Oriflame Catalogue 4 2021

Time to discover awesome product range of Oriflame Catalogue 4 2021! There are many special cosmetics here. Fragrances, makeup, skincare, personal care, and many more are available on this Oriflame Catalogue. Therefore, browse all the pages and discover the best products!
Oriflame Catalogue 4 2021
Shampoos used in hair cleaning not only clean the hair, but also care and strengthen it. With the developing technology, shampoos, which have become one of the many ways to provide the vitamins and minerals the hair needs, take their place in your bathrooms with the quality of Oriflame shampoo. The secret of healthy and soft hair Oriflame shampoos make your hair stronger by providing the care it needs.

Healthy Hair with Oriflame Shampoo

If the right care products are not used, the hair can become damaged and lose its health. Although the correct care products are used, your hair, which is damaged by the effect of various external and internal factors, regains its former health with Oriflame Coconut shampoo. Especially for dry and dull hair, thanks to the nourishing structure of coconut, your hair gains a healthier and stronger appearance. With the high protein content of the wheat extract in its content, the hair gaining strength against external factors gains the shine and softness they have lost due to various reasons. Dry hair becomes brighter thanks to Oriflame wheat extract and coconut oil shampoos. Shampoo options for Oriflame oily hair are ideal for hair that cannot get rid of the oily appearance even if it is washed every day. It aims to bring together the antioxidant properties of lemon oil. And the balancing structure of nettle to give the hair the oil balance it has lost. Oriflame Lemon and Nettle extract shampoo uses the power of nature to heal your hair. Oriflame shampoos always give your hair the health it deserves. They are perfect for reaching soft hair.

Silky Hair with Oriflame Shampoo

Hair can lose its structure over time, both due to environmental factors and due to stress and styling. With products such as Oriflame keratin shampoo, it repairs the hair. And it eliminates deformations in the hair caused by external factors. In addition, it aims to restore the hair's old softness. With regular use, the hair that regains its health becomes both brighter and softer. Some users say that they do not have any hair problems, but that they want to have softer and shiny hair. With its impressive formula specially developed for these users, Oriflame Milky and Honey Gold shampoo offers an extraordinary care for hair with the nourishment of milk and the brightening effect of honey. Honey and milk Oriflame shampoos, which make the hair shiny and softer, can be applied to all hair types and users of all genders. The odorless Oriflame garlic shampoo, which shines while increasing the hair, also draws attention with its brightening effect.

Oriflame Catalogue 4 2021;

  • Shampoo for Dandruff Control Tea Tree Oil & Burdock, £8
  • Repairing Shampoo, £8.99
  • Advanced Care Colour Reviver Caring Shampoo, £9
  • Shampoo for Oily Hair Nettle & Lemon, £8
  • 2in1 Shampoo for All Hair Types Avocado Oil & Chamomile, £4.99
  • Eleo Shampoo, £7.99
  • Advanced Care Volume Lift Fullness Shampoo, £7
  • Crystologie Blissful Aura Illuminating Hair and Body Mist, £7.99
  • Beautanicals Repairing Conditioner, £8.99
  • Conditioner for Radiant, Soft & Silky Hair, £7
  • ELEO Conditioner, £10
  • 2in1 Shampoo for All Hair Types Avocado Oil & Chamomile, £5
  • Conditioner for Dry Hair Wheat & Coconut Oil, £5
  • Conditioner for Coloured Hair Pomegranate & Oats, £3.99
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