Oriflame Catalogue 12 2021

Oriflame Catalogue 12 2021 is where you will find the best cosmetics and discounts this month! When you browse it, you will see many specials from different categories. Fragrances, make-up, skincare, personal care, hair care, and many more are waiting for you here!

Oriflame Catalogue 13 Aug. – 2 Sep 2021;

It’s time to do summer make-up with sun protection with Oriflame Products! In order not to be exposed to the harmful rays of the sun and to prevent the formation of sunspots, it is absolutely necessary to use protective products in the summer months. Sunscreen alone does not offer enough effect in this regard. You can also use protective make-up materials. There are many food selections on this Oriflame Brochure!

Summer makeup means lots of colors. One of the prominent features of summer make-up is to use eye shadows of different colors together and to include assertive lipstick selections. In summer, you can add the glow of the sun to your face with orange and yellow eyeshadows and complete your make-up with peach tone lipsticks. If you don’t like using different colors on your eyes, you can highlight your lips by applying intense mascara for eye makeup and choosing an assertive lipstick.

Summer makeup needs

Sunscreen creams, sun-protected foundation types, make-up bases, fixative sprays, chirpy eye shadows and glossy finish lipsticks are the leading summer make-up items. Since summer means color, do not hesitate to use different colors in these months. It is in your hands to be colorful at festivals, concerts, picnics and everywhere! Browse Oriflame Catalogue 12 2021 and discover the best specials!

How to do light summer makeup?

All the answer to your question is at the Oriflame! You can easily buy professional cosmetic products on the website at affordable prices. The biggest factor in light summer makeup is the sweet orange and pink blushes. You can achieve a fresh skin by applying blush in pink and light orange tones after luminous skin products.

Oriflame SPF summer make-up products

Oriflame products include sun protection. You can also take a look at Oriflame products to say goodbye to sunspots and make wonderful summer makeup applications. If you think that sparkle is the most important thing in summer, you can check out the new Oriflame stick highlighter colors. You can carry the lipstick-sized product in your bag and add glow to your skin whenever you want.

Liquid concealer products for those who do not use foundation in summer are also waiting for you in the Oriflame Catalogue. If you want to mark the summer with sun-protected summer make-up applications and dazzle with your shine, make sure to follow the Oriflame summer discounts!

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