Oriflame Catalogue 11 2021

Time to discover the latest products and new deals with Oriflame Catalogue 11 2021! It contains a wide range of cosmetics such as fragrances, skin care, hair care, personal care, make-up, body care, and many more. So browse them and get the best for you!

Also, we shared 2021 Summer Natural Makeup Trend! You should read it if you are interested in this topic. You can encounter many good makeup tricks and product recommendations from the latest Oriflame Brochure!

2021 Summer Natural Makeup Trend

It’s time for us to open up to innovations in our style and make-up! This period brought great practices and trends. First of all, I recommend using more matte and permanent skin make-up products with the effect of heat and mask this summer. Preferring powdered products instead of cream in blush, contour and highliter products will increase the permanence of your make-up as it will prevent contamination.

Likewise, instead of concentrating on the lips and cheeks, it will be a savior to focus on the eyes. You can find many many matte selection for summer in Oriflame Catalogue! You should view them!

Popular Oriflame Products;

  • Dual Make Up Sponge, £5.99
  • Everlasting Sync Soft Matte Foundation SPF 10 & UVA protection, £9.99
  • Divine Touch Cushion Foundation Refill, £24
  • Precision Make-up Blender, £7
  • Corrector Kit, £16
  • OnColour Perfecting Concealer Stick, £6
  • MasterCreation Concealer, £7.99
  • Pressed Powder, £17
  • Kabuki Brush, £7.95
  • Illuminating Pearls, £12.99
  • 45th Anniversary Special Edition Bronzing Pearls, £12.99
  • Contouring Kit, £9.99
  • Cream Caress SPF 30 + UVA Protection CC, £13.99
  • A-Z Cream Hydra Matte SPF 30, £6.99

In classic eyeliner, we were drawing a line from the tip of the eye to the end of the eye. In Fox eye, we draw the eyeliner line only at the end of the eye and at the end of the eye and leave the middle of the eye blank. It is easier to make this eyeliner and it shows less mistakes as it coincides with your eyelash line. When completing the eyeliner with mascara, I recommend applying only to the ends of your eyelashes. With this application, your eyes will look much more upturned and slanted by following the eyeliner line. As a color, you can use black and brown tones.

What you’ll need: cream eyeliner or a soft-tipped pencil and a cut-tipped eyeliner brush. You can find them on Oriflame Brochure UK!

Natural Brows

Instead of giving a clear shape to our eyebrows this summer, how about just filling in and combing them up? While maintaining your own eyebrow shape, you can get a more natural look, and you can make your eyebrows look just as neat by combing upwards. If your eyebrows are very sparse, you can draw them with the help of liquid eyebrow pencils to give the appearance of fine feathers.

Colorful Eyeshadow

We usually use colored eyeshadows on our eyelids, mix them with other colors or use them together. How about using just one color and using it in its softest form in the eye springs? This color does not have to be neon or a very distinctive color. The eyeshadow that you will use in pale tones of pink, yellow or peach and in a mother-of-pearl structure will see the effect of highliter, while at the same time, it will allow you to carry make-up as an accessory.

Oriflame Eye shadows

  • Make-up Pro Compact, £7
  • Make-up Pro Palette, £13
  • Colour Unlimited Eye Shadow, £6.99
  • Make-up Pro Wet & Dry Eye Shadow, £7
  • Eye Shadow Duo, £17
  • Eye Shadow Primer, £7
  • Precision Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush, £6
  • Precision Blending Brush, £3.99

Here is the Oriflame Catalogue 11 2021! For more cosmetics and deals, visit its category page. Also, you can subscribe to Oriflame UK with your email from its category page. And follow us on our social media accounts!


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