Lidl Offers 12 – 18 January 2023

Discover the XXL Week Sale with Lidl Offers 12 January 2023 to reduce to cost of daily grocery shopping! The cheapest prices, exclusive product selection, and good deals are available on this Lidl Leaflet!
Lidl Offers 12 – 18 January 2023

Meat-FREE Specials at Lidl

Milk, yogurt, cream and pudding - with a vegan diet you don't have to give up the taste of dairy products. Because there are all kinds of plant-based alternatives! You can find it in our Milk Alternatives & Desserts category. Even for cheese, the feared patron of the vegan diet, we have countless delicious alternatives that have a lot to offer in terms of taste and function. Everything from sliced to easy spread, for gratin or fondue, cooking or classic cold cuts: we have cheese alternatives for every occasion. Lidl's range of vegan spreads also leaves nothing to be desired and turns every plain sandwich into a delight. From sweet to savory, fruity to chocolate - there are spreads for every taste. There will definitely be nothing boring on the plate at your next breakfast or dinner. A real paradise awaits you in the category of vegan desserts. Perfect for anyone craving vegan desserts. Eating a plant-based diet doesn't mean you can't have a good snack! That's why there is something for every taste in our vegan product range at Lidl.

Delicious Vegan Specials at Lidl

It is important to drink enough fluids! For anyone who doesn't just want to drink water, Lidl has a great selection of vegan drinks and hot drinks. Discover the range of different juices, powdered drinks, teas and extraordinary vegan drinks. With Lidl you can discover many alternatives to traditional sugar or honey. Attention opportunity hunters and bargain hunters! We invite you to save and try something with recurring discount offers. With Lidl's great offers, you can catch a large number of products at an especially reasonable price. Every Thursday there are selected products at a discounted price. It's the perfect time to try a product!

Keeps in body heat a treat!

Whether for the head and neck area or for the whole body, heating pads and electric blankets are a godsend, especially in the cold season. You can preheat your bed with it. As part of heat therapy, furry mini power plants can even have a positive effect on your health. Heating pads and blankets are electrically operated to provide the desired heat. Therefore, there must be an outlet nearby for the power supply. A powerless and cheaper alternative is hot water bottles and heat pads. Check these Lidl Offers and buy your favourites at low prices! Heating pads differ from electric blankets in their smaller format. A special variant is the nape heating pads. They adapt to the shape of this part of the body and are usually fastened with Velcro in the neck area and at hip level. They make a good alternative to pain-relieving ointments and medications because they warm the muscles and thus restore freedom of movement. On the other hand, if your feet get cold often, foot warmers will make you happy. It provides more comfort when sitting for a long time, not only in the television chair, but also in the office.

Sleep tight with Lidl SpecialBuys!

Electric blankets, which provide a comfortable temperature on cold days, are especially popular. Important: They are suitable only as blankets. Putting too much weight on it can break the wires inside. If you're looking for a warm floor for the night, a heated blanket is a good choice.

Check out Lidl Specials

In terms of functionality and safety, electric blankets are practically no different from heating pads. However, since they are mostly used as beds or sofas, models with automatic closing feature are recommended. They turn off by themselves after a certain time, which increases safety and prevents unnecessary power consumption. There are also blankets equipped with a timer to manually determine the working time. In the Lidl store you will find a wide range of heatable blankets and pillows for a wide variety of applications. Among them, there are washable models, as well as models suitable for allergy sufferers. Limit the search using the practical filter functions and find your new home textiles online with a suitable heating function.

Stainless Steel at Lidl

Should you bake a cake for your best friend's birthday party or do you want to make grilled sandwiches for your friends? Lidl Catalogue has many kitchen appliances, large and small, that make your daily life easier. From kitchen scales to hand blenders and deep fryers to kettles and sandwich makers!

Small kitchen appliances for heating and cooking

You can heat, steam, bake, fry or grill, not just on the stove or in the oven. With small electrical appliances, this job is often faster, easier and more economical. The following small kitchen tools will help you heat food.

Electric kitchen appliances

Have you ever tried beating eggs with a whisk or heating water on the stovetop? Pretty tiring and slow, right? But don't worry, at Lidl you will find countless electric kitchen appliances that will make your daily life easier. Let's start with the basics: A kettle and hand blender are must-haves in every home. It's best to scroll through our electronics to see what's still missing.

The best devices at the lowest price

With Lidl’s high-quality kitchen appliances, cooking, baking and grilling has never been easier or cheaper. Find all the right frying and cooking tools here. Of course at the usual low prices. Have you just moved and still need to stock up on pots and pans or other kitchen utensils like cutting boards and napkins? Of course, all this is also available in the wide Lidl range.
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