Lidl Special Buys Valentine’s Day Sale 11 February 2021

Browse the Lidl Special Buys Valentine’s Day Sale 11 February 2021! A romantic dinner is at the top of the Valentine’s Day plans for couples who prefer silence and solitude. You can have a great time with a nice menu to be prepared at home on Valentine’s Day. With the help of Lidl Offers, you can prepare the Valentine’s Day dinner table, which will help you get into the Valentine’s Day theme.

Lidl Offers 11 February 2021;

There is very little time left for Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated by millions of couples around the world. Couples who will spend Valentine’s Day at home this year want to crown this day with a nice dinner. A romantic dinner at home is a classic idea, but it always works. Another thing that is as important as the menu of the Valentine’s Day dinner is a stylish table. A table decorated with the colors of love is one of the elements that complement the Valentine’s Day meal.

Benefit from the Effect of Red

Red is the color of love and romance. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it is possible to see the effect of red on clothes, flowers, perfumes and gifts. Using red colors on your dinner table will also add an intimate atmosphere to the table. And with the effect of red that makes you forget the time, you will not be able to understand how time passes in your table pleasure. You should browse Lidl Special Buys Valentine’s Day and get the best!

Flowers from Lidl

Fragrant flowers with their vivid colors are of great importance on the way to women’s hearts. The flowers you will use on your table, whether live or artificial, bring romance to the top. You can sprinkle the rose petals on your table or take advantage of the flowers by placing them in the middle of the table with not too crowded arrangements.

You should arrange the tablecloths, porcelain sets, cutlery and accessories you use on the Valentine’s Day table in harmony. It is important not to go out of the concept and to ensure the integrity you have created in your mind. Using as few pieces as possible but that will make them all very special will prevent the crowd on the table.


Classic candles that you will use in stylish candlesticks will shine your table like a star in a dim environment. It would be good if the candles are not scented because they may interfere with the smell of the food. But you can also use scented candles after your meal. You can use long candles in the middle row of the table and small round candles on the table setting evenly.

Decorate With Small Gifts from Lidl Special Buys

A few pictures, small gifts or objects that are meaningful and memorable to you will strengthen the bond between you. It will be the subject of nice conversations you will have at the table and will take you from place to place in the land of love.

Feeding Your Feathered Friends

Regular access to fresh water or food is important for their health. Therefore, their care and nutrition is a part of daily life. Bird feeders therefore feed the birds with feeders.

The most ideal feeder; It is the one that keeps the feed dry, is strong and easy to clean. The materials used in making bird feeders are plastic, stainless steel and ceramics. Plastic feeders are not harmful to your bird’s health. Because plastic has protection that does not damage the properties of the seeds. Ceramic and stainless steel, on the other hand, are longer lasting and more hygienic since they do not have the risk of scratching.

Bird Feeder from Lidl Leaflet

There are also tube-shaped feeders. These feeders allow the seed to exit from the substrate, where the bird can eat. The remaining seeds are kept in a closed area and moistening of the seeds is prevented. As the bird eats its seed from the tray at the bottom, the seeds kept above slide down freshly. Thus, every time the bird eats, it is fed with fresh seeds.

For different types of feeder and drinker needs, including outer and inner part designs, you can examine the feeder and feeder models from Lidl and choose the product that suits your criteria.

The prices of feeders, foods and drinkers, which are produced for animals to be able to feed easily and to eliminate their thirst, vary in a wide range. Feed prices; varies according to the size, color, material and design of the models. You should consider the needs of your bird along with the prices in the selection of feeders. You can view the models that create a wide range of alternatives in various colors, sizes, production materials and prices for different budgets. And you can find your bird’s needs at Lidl Store.

Freshen Up!

Paying attention to dental care is of great importance in terms of both health and aesthetic appearance. When it comes to dental care, the first product that comes to mind is the toothbrush. The brush chosen must be capable of reaching every point in the mouth. Therefore, the electric toothbrush, which offers various brush heads according to oral care needs and provides multi-dimensional cleaning on the tooth surface, appears as a personalized dental care product.

First of all, rechargeable toothbrushes provide much more effective bacteria and plaque removal than manual toothbrushes. It manages to clean the food and acid residues formed on the teeth after meals in a much shorter and more active way.

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Starter Pack is only £17.99

The electric toothbrushes automatically perform the top-down cleaning movement required by the manual toothbrush for you. In addition, rotary-head models easily enter between teeth and clean. Thus, you only need to move the electric toothbrush over the surface of your teeth. Most users find this brushing method easier after getting used to this effective and comfortable tooth cleaning.

In addition to dental cleaning, it can protect against gum and enamel injuries caused by hard brushing with its pressure system. In addition, it makes it possible to take dental care anytime and anywhere with its chargers that you can easily carry during your travels.

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