Oriflame Catalogue 2 2022

Check out the new product range and special offers with Oriflame Catalogue 2 2022! Pretty useful and quality cosmetics are on sale with unbeatable deals now! Make-up, skincare, hair care, personal care, fragrances, and much more are waiting for you on this Oriflame Brochure!

Also, we shared some tips about skin care routine for winter season with Oriflame products! You should give chance to Oriflame and get the best results! Follow these steps and get the best look!

The winter months have come, where some are looking forward to snowfall and the unique landscape, while others do not like the cold because they do not like it at all. With the arrival of winter, it is necessary to change the skin care routines, taking into account the cold and wind. In this article, we will give you some necessary information to protect your skin in the winter season with Oriflame Catalogue.

The skin is exposed to the sun and hot air in the summer months. When winter comes, it has to keep up with the cold and dry weather. However, you need to support your skin with various methods in order to adapt more easily to the decrease in air temperatures. The best way to do this is to adjust your skincare routine according to the season. Therefore, on days when the weather starts to cool, you can rest your skin, which is not exposed to strong sunlight, and give it time to renew itself.

Make seasonal changes to your skin routine.

Just as you choose your clothes as thin or thick according to the season, you may need to use different products for your skin during the winter months. You should take care to use strong moisturizing creams suitable for your skin type by calculating the wind damage that the skin will be exposed to, especially in cold weather. If you are looking for some skin care for winter, you should check this Oriflame Monthly Catalogue in detail!

Pay more attention to your food choice.

In fact, although it is valid for all seasons, the foods you consume especially in cold weather are more important for your health. The most effective of the vitamins you will get from the foods you consume is Omega 3. For this reason, you should consume plenty of fish, and also eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits to provide your skin with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Do not use hot water while taking a shower.

We know how great this is, especially during the winter months. But we also know how bad it is for your skin. During the shower taken with hot water, the pores open well and then the skin experiences shock when it encounters cold air. This is also not good for skin health.

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