Oriflame Catalogue 1 2021

Start your year in a beautiful way with Oriflame Catalogue 1 2021! You can get the best Oriflame products with its unbeatable Christmas offers! Moreover, you have a good chance to discover new Oriflame products. For example; Love Potion Midnight Wish Eau De Parfum is on sale. You can buy this for only £19.95! Also, you can buy its set for only £22.95

New Makeup for the New Year

How would you like to add your make-up to your new decisions in the new year? We shared with you the new makeup trends of 2021. Get ready to be renewed! Get an impressive look by applying the newest makeup styles of the new year.

In the new season, you can take a break from matte lipsticks and start giving a chance to wet and transparent lips. Dark colors that replace nude tones will take their place in this season’s makeup palettes. Do not take your gloss with you to shine your lipsticks often!

Perfect Skin Makeup

The first rule of make-up is perfect skin. A more velvety and more durable look awaits you with newly released formulas for your skin carrying all your makeup. Prepare to say goodbye to bold and bold shadows because by 2021 your skin will be yours.


Eyebrows are ready to change your expression in 2021 with a more pronounced and steady look. There is no place for a tough and assertive look in the new season. You will get a fresher and modern look with eyebrows that are combed upwards.

Some More Color

Are you ready to go on a journey from nude colors to vibrant colors? Complementing a smooth skin make-up that seems almost never done, yellow, blue, and neon colors will draw all the attention to your eyes.


Start saying goodbye with thin and long eyeliner drawn throughout. It will provide a younger look with this style that starts in the middle of your eyelid and extends to the temples. In the new year, you better get used to this half-drawn eyeliner.

Favorites from Oriflame Catalogue 1 2021

  • Gloss N’ Wear Nail Lacquer, £3.95
  • Eyeliner Stylo Jumbo, £5.95
  • TC+mascara set, £9.95
  • EXPERT CARE Nail & Cuticle Oil Pen, £5.95
  • High Impact Eye Pencil, £5.95
  • Protecting Hand Cleanse Gel, £5.95
  • Purifying Clay Face Mask, £7.95
  • Illuskin Pressed Powder, £8.95
  • Iconic Lip Elixir SPF 15, £11.95

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