Lidl Offers 29 Dec – 4 Jan 2023

Get ready for the Christmas with pretty good specialbuys of Lidl Offers 29 Dec 2022! Drinks, meat-free foods, appliances, kitchenware, homeware, sport equipments, electronics, thermal clothing, and much more are on sale now! Let's discover these Lidl specials and buy the best at cheaper prices!
Lidl Offers 29 Dec – 4 Jan 2023

Meat-Free Products at Lidl

Soy schnitzel, lentil patties, meatless bolognese and more! The food industry's repertoire seems almost insatiable when it comes to meatless products. Lidl has included many delicious vegan products in this catalog. Start exploring these delicious products now! Vegan products are becoming more and more noticeable on supermarket shelves. Manufacturers are outpacing each other with a growing number of meatless products. The main ingredient in these meat free products in Lidl is primarily soy. But wheat, lupine, chicken eggs, milk, peas, rice and various combinations often form the basis. Meat substitutes made with chicken eggs and milk are not part of the vegan diet, only suitable for vegetarians.

What are the advantages of meat-free products?

Nutritionally, meatless alternatives outperform meat and meat products in many important respects. Therefore, they can be a healthier alternative especially for meat and sausage products. Unlike meat and meat products, many non-meat products contain much less saturated fat. Additionally, in most cases, vegan meat alternatives provide more protein than their meat counterparts. The protein quality of soy-based products, that is, both in availability and in the number of essential amino acids, is in no way inferior to beef, milk and eggs. Therefore, meat-free alternatives can certainly contribute to a balanced source of protein. Meat-free alternatives, and especially completely plant-based ones, contain a lot of fiber. If you compare meat and meat products with their alternatives in terms of energy and fat content, you will not necessarily find less in the latter. While purely vegetable products often have a slightly lower energy content than similar products made from meat, overall the calorie content is moderate to high for almost all products. Start exploring these products with Lidl Offers 29 Dec 2022 now!

Low Prices on Meat-Free Products

  • Vegan Pizza Salami Style 350g, £1.79
  • Lasagne 400g, £2.69
  • Vegan Pizza Topping 150g, £1.49
  • Vegan Sticks in Crispy Plant Based Batter with Tomato Dip, £2.49
  • 12 Vegan Mini Pizzas Bolognese Style 12 x 30g, £1.99
  • Vegan Pizza Verdura 2 x 390g, £3.49
  • Gnocchi 400g, £1.49
  • Tortelloni 250g, £2.29
  • Combino Fusilli 250g, £1.49
  • Medaglioni 250g, £2.29
  • Combino BIO Alternative Pastas 250g, £1.49
  • Plant Based Meat-Free Fillet meatballs 200g, £1.99
  • Vegan Ready Meal 600g, £2.49
  • Vegan Gyros with Onions 300g, £2.49
  • Organic Tempeh 200g, £1.99
  • Vegan Nuggets with Chilli Dip 300g, £2.49
  • Organic Tempeh 200g, £1.99
  • Silken Tofu 300g, £1.49
  • Plant Based Fillets 250g, £2.49
  • Heinz Seriously Good Vegan Mayo, £1.99
  • Vegan Vegetable Nuggets 300g, £2.49
  • Jamie Oliver Microwave Grains 250g, £1.79
  • Vegetarian Mushroom Patties 2 x 80g, £1.79
  • Ready Mix 150g, £2.29
  • Gosh! Bites 200g, £1.79
  • Violife Original Flavour Slices 200g, £1.99
  • Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread 400g, £1.99
  • Flora Plant Butter 250g, £1.65
  • Organic Vegan Spreads 180g, £1.49
  • Tortilla Wraps 370g, £1.49
  • Oat Cookies 150g, £1.99
  • Whole Earth Peanut Butter 340g, £1.99
  • Richmond 8 Meat-Free Sage & Onion Sausages, £1.69
  • The Coconut Yog Natural 350g, £1.99
  • Natural Organic Vegan Block 200g, £1.49
  • Hazelnut Drink 1l, £1.49
  • Kallo Lightly Salted Wholegrain Low Fat Rice & Corn Cakes, 99p
  • The Coconut Collab Plant Based Dessert Pots, £1.89
  • Maribel Organic Syrup 250g, £1.99
  • Vemondo Vegan Vanilla Flavour Ice Desserts 4 x 75g, £1.99
  • Skinny 5 Crunch Bars, 99p
  • Skinny 5 Skinny Whip Bars 5 x 25g, 99p
  • Sweet Corner Veggie Bears Vegan Fruit Gums 300g, £1.29
  • Mackie's Lentil Waves 80g, 99p
  • Alesto Organic Banana Chips 150g, 99p
  • Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries 170g, 99p

Gym Essentials at Lidl

Sportswear should always be elastic and adapt individually to your activity. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the elasticity and the corresponding elastane ratio. Functional garments easily withstand different stresses. Underwear should also give you sufficient freedom of movement. Underpants for men should be as tight as possible. Women, on the other hand, have to make careful choices about bras. Classic bras are definitely not suitable for sports activities. Because they only offer a narrow range of motion, they can damage the breast tissue. You can find the most suitable gym wear for you at Lidl. Because sportswear should fit you perfectly and should not slip under any circumstances.

Functional features of sportswear

Depending on the sport, the demands on sportswear go beyond fit and breathability. Accordingly, special functional properties are required. Sportswear should actively support you in your sports activity. For this reason, they often have additional equipment such as pockets, zippers and adjustment options. Careful handling is particularly important to guarantee excellent wearing comfort. Sportswear must be durable as it often comes into contact with moisture, dirt and sweat. The minimum requirement is that the garment can be machine washed at 40 degrees.

Shirts, pants, tracksuits and much more

Lidl is a great address if you need high-quality sportswear for your next training session. There are many quality products in the sportswear product range. Find clothes for yourself or to give to someone else.

Check out our sportswear and order today!

You will find exactly the product you are looking for among all the products in Lidl's wide product range. All products are high quality and durable. Convince yourself with sportswear and fair offers.

Pretty Low Prices on Gym Essentials

  • Crivit 10 kg Dumbbell Set, £22.99
  • Crivit Dumbbell Set 1 kg, £7.99
  • Rowing Machine by Crivit, £99.99
  • Sanitas Digital EMS / TENS Unit, £24.99
  • Crivit Medicine Ball 1 kg, £14.99
  • Crivit Weighted Hula Hoop, £9.99
  • Resistance Band Set, £4.99
  • Fitness Accessories each, £3.99
  • Exercise Mat, £12.99
  • Silvercrest Massage Gun, £49.99
  • Sanitas Mini Massager, £9.99
  • Men's Thermal Hybrid Jacket, £14.99
  • Men's Soft-shell Sports Leggings, £9.99
  • LED Beanie Hat, £5.99
  • Adults' Long Sleeve Sports Top, £7.99
  • Ladies' Trainers, £12.99
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