ALDI Offers 25 Sep – 2 Oct 2022

Explore the best Halloween decor and costumes, autumn essentials, wooden toys, groceries and more with ALDI Specials 25 Sep 2022! Especially, you should focus on their home autumn products such as duvets and pillows. They are pretty quality and stylish items. Check them!
ALDI Offers 25 Sep – 2 Oct 2022

ALDI Halloween Specials 2022;

All costumes and accessories for Halloween are collected in this catalogue. Want to dress up as a bloodthirsty pirate? Or as a somber guest? Halloween is very popular with kids as well as adults. To celebrate Halloween the way it should be, it's essential to invest in a unique disguise to collect as many candies as possible. At ALDI, you'll find spooky costumes as well as more fanciful outfits for every taste. Kids and adults alike can find the ideal costume for this long-awaited evening at ALDI Stores. When we think of Halloween, we imagine kids going door to door. Many costumes presented at ALDI have been designed for this. They are available in numerous sizes to suit everyone. Older children will also find original and sometimes more intricate outfits. Adults will also be able to find original costumes to stroll the dark streets with their children on Halloween night.

ALDI Specials This Week;

  • 1.2 m Inflatable Witch Legs each, £34.99
  • 1.6 m Hanging Zombie each, £59.99
  • 1.8 m Animated Winged Reaper each, £59.99
  • 1.5 m Hanging Shaking Ghost each, £39.99
  • 1.5 m Groundbreaking Witch each, £39.99
  • Halloween Party Fogger each, £49.99
  • 1.7 m Clown each, £59.99
  • Hanging Clown each, £19.99
  • Standing Shaking Pumpkin each, £49.99
  • 90 cm Bat Reaper each, £19.99
  • 2.1 m Inflatable Scarecrow each, £39.99
  • 3.6 m Lit Inflatable Ghost each, £59.99
  • 2.4 m Inflatable Spider each, £39.99
  • 2.1 m Lit Inflatable Pumpkin Stack each, £49.99
  • Children's Halloween Costume each, £5.99
  • Ladies' / Men's Licensed Halloween Costume each, £16.99
  • Halloween Outdoor Decorations each, £3.99
  • Halloween Light Up Stake Legs each, £12.99
  • 1.2 m Inflatable each, £14.99
  • Halloween Decorative Lights each, £3.99
  • Halloween Novelty Candle each, £2.49
  • 3 Light-Up Pumpkin each, £16.99
  • Halloween Piñata each, £7.99
  • Halloween Party Decorations each, £1.99
  • Assorted Partyware each, 99p
  • Halloween Web / Tapes / Teeth, 99p
  • Halloween Craft each, £1.49
  • Heroes of Goo Kit Zu Dino X-Ray each, £6.99
  • Halloween Decorative Craft each, 99p
  • Halloween Fidget Toy each, £2.49
  • Trick or Treat Hunt Kit each, £3.99
  • Halloween Tins each, £1.99
  • Reversible Halloween Octopus each, £6.99
  • Halloween Baking each, £2.99
Know that the costume can be used in many situations. As a matter of fact, you can reuse it during carnival and kill two birds with one stone. It can also be reused at many themed parties. It will be appropriate to enter the character for those who like role-playing games.

ALDI Duvet Sets & Pillows

Where can I find the most affordable duvet cover and pillow set? Of course in the ALDI store! Find items like duvet cover and pillowcase sets at today's lowest prices! ALDI brings you great deals and incredible promotions. Find the best deals on buying an inexpensive duvet and pillow set at ALDI. Pamper yourself with our cheap bedding and pillow sets! Do not miss to discover all the offers at special prices. Are you looking for a place that guides you, advises you to buy cheaper, offers the latest trends, and guarantees a price that rhymes with discounts and bargains? It couldn't be better than ALDI! That's because ALDI offers weekly promotions on the bestsellers in bedding and pillow sets and the latest customer favourites. You will easily guarantee your happiness, savings and smile!

ALDI Offers This Week;

  • Silentnight Copper Infused Pillow each, £12.99
  • Slumberdown Anti Snore Pillow each, £5.99
  • Mega Bounce Duvet Super King, £18.99
  • Mega Bounce Duvet Single, £12.99
  • Brushed Cotton Duvet Set single, £12.99
  • Brushed Cotton Duvet Set super king, £19.99
  • Faux Fur Rug each, £9.99
  • Ladies' Pajamas each, £9.99
  • Jacquard Velvet Duvet Set double, £29.99
  • Jacquard Velvet Duvet Set Super king, £39.99
  • 2 Pack Teddy Boucle Cushions, £14.99
  • Teddy Boucle Throw each, £14.99
  • 2 Pack Cushion Covers, £8.99
  • Hotel Collection No Spill Spent Diffuser each, £4.99
  • Ceramic Tealight House / Wax Burner each, £5.99
  • Hanging Wicker Decoration each, £9.99
  • Felt Storage Baskets 2/3 pack, £12.99
Check out this week's ALDI Deals to ensure a good night's sleep. They offer the perfect bedding sets for you to enjoy a restful sleep. The product range includes very practical and quality products. You don't have to worry about purchasing one by one. Quality products designed with natural and environmentally friendly materials are on sale at ALDI! Bed linen sets are at the center of bedroom decoration. Create an ideal atmosphere for relaxation by browsing the assortment specially created for you!

ALDI Wooden Toys

If you are looking for a gift idea for your child, the wooden toy can be a great option. In addition to being aesthetic, it is functional and develops children's creativity. Very fashionable and healthy wooden toys are available at ALDI Stores this week. They impress with their looks, clean design and original character. By purchasing a wooden toy, you will be choosing an environmentally friendly, quality material. In addition, a wooden toy is more durable, more solid. Moreover, it is easier to repair in case of damage. Your baby or child will be able to play with it in complete peace! Whether it's an early learning toy like a rattle or a construction game like stacking cubes, you'll find lots of wooden toys in baby's world. You can also let a magnetic puzzle lure you in so that your little one enjoys working on their sense of logic.

ALDI SpecialBuys This Week;

  • Wooden Aldi Supermarket each, £39.99
  • Wooden Baby Unit each, £44.99
  • Noah's Ark / Navitiy Scene each, £14.99
  • Wooden Toy Kitchen Bundle each, £24.99
  • Wooden Launderette each, £34.99
  • Theatre / Play Shop each, £29.99
  • Hand Puppet Bundle each, £14.99
  • Wooden Rainbow Climbing Set each, £59.99
You will find a large collection of various toys in this natural material on the rise. Toddlers will be able to enjoy development-promoting puzzles or games like the shape box or slate. If you want to enjoy a wooden doll or children's toy at a low price, visit the ALDI Store!
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