ALDI Offers 13 – 20 November 2022

ALDI Specials 13 November 2022 can be a good guide for festive season! Awesome decors, Christmas specials, gift ideas, and much more are available on this ALDI Leaflet! Make Christmas more enchanting with their amazing range of seasonal candles! Browse these ALDI SpecialBuys!

ALDI Specials 13 November 2022;

Christmas cookies are delicious, but they are much more than a feast. Rich and lovingly decorated Christmas cookies are the perfect Christmas decoration for your home. A small plate, tin or bowl of these delicacies creates a cozy atmosphere in any room.

In the ALDI store you will find the right packaging for every flavor. Small bags and bags for homemade chocolates, magic boxes for easily cracked almond biscuits and decorative plates and bowls for the table at home.

Christmas decorations, cookie plates, Christmas tree lights, and advent calendars show off inside the house, while light arcs and ornaments for windows convey the anticipation of Christmas outside.

Classic decorative figures such as Santa Claus and reindeer in the garden or front yard are always eye-catching. With the right lighting, even a snowless garden can be turned into a Christmas wonderland.

Everything you need can be found in the ALDI Christmas decoration online store. Take a look and find tree decorations for the Christmas tree in the room and the trees in the backyard. You can also choose from fun and classic decorations for tables and windows.

Delicious Flavors at ALDI;

  • Mini Mince Pies 12 pack, £1.99
  • Maple & Pecan / Rum & Caramel Mince Pies 6 pack, £2.29
  • Frangipane Millione’s Mince Pies 6 pack, £2.29
  • Mini Mince Pies 9 pack, £1.99
  • Irish Whiskies Jamaican Rum Tarts 6 pack, £2.49
  • Almond / Sloe Gin Mince Tarts 6 pack, £2.49
  • Mince Pies 6 pack, £1.75
  • Deep Filled Mince Pies 6 pack, £1.09
  • Florentines 170g, £2.99
  • Scottish Shortbread Selection Tin 500g, £4.79
  • Belgian Caramel Thins 105g, £4.99
  • Musical Biscuit Tin 375g, £8.99
  • Pouring Brandy Cream 250 ml, £1.89
  • Belgian Biscuit Selection Tin 375g, £5.49

ALDI Christmas Specials;

Now here is the best time of the year. The anticipation of Christmas is huge. Magic catches you everywhere. It smells of pine needles and gingerbread. Christmas Eve is not far away when bright fairy lights decorate the city and the Christmas markets open. At ALDI, you can bring that very special feeling of the Christmas season into your home with charming Christmas decorations. The wide assortment includes candles, fir wreaths and garlands, and Christmas decorative figures. Everything that makes the Christmas season even more beautiful is available here.

The subtle glow of the candle shines through the small windows and doors covered with gold, creating a festive atmosphere. Tealight holder house looks especially nice as a window decoration. Framed by a garland of shimmering silver stars and artificial pine branches, the window sill transforms into a winter landscape. Snow sprayed on window panes creates a real winter wonderland.

Creative decoration at Christmas time

If you’ve always dreamed of a beautiful fireplace console, now is the time. It beautifies any wall, ideal for decoration and offers space for many Christmas decorations. A collection of small decorative figures like Santas or angels look great around the fireplace. A golden deer head with big antlers doesn’t look that fun and very stylish. To the left and right of this, stylish candelabras create wonderful light accents. Glittering candles complete the cool arrangement.

During the Christmas season and a few days before Christmas, we experience the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year. During this time, many families are getting closer to each other. You spend your free time inside in a comfortable atmosphere. Together, the Christmas decorations are pulled out of their hiding place and brought to the light of day.

A very special event in most families is planting the Christmas tree. A wide variety of Christmas figurines, fairy lights, Christmas tree balls and other festive Christmas decorations can be found in ALDI’s Christmas decoration online store. There you can easily browse and buy Christmas decorations.

ALDI Christmas Specials This Week!

Only rarely do you see a Christmas tree or a Christmas tree with lit candles. The art of pruning the branches of a fir tree so that the rising heat of the candle fire does not touch the branches above has largely sunk into oblivion.

However, candles in all kinds of variations are a must for a successful Christmas decoration. Combined with the heavy scent of sweet buttery pastries, they evoke a feeling of Christmas cheer.

It is found in the form of pillar candles on candle dishes, windows and buffets. Delicate stick candles in artistic candle holders on the table grace the festive meal as Christmas approaches in warm light. The flames of tea candles dance on the garland in the Christmas candle holders.

In our range of candles, candle holders and candle holders you will find the right accessories to suit your Christmas decorations.

ALDI Specials This Week;

  • Novelty Christmas Candle each, £1.99
  • Light Up Candle Arch each, £7.99
  • Tree Candle each, £5.99
  • Winter Scene Lantern each, £7.99
  • Christmas Nostalgia Candle each, £4.99
  • Bauble Candle each, £1.99
  • LED Hanging Decoration each, £8.99
  • 2 Pack Wooden LED Stars 2 pack, £16.99
  • Star Candle / Star Reed Diffuser each, £3.99
  • Scentcerity Jar Candle Gift Set, £3.99
  • Nordic Tin Candle each, £2.49
  • Nordic Reed Diffuser each, £2.99
  • Festive Holly each, £16.99
  • Stocking Holders each, £6.99
  • Faux Fur Stocking each, £8.99
  • Faux Fur Tree Skirt each, £7.99
  • 55 cm Wicker Tree Skirt each, £14.99
  • Festive Doorstop each, £5.99
  • Christmas Coir Mat each, £4.49
  • Christmas Washable Mat each, £2.49

ALDI Winter Warmer Specials;

  • Self Tan Bed Linen Protector each, £12.99
  • Silentnight Luxury Heated Throw each, £39.99
  • Silentnight Fleece Pillow each, £9.99
  • Comfort Control Electric Blanket single, £19.99
  • Deluxe Air Bed with Built in Pump, £39.99
  • Inflatable Pull Out Sofa each, £39.99
  • Festive Runner each, £7.99
  • Festive Cushion each, £5.99
  • Novelty Faux Fur Cushion Covers each, £6.99


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