Oriflame Catalogue 4 2023

Oriflame Catalogue 4 2023 is consist of makeup, personal care, wellness, skincare, fragrance, and much more! You should discover the latest Oriflame products and their pretty affordable prices. Let's check out trend products of Oriflame!
Oriflame Catalogue 4 2023

Oriflame Winter Essentials

In winter, it is very important to protect your skin against the harsh cold that can leave your skin feeling dry and vulnerable. UV rays can also visibly damage your skin after a long period of winter. You must be thinking, UV radiation? That's right, it's important to protect your skin from UV rays even in winter when the sun doesn't feel as hot as in summer. Would you like to know more about this? Then continue reading.

Oriflame Skincare Products

Especially now, as temperatures are lower and warming inside is higher, your skin will feel much drier than the rest of the year. Humidity in winter is much lower than in summer. When the air outside is cold and dry, moisture from your skin evaporates faster. In fact, your skin can hold up to 25% less moisture. Check out Oriflame moisturizers and pay less for effective products! Winter weather conditions cause your skin barrier to be less strong than normal. With a dangerous skin barrier, moisture has the ability to escape from the skin. When humidity is low, the skin can absorb less moisture from the air. This causes the skin to feel dry and tight and can even exfoliate the skin.

UV ray

In general, the sun shines much brighter in the summer. The cloudy weather in winter may suggest that your skin does not need protection from the sun that has not shown itself for a while. The treacherous thing about winter is that the sun shines less. The UVB rays that cause your skin to burn in the summer are much less powerful, but UVA rays can even reach the skin through windows and clouds. If you are looking for a good sun care, visit the Oriflame Catalogue 4 2023 and check out the best! Therefore, even when working indoors, you should protect your skin against UVA rays. UVA rays penetrate much deeper into the skin. These rays break down collagen cells and can cause pigmentation. When your skin contains less collagen, it becomes less supple and wrinkles may appear. The effects of this are not immediately noticeable, but become visible over the years.


Now that you know what cold winter weather can do to your skin, you naturally want to know how to best protect and nourish your skin during the winter. Here are a few steps to help your skin survive winter: Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser. The cold wind hits your skin hard enough. Therefore, in winter, clean your skin with a mild cleanser that does not remove its natural oils. Don't shower too hot or for too long Nothing feels better than a hot shower in winter. Unfortunately, hot water can further dry out your skin. Protect your skin by not taking very long and very hot showers.

Effective Solutions by Oriflame!

Apply several layers. A good moisturizer is important, but your skin could use a little more during the winter months. Complete your winter skin care routine with a moisturizing serum that you apply under your moisturizer. A good moisturizer leaves a film on your skin. This ensures that moisture no longer escapes from the skin and your skin stays hydrated throughout the day. SPF. As you read above, your skin can be damaged by UV rays in winter. Use a sunscreen with at least SPF30 every two hours. Especially when it snows in the winter, it's important to be extra gentle with SPF lubrication. Snow reflects sunlight extra brightly on the skin.

The Best Oriflame Skincare

  • Hydra Radiance Day Cream Rich, £14
  • Hydra Radiance Night Cream Rich, £14
  • Age Revive Serum, £9.99
  • Age Revive Day Cream SPF 15, £18
  • Clarifying Creamy Cleanser, £7.49
  • Deep Cleansing Gel, £12
  • Even Out Night Cream, £12.49
  • Urban Guard 3D Multifunctional Cleanser, £8.49
  • ProCeuticals Instant Peptide Ampoules, £55
  • ProCeuticals 6% AHA Peel Solution, £32.99
  • Ultimate Lift Contour Define Day Cream SPF 15, £41
  • ProCeuticals Niacinamide & Cica Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask, £16
  • Ultimate Lift Contour Define Night Cream, £33.99
  • Ecollagen Wrinkle Power Day Cream SPF 35, £34
  • Skinergise Ideal Perfection Eye Cream, £22
  • Skinergise Ideal Perfection Night Cream, £21.99
  • Mask Spatula, £5.49
  • Skinergise Ideal Perfection Day Cream SPF 30, £26
  • Smoothing Lip Mask & Scrub Tropical Bliss, £3.99
  • Facial Hair Remover, £9.49
  • Energising Cleanser with Organic Apricot & Orange, £5.49
  • Radiance Face Gel with Organic Apricot & Orange, £10
  • Radiance Toner with Organic Apricot & Orange, £8
  • Targeted 24-hour Blemish Correction, £22.99
  • After Sun Jelly Body + Face, £15
  • Lotion Body + Face SPF 30 High, £20
  • Dry Mist Body + Face SPF 50 High, £21
  • Kids Cream Body + Face SPF 50 High, £21
  • Face Mask with Vitamin E & Canola Oil, £1.79
  • Nourishing Face Cream with Organic Oat & Goji Berry, £5.99
  • Neck & Décolleté Advanced Sculpting Serum, £40
  • Mattifying Face Lotion with Organic Tea Tree & Lime, £5.99
  • Purifying Toner with Organic Tea Tree & Lime, £4.49
  • Soothing Mask with Organic Oat & Goji Berry, £4.49
  • Purifying 2-in-1 Mask & Scrub with Organic Tea Tree & Lime, £4.49
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