Lidl Offers 8 – 14 June 2023

The cheapest prices for the best grocery shopping have been announced by Lidl Offers 8 - 14 June 2023! Let's take a look at this leaflet and find your essentials at low prices!
Lidl Offers 8 – 14 June 2023

Premium Range of Deluxe

We all love to enjoy beautiful and delicious meals, don't we? Well, here's some great news for you! Lidl's deluxe brand offers an exceptional taste experience! Known for their high quality and innovative products, the Deluxe Brands would like to showcase some of the brand's incredible offerings. When you're ready, let's go on a delicious journey! For seafood lovers, Deluxe Grilled Salmon is truly a feast of flavors. Carefully grilled high-quality salmon, elegantly finished with rich spices. To preserve the salmon's flavor, it's freshly packaged before freezing. Grilled salmon is an ideal choice for those looking for a nutritious and healthy alternative. If you're looking for a heartwarming soup on a cold winter's day, Deluxe Creamy Mushroom Soup is for you. A delicious soup with a creamy texture that uses fresh mushrooms to whet your appetite. Enjoy as an appetizer or as a light lunch. Additionally, garnishing the soup with fresh paprika or chopped parsley adds elegance to the presentation.

Deluxe has a special treat for you.

Luxurious parmesan truffle oil potato slices! A unique snack of carefully baked freshly cut potatoes. A sprinkling of parmesan cheese and delicious truffle oil gives the potatoes a unique aroma and flavor. These delicious slices will impress your guests whether served at a dinner party or as an evening snack. If you want to finish on a sweet note, try the deluxe tiramisu. This traditional Italian dish consists of a sponge cake infused with cream and coffee. Dusted with cocoa powder and chocolate chips, tiramisu offers a rich, creamy texture that makes for a delicious treat. Perfect for a special dinner or entertaining friends. Lidl's Deluxe brand offers delicious cuisine for every palate. Choose from a variety of options including grilled salmon, creamy mushroom soup, potato slices with parmesan truffle oil, and tiramisu. The Deluxe brand remains the go-to place for those seeking quality, taste and innovation. Be sure to visit the Lidl store to taste these exquisite flavors and experience your very own delicious Kumasi moment.

Lild Offers This Week

  • 4 Sausage Rolls, £1.99
  • Premium Coleslaw 300g, £1,19
  • Premium Spinach, Red Pepper and Feta Quiche, £2.69
  • Spinach and Pine Nut Pasta Salad 215g, £1.59
  • Antipasta Platter with Prosciutto 100g, £2.49
  • Premium Mixed Spanish Olives with Manchego, £1.59
  • Mature Blue Stilton 220g, £2.69

Flavour of the Week: Italy

Italian cuisine is hugely popular all over the world and Lidl is a key brand in bringing these flavors to consumers at affordable prices. Browse these products, discover the favorite flavors of Italian cuisine and take advantage of Lidl's attractive offers. Italiamo brand offers a wide range of pasta. In addition to classic pastas such as spaghetti, fettuccine and penne, there are also delicious pasta mixes paired with specialty sauces. Pasta dishes, an integral part of Italian cuisine are sold on Lidl shelves under the Italiamo brand and are distinguished by their low prices. A slice of Italiamo pizza is the perfect way to experience the true taste of Italy. With its thin crust and variety of fillings, Italiamo pizza can be found in Lidl's frozen section. You can choose according to your taste: cheese, vegetables, meat, seafood. These pizzas are perfect for a quick and delicious dinner.

Healthy and Delicious Italian Flavors

When talking about Italian cuisine, we can't forget olive oil. Italiamo offers high quality olive oils that bring the flavor of Italy into your kitchen. You can choose these olive oils to add flavor to your salads, sauces, and meals. Extracted from Italian olives, these olive oils are one of the Italiamo products available at Lidl. Please try Italiano-rich pasta that combines various flavors. Filled pasta such as ravioli, tortellini and agnolotti can be served with the filling of your choice. Choose from a variety of fillings including cheese, mushrooms, spinach and meat. These stuffed noodles are perfect for those looking for a convenient meal replacement. If you want to get acquainted with Italian snacks, try Italiamo's appetizer products. Among other things, in this product category you will find different types of olives, pepperoncini, lettuce leaves and cheese. If you're looking for a delicious snack to enjoy in the afternoon or serve at a party, Italiamo's appetizer products are the perfect choice. Lidl store's Italiamo branded products offer the deliciousness of Italian cuisine at an affordable price. These products make a great option for anyone interested in Italian cuisine. You can get these products even cheaper with attractive offers and discounts that Lidl regularly offers. If you're interested in Italian cuisine, I highly recommend visiting his Lidl store to see the Italiamo branded products.

Lidl Speicals This Week

  • Balsamic Glaze with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 250ml, £2.99
  • Mild Capocolla 500g, £1.20
  • Artichoke Hearts 340g, £1.99
  • Dry Cured Ham 1.2 kg, £11.99
  • Italian Olives 150g, £1.99
  • Mediterranean Style Antipasti, £3.49
  • Smoked Scamorza Cheese 200g, £1.99
  • Cacciatore Salami 180g, £2.19
  • White Tiger Prawns 720g, £9.99
  • Aubergine Parmigiana 450g, £2.49
  • Grated Pecorino Romano DOP 100g, £2.49
  • Arancini Rice Balls 500g, £1.99
  • Filled Gnocchi 500g, £2.29

The Best Specials for Festival

With summer comes great opportunities to spend time outdoors. It creates the perfect atmosphere for summer festivals, camping plans, picnics, and more. If you're looking to attend a camping or picnic event this summer season, Lidl Store has a great option. Lidl offers discounts and special offers on camping and picnic gear for everyone looking to enjoy the summer. Lidl has a wide variety of products for summer festivals and camping experiences. If you need a waterproof camping tent, check out Lidl's range of quality and affordable tents. Lidl also has a large selection of camping equipment such as sleeping bags, inflatable mats, and folding chairs. These products are characterized by their durability and low price. Browse this Lidl Leaflet to make your summer outdoors even more enjoyable. A summer picnic is a great way to create fun memories with friends and family. Lidl picnic products make this experience even easier. For example, Lidl's Picnic Basket has everything you need for a picnic. Plates, cutlery sets, glasses and even picnic blankets. This way you have everything you need for your picnic in one product. Lidl also offers a wide range of products such as grills, coolers and other picnic items. Lidl sells camping and picnic items for summer festivals at bargain prices. Especially during the summer season, you can find products at great discounts and promotional prices in stores. By following the campaign, you can save big on camping and picnic gear during the summer months.

Lidl Special Offers This Week

  • Rocktrail 2-Person Pop-up Tent, £34.99
  • Rocktrail Camping Mat, £6.99
  • Multi-Tool, £5.99
  • Rocktrail Camping Accessories, £4.99
  • Livarno Home UV Insect Killer Lamp, £14.99
  • Rocktrail Cool Bag Backpack, £9.99
  • Aluminium Camping Table, £29.99
  • 25l Cool Box, £14.99
  • Ernesto Collapsible Food Storage Containers, £9.99
  • Rocktrail Folding Camping Chair, £12.99
  • Livarno Home Picnic Blanket, £11.99
  • Rocktrail Padded Folding Camping Chair, £24.99
  • Solar Flaming Lantern String Lights, £11.99
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