Lidl Offers 11 – 17 August 2022

Lidl Offers 11 August 2022 is consist of many parts such as Flavour of the Week, Wine Tour, Pet Week, Appliances, and much more. You should check out all pages of Lidl Weekly Leaflet and find your needs with special Lidl offers this week!

Flavour of the Asia in Lidl Stores;

Far East cuisine has a hidden and rich culinary culture. Eating in the Far East cuisine does not mean just to fill the stomach. They believe that food has a soul and a philosophy. Rice and soup form the basis of nutrition in Far Eastern cuisine. People do not use milk and dairy products at all, and they stay away from salt, sugar and flour in their kitchens.

Far Eastern cuisine is extremely healthy and cholesterol-free. They fry the food in order to preserve it for a long time. Rice, fish, meat varieties and vegetables are cooked with steam. This method is also quite healthy. In the rich cuisines of the Far East countries, tropical climate-dominated fruit varieties such as coconut, mango, topioca, etc., roots, all kinds of spices, sugar, soybeans, bamboo canes are used.

We can say that especially seafood and rice are at the forefront in Asian cuisine. Start browsing the Lidl Catalogue, which includes the most famous and delicious Asian products!

Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki sauce is one of the most well-known sauces in the Far East. It is especially used for marinating barbecue and grilled meats. Due to its sweet and salty taste, it is a sauce that can be used for all kinds of seafood and vegetable dishes. Also, it takes its most delicious form and gives a beautiful shine when it is applied on meat and chicken wings while cooking. You can also use it as a dipping sauce. You can buy this product on Lidl at reasonable prices.

Keep Teriyaki Sauce in the fridge for delicious meals any day of the week. If you have a bottle of Teriyaki Sauce, no other seasonings are needed. It is very easy to use. Pour over the meat, poultry, fish or vegetables of your choice and let sit for half an hour before cooking. Teriyaki’s famous naturally fermented soy flavor will add a unique taste to your meals.

Lidl Offers This Week;

  • Sweet Chilli Sauce 700 ml, £1.49
  • Dim Sum 210 g, £2.99
  • Sesame Oil 250 ml, £1.89
  • Gyoza Dumplings with Spicy Vegetables & Tofu 400 g, £2.49
  • Sushi Rice 500 g, 99p
  • Rice Vinegar 250 ml, £1.29
  • Pickled Gari Sushi Ginger 190 g, 99p
  • Edamame Beans 400 g, £1.49
  • Nori Sheets 5 pack, 99p
  • Teriyaki Sauce with Ginger 250 ml, £1.69
  • Miso Paste 200 g, £1.69
  • Pork Mini Ribs with a Chinese-Style Sauce 580 g, £3.69
  • Glass Noodles 100 g, 49p
  • Tofu in Marinade 400 g, £1.99
  • Demae Ramen 100 g, 49p
  • Birchwood Tandoori Pork Belly Slices 500 g, £3.99
  • Oriental-Style Snack Selection with Dip 330 g, £2.99
  • Deluxe 2 Scottish Salmon Fillets with Umami Butter 240 g, £3.99
  • Indian-Style Snack Selection 252 g, £1.79
  • Deluxe 4 British Beef Sriracha Quarter Pounfers 454 g, £2.99
  • Frozen Fruit Fritters 400 g, £1.99
  • Ice Cream 500 ml, £1.99
  • Sesame Bar 70 g, 49p
  • Dragon Fruit Lollies 8 x 50 ml, £1.99
  • Lassi Yogurt Drink 250 g, 99p
  • Chinese-Style Yogurt, 49p
  • Ice Cream Mochi 6 x 35 g, £3.49
  • Coconut Ice Cream in Coconut Huks 2 x 91 g, £2.79

Pet Week at Lidl;

Lidl is a store that offers the healthiest, quality and reliable products at affordable prices for our pet friends. Here you can find your needs from many categories such as dog care products, dog food, cat care products and buy them with great Lidl offers.

In Lidl Stores, you can find food and products of the highest quality brands recommended by veterinarians, with economical price tags. Achieving to meet customer expectations in the best way, Lidl also provides an additional advantage with its budget-friendly prices.

It is possible to view dog food, cat food, cat litter and all other cat and dog products at safe and affordable prices on Lidl Leaflet. Check out the great offers for the Pet Week Sale now! Food, accessories, sand, toys, cans, carrying bags, leashes, etc. from Lidl. Check out all cat and dog products! You will be satisfied when you shop here.

