopping!

Lidl Special Offers This Week

  • Primroses, £3.49
  • Dahlia Bulbs, £6.99
  • Easy-Care Houseplants, £6.49
  • Aloe Vera, £2.79
  • Potted Daffodils, £1.19
  • Potted Hyacinth Bulbs, £1.99
  • Ranunculus, £2.49
  • Gerbera, £2.99
  • Campanula, £3.49
  • Flower Power Potted Bulbs, £2.99
  • Plants in Ceramic, £4.99
  • Mini Succulents in Ceramic, £2.49
  • Bulbs Lovely Combinations, £2.29
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