Oriflame Catalogue 6 2021

Time to discover the Oriflame Catalogue 6 2021! A wide range of cosmetics and reasonable prices are available on this Oriflame Brochure. Therefore, you must take a look at all the pages and see the best products for your skin! Also, we share some tips to get more vivid eye makeup! Let’s browse it!

Oriflame Catalogue 9 – 29 April 2021

Vivid tones and self-evident eye make-up are among the indispensable beauty trends of both this summer and the coming winter season. Discover the makeup tricks you can apply for brighter, striking and intense colored looks.

Powerful Formulas

Especially, formulating eyeshadows with blue undertones such as pink and lilac and bright colors are more difficult than others. If you want your colorful eye make-up to be more vivid; For a quick and practical result that does not need to be applied in layers, choose your palette from highly pigmented and creamy products.

Compressed pigments are also a very good option, especially for vibrant colors. However, let’s underline that these formulas have a different character than normal headlights and some practice is required to distribute them.

Eyeshadow Base

The eyeshadows applied on bare skin do not give full color and their permanence decreases. By using a eyeshadow base, you can achieve better adhesion of the product to the skin and a more intense exposure of the pigment. After applying some, wait for a short time for the product to settle on the skin. When there is a fixed but sticky texture on the skin, apply the shadow.

Some colors, especially electric-neon shades, do not look like they do in the eyeshadow palette when applied to the skin. The vividness of colors can be broken and dimmed one click more. Apply white base to your eyelid for an ultra glossy finish. The vividness of the white will ensure that the color does not lose its true tone. If you do not have a headlight base in this color, you can also use a soft textured eyeliner.

Correct Brush

It is very important to use the right brush to give the headlight color better. First, make sure the brush has synthetic bristles. Natural bristles store more products in their structure and you cannot take full advantage of the pigment.

The shape of the brush is also one of the things you should pay attention to. The dome-shaped brushes are used to distribute the product and give transition, while the flat-shaped brushes are suitable for stocking the eyeshadow. You can get the most effective efficiency from your headlight by using bumper movements, not sweeping movements.

Fixing Spray

You can also use make-up fixing sprays to get the shadow from the palette to the brush better, to easily stock the product on the eyelid, and to give the eyeshadow color better. Before taking the product on the brush, wet the brush bristles in a distance 1-2 whisper. You will find that the headlight clings to the hair stronger, does not fly around and fits more densely on the eyelid. This technique is also very effective for better reflecting the sparkle of metallic and silvery headlights. If you are looking for a good spray, check out this Oriflame Catalogue in detail!

Here is the Oriflame Catalogue 6 2021! If you want to see more Oriflame products and unbeatable offers, check out its category page. Also, you can subscribe to Oriflame with your email. And follow us on our social media accounts like Facebook!


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