Lidl Offers 7 – 13 July 2022

Lidl Offers 7 July 2022 is where you can discover the latest specialbuys of the week! Eastern Europe specials, DIY, outdoor, grocery products, and much more are available on this Lidl Weekly Leaflet. You should check out all the pages to find your favourites!

Lidl Offers 7 July 2022;

Eastern European food is incredibly diverse. This continent has tremendous diversity! From seafood to sausages, from street food to sophisticated dishes, there are many products specific to Eastern Europe. You can find many products you will need to make their delicious meals at Lidl. Eastern Europeans love street food. Because it is portable and easy without the use of table and kitchen utensils. Every country has its favourites. Many exclusive products for Eastern Europe are also available at Lidl Weekly Leaflet.

Lidl Offers Next Week;

  • Smoked Pork Sausage 230g, £1.99
  • Cabanossi 120g, £1.59
  • Winiary Mayonnaise 700ml, £1.95
  • Silesian Sausage 600g, £3.29
  • Cooked & Cured Ham Hock 500g, £2.99
  • Cooked & Smoked Pork Sausages 1kg, £3.99
  • Full Fat Mature Cheese Slices 500g, £2.49
  • Pickled Gherkins 860g, £1.49
  • Mini Cabanossi 180g, £1.99
  • Hungarian Style Pork Sausage 100g, 99p
  • Krakauer-Style Hot Smoked Sausage 350g, £1.99
  • Smoked Cooked Ham Swojska Style 560g, £7.99
  • Debrecziner Hungarian Pork Sausages 300g, £1.99
  • Potato Dumplings 1kg, £1.49
  • Dumplings with a Quark Soft Cheese & Potato Filling 1kg, £1.49
  • Lisner Herring 100g, 99p
  • Dumplings with Sauerkraut & Mushroom Filling 400g, £1.39
  • Polish Meals in Jar 500g, 99p
  • Smoked Krakauer Sausage Slices 80g, 79p
  • Vegetable Salad 500g, £1.49
  • Polish Taste Soft Cheese 275g, 99p
  • Piatnica Cottage Cheese 200g, 95g
  • All-Purpose Seasoning 1kg, £1.99
  • Vanilla Flavured Marshmallows with Chocolate Coating, £1.79
  • Plum Dumplings 1kg, £1.49
  • Quark Snacks 5 x 30g, 99p
  • Sesame Halva 100g, 49p
  • Luppo Cake Bites with Cherry Jam 182g, £1.29
  • Polish Jaffa Cakes 150g, 59p
  • Polish Taste Filled Milk Chocolate 100g, 49p
  • Dovgan Plombir Chocolate Ice Cream 6 x 120ml, £1.99
  • Dovgan Plombir Vanilla Ice Cream 6 x 130ml, £1.99
  • Mini Wafer Rolls 280g, £1.39

Ice Cold Drinks & Sizzling Hot Days!

Lidl has shared various products that will protect you from the heat and make the hot weather fun, with this Lidl Catalogue. Now is the time to enjoy the garden! Check out products that can help you with gardening or add color to your garden.

Tents will add joy to your summer with their different colors, sizes and designs. Thanks to these tents, you can create a cool corner for yourself and your loved ones in your garden. And you can enjoy the summer months in a cool way without being exposed to the burning light of the sun.

You can spend time as you wish under tents. Even if the weather is hot, they are stylish products that will allow you to have a pleasant time outside at any time of the day. In addition, they will definitely add a different atmosphere to your garden with their decorative designs. Pleasant reading hours and afternoon chats await you. Check out these Lidl products now!

Lidl Special Offers Next Week;

  • Livarno Home Party Table with Ice Bucket, £49.99
  • Livarno Home Outdoor Beanbag, £59.99
  • Rocktrail Lightweight 4-Person Tent, £39.99
  • Livarno Home LED Lantern String Lights, £12.99
  • Livarno Home Electric Fly Swatter, £7.99
  • Playtive Nest Swing, £29.99
  • Crivit Inflatable Pool Float, £9.99
  • Silvercrest Electric Air Pump, £6.99
  • Auriol Adults’ Sunglasses, £2.99
  • Kids’ Sandals, £4.99
  • Crivit Adults’ Aqua Shoes, £4.99

Freshen up your outdoor space!

Let’s take a look at Lidl’s products that will enable you to work smoothly and quickly in garden maintenance and cleaning. The easiest and safest way to clean a garden is to wash it. It is also a great way to cool our house and garden, especially in this hot weather. With a high-pressure hose or a pressure washer, you can easily clean the garbage and leaves that accumulate on the floor.

Parkside Pressure Washer

Parkside Pressure Washer has unique performance that will make your life easier in all aspects of garden cleaning. It offers a wide range of cleaning options thanks to its extensive accessory program for all cleaning tasks. A useful product that will definitely save you time and effort.

Lidl Specials Next Week;

  • Parkside Pressure Washer, £79.99
  • Parkside Forestry Safety Helmet, £12.99
  • Cordless Grass & Hedge Trimmer, £16.99
  • Parkside 16l Backpack Pressure Sprayer, £29.99
  • Parkside Long Reach Heat Gun & Weed Burner, £24.99
  • Aquapur 50m Rotary Clothes Airer, £24.99
  • Parkside Planter with Trellis, £29.99
  • Parkside 30m Flexible Garden Hose Set, £24.99
  • Zoofari Bee & Insect Hotel, £9.99
  • Livarno Home Insect Screen for Doors, £4.99
  • Parkside 20m Hose Garden Set, £11.99
  • Parkside Brass Hose Connector System, £6.99

Good-Looking Home-Cooking;

The availability of utensils that make it easier for you to prepare meals in the kitchen has an important place. With food preparation products, meals are made by having a pleasant time in the kitchen and a convenience that can be evaluated functionally is offered. A wide range of food preparation utensils are now on sale at Lidl! It offers great options for those who love to cook with its functionality and visuals.
The products in this section offer you practical use. Food preparation utensils provide maximum efficiency for all kitchens. Thanks to products such as blender, the process of mixing various foods such as eggs, milk and yogurt becomes easier. Discover these products which provide perfect use in their fields with Lidl offers!

Lidl SpecialBuys Next Week;

  • Silvercrest Hand Blender & Smoothie Maker Set, £19.99
  • Tower 4L Air Fryer, £49.99
  • Ernesto Quiche & Flan Tins or Pizza Trays – set of 2, £5.99
  • Pyrex Glass Dish Assortment, £5.99
  • Ernesto Extendable Sieve, £5.99


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