Lidl SpecialBuys This Week;

  • Whiskas Crunch 100 g, £1.09
  • Webbox Lick-e-Lix 5 x 15 g, 99p
  • Whiskas Temptations 60 g, £1.09
  • Hi Life Dry Dog Food 1.5 kg, £2.99
  • Butcher’s Meaty Chunks in Jelly 12 x 400 g, £7.49
  • Prochoice Dry Cat Food 2 kg, £6.49
  • Classic Chicken Selection in Jelly 40 x 100 g, £8.99
  • Prochoice Meaty Bites in Jelly 12 x 85 g, £4.49
  • Classic Meat & Fish in Jelly 12 x 400 g, £7.49
  • Hi Life Turkey & Cranberry Filled Bone each, 99p
  • Purina Dentalife Dental Chew 15 chews, £2.99
  • Orlando Treats 100 g, £1.75
  • Bakers Rewards Treats 100 g, 99p
  • Pedigree Biscrok Gravy Bnes or Markies 400g, £1.39

Fabulous Foodie Favourites on Lidl Leaflet;

In the group of cooking appliances, there are dozens of products that make your work easier in the kitchen. For example; With the Air Fryler, approximately 1 kg using a spoonful of oil. You can fry the potatoes. The Air Fryer also helps you cook delicious meat, fish, pies or desserts. With the electric cooking appliances in this catalog, you can get delicious snacks without odor. Small kitchen appliances are indispensable aids in food preparation and cooking and greatly facilitate your work in the kitchen. Discover the best of them in Lidl Stores!

You can find the most suitable models for your kitchen among the cooking products with different colors and designs. Also, you can choose these Lidl products to prepare professional tastes at home. You can browse through these products offered by Lidl at affordable prices and buy the most suitable option from the store.

Lidl Specials This Week;

  • Bushbeck Pizza Oven, £149.99
  • Breville Crepe Maker, £24.99
  • Silvercrest Panini Grill, £27.99
  • Silvercrest Dual Hotplate, £26.99
  • Slush Puppie Slushie Machine, £59.99
  • Breville Iced Coffee Maker, £29.99
  • Ernesto Manual Mini Chopper, £5.99
  • Silvercrest Egg Cooker, £11.99
  • Ernesto 28 cm Cast Aluminium Frying Pan, £14.99
  • Silvercrest Air Fryer, £29.99
  • Silvercrest Blender Set 3-in-1 Blends, £19.99
  • Ernesto Multi-Purpose Grater, £9.99
  • Russell Hobbs 1.7 Kettle, £24.99

Checklist for Cyclists on Lidl;

When we sit on the seat of the bike and step on the pedals, we don’t just get from point A to point B quickly. It is also a very beneficial habit for our health. If you are a strict rider, you should be prepared for all kinds of problems that may happen to you on the road. Both weather conditions, technical failures or road conditions can force you to ride your bike. Therefore, safety always comes first. Some accessories are stipulated in the traffic rules.

You shouldn’t be on the road without them. We may need various accessories to increase our riding quality while cycling. If you are new to cycling, it can be difficult to decide which accessories to buy. Let’s browse together this part of this Lidl Weekly Leaflet that can help in the selection of bicycle accessories.


As we all know, real cyclists never take their helmets off. Especially if cycling in the city means we will face all kinds of dangers. There is always the possibility of falling, no matter how careful you are when you are talking about vehicles that come across suddenly, unexpected road disturbances. Trauma to the head during a crash can cause very negative consequences. Therefore, when ordering your bike, you should not forget to add your helmet to the basket.


Sometimes the journey you start during the day can last until late and you may have to travel in the dark. Or, you may have to leave the office in the dark, which you enter early in the day. If you have to drive in cloudy weather or at night, you should obtain lighting equipment in accordance with the law. Lighting equipment, reflectors and bells will make you visible to other vehicles on a dark road. Focus on Crivit Rechargeable LED Bike Light Set on this Lidl Weekly Catalogue. It is only £12.99 now!


Pumps are used to repair punctured tires and brakes. The pump is usually mounted on the bike frame so that it can be easily transported without taking up space.

Lidl Special Offers This Week;

  • Crivit Bike Workstand, £29.99
  • Bike Ceilling Rack, £7.99
  • Zoofari Bike Dog Basket, £29.99
  • Crivit Helmet Rain Cover, £3.99
  • Crivit Kids’ or Adults Bike Helmet, £9.99
  • Wittkop Memory Foam Saddle, £9.99
  • Crivit Mini Bike Pump or Bike Tool, £4.99
  • Crivit Cycling Backpack, £14.99
  • Reflective Backpack Cover, £4.99
  • Crivit Smarphone Case, £4.99
  • Crivit Rechargeable LED Bike Light Set, £12.99


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